‘An Advent Journey Of Hope’ by Louie Giglio [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Embark on an Advent journey

My admiration for Pastor Louie Giglio is deeply rooted in his involvement with the musical arm of his ministry, and of course the Word, which he proclaims to the world. Every year thousands of young people gather to celebrate Jesus at the Passion Conference, which I talked about HERE. Besides being the visionary architect and director of the Passion Movement, Louie Giglio is also the author of “The Air I Breathe” and “I Am Not But I Know I AM.” Louie is widely known for the Passion Talk Series ... Continue Reading

Sharing God’s Story with Disney’s Frozen


Disney’s Frozen dominated pop culture in 2014. From the movie to the songs (“Let it go. Let it go!”) to the toys to the Halloween costumes, Disney’s Frozen refused to be ignored. And I am glad that it did. Disney’s Frozen is way more than just another Disney princess movie - it beautifully illustrates God’s story. ... Continue Reading

12 Days of Christmas: Favorite Book

Favorite Book

This is the fourth day in a series of the 12 Days of ChurchMag Christmas. To catch the rest of the articles, check out the landing page here. It seems with technology increasing the ability for people to consume media as well as produce it, that we now have an endless supply of content that can be read. Today's article is our favorite book, but it can be consumed via eBook on our Kindle App which can be on our laptop or tablet, it can be via Audiobook as we drive to work or mow our lawn, and it ... Continue Reading

‘The Wingfeather Saga’ by Andrew Peterson [Saturday Morning Review]

The Wingfeather Saga - Saturday Morning Review

The Wingfeather Saga is amazing. In a similar vein as the Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings, The Wingfeather Saga is an amazing adventure and journey through the fantasy world created by author and recording artist, Andrew Peterson. Earlier this year, Peterson used Kickstarter for the fourth and final book in The Wingfeather Saga and raised far more than he ever dreamed of. Now with the entire saga complete, there's hardly a better time to snatch-up this amazing book series for ... Continue Reading

Finding Faith Inside the Big Blue Box: A Whovian’s 30 Day Devotional


I have loved science fiction for as long as I can remember. It’s always been my genre of choice. Whether it was the Back to the Future trilogy, Quantum Leap, of the My Teacher is an Alien books by Bruce Coville—I have been deep into the world of mystery and wonder of science fiction for a long time. But in all of my reading and watching, I was never taken as deep into another world as I was when I found Doctor Who. Unlike so many shows, Doctor Who takes the audience far beyond what might be ... Continue Reading

‘Decisive’ by Dan & Chip Heath [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Decisive

There are books that are informative and teach you something. There are books that are entertaining and help you relax. There are books that challenge you and inspire you to change. And then there are books that cause a paradigm shift in you, that impact you in a lasting way. Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work by Dan and Chip Heath was such a book for me. As was their first book Made to Stick, which I have blogged about before. Both had the combination of practical tips ... Continue Reading

Free Online Church History and Literature Resources

ebook reader - older

I love the fact that the Internet has made it so much quicker and easier for information and ideas to spread. It’s something we take for granted all the time. For example, just fifty years ago Christians would’ve had to use one of those big concordance books if they wanted to know how many times the word “love” appeared in the Bible. Yuck! How cumbersome. A task that would’ve taken them three hours or more, I can now do in just thirty seconds with the help of the web. ... Continue Reading

‘The Social Media Gospel’ by Meredith Gould [Book Review]

Saturday Morning Review - The Social Media

Let's get frank for a moment, because that would be what Meredith Gould would do. I loved this book because it was "in your face" real about what it means to be in social media. It avoids all the silly "this is what a hashtag is" type of commentary that honestly does not belong in a printed text that will be out of date in a couple of months to couple of years. Here's what I think of Meredith Gould's book, The Social Media Gospel: ... Continue Reading