The Future of ChurchMag Press

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For the past several months we have been thinking, planning, and scheming about the future of ChurchMag Press. ChurchMag Press was launched over a year ago with myself along with KC Procter. KC has since moved on, so it's given me and the ChurchMag team a chance to re-calibrate...well...everything. So let me answer the first question you may have: Will ChurchMag Press stick around? ... Continue Reading

It’s an Honor, Really

15K CM Rachel Blom

We're celebrating ChurchMag's 15,000th post this week. Wow, 15,000. That's an epic high score. Of course it made me look at my own statistics. Out of those 15,000, 209 posts were from me. That's just a drop in the sea compared to some other bloggers who contributed much more to that epic number, but still I'm proud. ... Continue Reading

‘Discover Your True North’ by Bill George [Saturday Morning Review]

Discover Your True North by Bill George - SMR

When True North came out in 2007, it became an instant classic on authentic leadership in business literature. Discover your True North is the updated version of that book that was just released. It’s still one of the best books on ethical and effective leadership available. The term ‘true north’ refers to your inner compass of course, to the magnetic pole of your authentic leadership, which will help you become a successful leader. It’s a principle that’s easy to grasp but a lot harder to put ... Continue Reading

Intentional Living by John Maxwell [Saturday Morning Review]

Maxwell - SMR

John Maxwell is the leadership guru of the Christian world, there’s no denying that. He’s also an incredibly prolific writer, who keeps popping out one book after another. His latest book is Intentional Living—and it’s another inspiring book, though slightly different from his previous works. First of all, Intentional Living is not explicitly Christian, as many of his books are. It’s aimed at the general market (it’s categorized as ‘business leadership’), while at the same time making no secret ... Continue Reading

‘Brain Savvy Leaders’ by Charles Stone [Saturday Morning Review]

Brain Savvy Leaders - SMR

No matter where we serve in the church or in the Kingdom, we should always want to serve better. Brain Savvy Leaders by Charles Stone will give you insights to improve your serve and your leadership, by applying relevant scientific research on how the brain works to ministry. What sets this book apart from other leadership books—especially many Christian ones—is the solid combination of Biblical values and scientific research. I love how author Charles Stone—who is a lead pastor by the way and ... Continue Reading

A Technique for Producing Ideas by James Webb Young [Saturday Morning Review]

A Technique for Producing Ideas - SMR

James Webb Young was an ad executive in the heyday of advertising, but I refuse to make a Don Draper joke. Moving on quickly, Young once gave a presentation to the School of Business at the University of Chicago and then, after a process of refinement, turn it into a book that clocks in at under sixty pages. And yet, it offers a very cogent and powerful process for developing ideas. Because the book is so short and the argument so simple I hesitate from saying too much more about it for fear of ... Continue Reading

‘Set the Stage: A Manifesto for Church Stage Design’ by Jonathan Malm [Saturday Morning Review]

Set the Stage - SMR

Jonathan Malm is not only the curator and creator of Sunday Magazine,, and Church Stage Designs Ideas, but also a prolific author—titles include Developing a Series, Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy,  Created for More, Unwelcome—and has just released a new book, Set the Stage: A Manifesto for Church Stage Design. If you have anything to do with your church stage design—or know someone who is—you've got to check this out! ... Continue Reading

3 Reasons Not to Finish A Book You Don’t Like

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It is that time of the year. Summer book recommendations are everywhere (even here). And you want them all... I want them all. Books to make you smarter, holier, a better dad or mom or son or daughter. They're all there and they are all good. And there is that book, recommended by the blogger or author you admire, so you buy it. And then you hate it. ... Continue Reading