What the Church Can Learn from Silicon Valley

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I recently read The Internet is Not the Answer by Andrew Keen. (Read my review here, and then go read the book itself!) While I was reading it, I had several thoughts that I'll be sharing with you over the next few weeks, the first of which is just how interconnected Silicon Valley is. Some of the founders of major Web 2.0 companies were a part of failed Web 1.0 companies and several have now gone on to found and/or fund new tech companies. At first, I wanted to call this a bit incestuous, but ... Continue Reading

The Internet is Not the Answer by Andrew Keen [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - The Internet is Not the Answer by Andrew Keen

I was in my final years of high school when the Dot Com Bubble burst. I wasn't really into tech back then, but I remember how, before the burst, lots of people were acting like we'd finally stepped into the future, as if we'd actually made it and were living in The Jetson's, minus all of the stuff that made that show awesome. (Flying cars! We were promised flying cars!) And then... Pop! Goodbye, future! However, I was then in my last years of college when this thing called "The Facebook" ... Continue Reading

‘The Wounded Spirit’ by Frank E. Peretti [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - The Wounded Spirit

I've written plenty of app reviews, a few albums and books; but this is the first time I've ever written such a personal review of a book. In some ways, this feels like my first Saturday Morning Review since we first baked up the idea for ChurchMag. Giving recommendations always feels a little scary to me. Fear of rejection? Judgement? I don't know. Maybe we've all experienced a time when we recommended some bit of media to someone, only to find that they either 1) They hated it; or 2) You ... Continue Reading

‘Talk Like TED’ by Carmine Gallo [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Talk Like Ted

I love TED talks. I must have watched dozens of them, if not more. The concept of learning something new—and often inspirational—in a mere 18 minutes is my idea of fun. Some Talks have literally changed my life, like Brené Brown’s stunning talk on vulnerability and shame. Plus, most TED talks are great talks to watch and listen to. That’s because Ted keeps a high standard and presenters usually prepare extremely well. ... Continue Reading

‘Rookie Smarts’ by Liz Wiseman [Saturday Morning Review]

Rookie Smarts - Saturday Morning Review

This book pretty much confirmed what I had experienced myself years ago. I started working in a large hospital many years ago and had five different positions in 8 years, each successful if I say so myself. The amazing thing was that I did not have a background in health care, nor in management, nor in HRM. Yet I performed well in each of these disciplines. The reason? Rookie Smarts. ... Continue Reading

Finding Faith in the Big Blue Box GIVEAWAY!

Big Blue Box Giveaway

I've been a fan of science fiction since I was a kid, and few modern sci-fi stories capture the child's imagination while fulfilling the adult's desire for a gripping story like the show Doctor Who. It's one of those rare bits of modern entertainment that ticks all of the boxes. It's a fairy tale, an adventure, a romance—I close my eyes during those parts—a comedy, and a grand drama. In simpler terms, it's a story, and like all stories, there is a piece, a hint, a molecule, of the story hidden ... Continue Reading

‘Twitter is Not a Strategy’ by Tom Doctoroff [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Twitter is not a strategy

Don't let the title and the blue Twitter bird on the cover of this book deceive you (as it did me) into thinking this book is about social media, or brand marketing through social media. It's not. That doesn't mean it's not interesting, but the title did make me expect something else. Twitter is Not a Strategy is about brand marketing: positioning your product, service, or company in the market as to successfully distinguish yourself from your competitors. It's certainly a much discussed ... Continue Reading