Book Review: Manage Your Day-to-Day

Manage Your Day to Day Book Cover

A while ago, my wife hit me with some very serious truth, "You read a ton about theology and philosophy, but you don't struggle with that." Her follow up comments gave me some hints at things I struggle with, so I decided to start reading along those lines. Earlier in the summer, I read Crazy Busy and learned a lot about my issues with always being on-the-go. This month, I took a tip from fellow ChurchMag-er, KC Procter, and read Manage Your Day-to-Day edited by Jocelyn K. Glei. Written by a ... Continue Reading

A Wes Molebash Birthday Bash Surprise for EVERYONE!


Who doesn’t like a birthday party? There’s cake, presents, funny cards, friends, and family. Maybe even a few jokes about growing old. And how about all the well-wishers on Facebook, right? NOTE: If you hide your birthdate people won’t know it’s your birthday. You’ve survived and thrived this long. Be proud and flaunt it. Birthdays are awesome because it’s a collective opportunity to make someone feel special. To remind them of how important they are to us. To thank them for the impact on ... Continue Reading

The Incomparable Insert Image Endures Forever


They say "laughter is the best medicine." Well, I don't know who "they" are, but I love to laugh and it always leaves the heart full. Although your cheeks might hurt a little. Some of the best laughter is when we laugh at ourselves. Wes Molebash, a cartoonist, pastor and family man, has written a hilarious web comic for over 2 years. Through Insert Image, he highlights some of the more ridiculous stuff Christians are known for while challenging a few norms long overdue for the ... Continue Reading

Social Media Handbook: Church Edition

Social Media Handbook - Church Edition - Gumroad

Hey, did you know ChurchMag was a publisher? It's true. We are excited to announce the first collaborative self-published ebook under the sparkling new digital publishing platform, ChurchMag Press. Today you can get your digital fingers on the Social Media Handbook: Church Edition. Written specifically for those involved in ministry who "get" social media, this handbook is designed to be your guide to the next level. ... Continue Reading

Book Review: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

ready player one

I hate hype, especially when it comes in the form of a recommendation. My friends told me, begged me even, to watch the show CHUCK. I ignored them, waiting until after it had been off the air for over a year before I started. Why am I so stubborn? It's just how I am. Sadly, I was just as stubborn with the book Ready Player One. Every time I turned around, the book was being reviewed and heartily endorsed. I gave in, got a copy, and never got around to reading it...until now! So, one year later, ... Continue Reading

Digital Marketing for Churches that Want to Succeed

Digital Marketing for Churches that Want to Succeed - Image

We are only a week out from our first exclusive eBook on how to do social media for your ministry that hits on every point from theology to how to format posts effectively and even pitfalls your ministry needs to avoid in engaging online. But as a precursor to this, I want to share this with you. This is a year long record of lessons I personally learned in looking at how national and local ministries can use social media in a variety of different ways and the complexity that comes with it. ... Continue Reading

The Social Media Handbook: Church Edition [Podcast]

The Social Media Handbook - Church Edition Podcast

It's finally here! The most anticipated ChurchMag project in history — except maybe the redesign (things were getting pretty ugly around here) — has finally launched. This week we announced the start of ChurchMag Press (you can read more about it here), so on this awesome episode of the ChurchMag Podcast we take a behind-the-scenes peek at an upcoming ebook that is already available for pre-order. ... Continue Reading

The Incomparable Insert Image by Wes Molebash [Sneak Peek]


Laughter really is the best medicine. With all the ridiculous stuff Christians do and say, we'd be much better off if we learned to laugh at ourselves. Maybe we'd actually start getting rid of what's broken. Or maybe we'd even reach the people who feel closer to God in the parking lot than inside the walls of a church. I mean no disrespect, but after 2,000 years and a bazillion bible translations you'd think we'd have it figured out by now. Right? Well, we don't have it figured out and ... Continue Reading

Social Media Handbook: Church Edition [Sneak Peek]

social media handbook church edition

Social media has ushered in a new era of connectivity. We can join any conversation happening anywhere on the planet at anytime we want. That is crazy if you stop and think about it. Alexander Graham Bell would lose his marbles if he knew what we've done since he invented the telephone. One look at Skype and his beard would burst into flames. If Samuel Morse could witness in an instant the progression from the telegraph to text messages his face would melt off. Now, stepping back into the ... Continue Reading

It’s Here: ChurchMag Press

the rumors are true

The rumors are true. ChurchMag Press is here. Ladies & Gentlemen. Boys & Girls. Geeks, nerds, coffee addicts, writers, and technology fans of all shapes, sizes, ages and IQs. We are excited, ecstatic, and extremely caffeinated to present to you for the very first time... ChurchMag Press! ... Continue Reading