Why Women Are The Real Power Behind Social Media [Infographic]


When I think of technology and which gender is more invested, I instantly think of men. (We even talk about this topic for Church tech in a Feb 2014 episode of the Churchmag Podcast.) But social media goes against the grain with women actually using social media more than men. You know how I tell you to know your audience when doing social media and blogging? This is one of those big moments to pay attention! Here are the top three stats we love from the infographic below: ... Continue Reading

SumAll: Analytics All The Things!


Every March, our church holds its annual business meeting. It's usually a fairly straightforward (i.e. boring) affair. Last year, our new lead pastor kept the meeting the same as it has always been, but this year, he wants to jazz it up a bit. Knowing that he wanted to do more than present some dull balance sheets, I shared a fairly cool idea I'd seen online: what if we presented a picture of our "digital presence"? My pastor liked the idea and offered a tool to make it happened. ... Continue Reading

The Landscape of Social Sharing [Infographic]


Every year in four different quarters, social media is reexamined to see what is trending, which social network is on top, and where are the teens moving (which apparently is suppose to predict the next big thing?). While a lot of emphasis is given to the number of users registered or how many people are active on the social networks, for me, that is not as consequential as how the social networks are being used and which one is getting more eyes on my content. Facebook and Google+ dominate ... Continue Reading

How Many Articles Are Posted On the Web? [Infographic]

A Day in the Life of Web Content Infographic

Is your church on the Internet, yet? It might seem to be a silly question to ask on a church tech focused website, but many churches do not have a good online presence yet. If you follow the wisdom of Michael Hyatt from his book Platform, you need to make your first and strongest online presence your home website. And when you have a fully running website that shows off your staff, ministries, volunteers, and an active and consistent blog, then you can say you have a strong online ... Continue Reading

Corporate Digital Marketing: I Love Being A Turtle

Corporate Digital Marketing I Love Being A Turtle

If you have enjoy the old school 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie trilogy, you probably know Raphael's favorite quote after kicking some serious butt, "Man, I love being a turtle!" Have you ever had those moments where you just kicked your project in the butt or maybe nailed that presentation? You probably need to go put a ninja headband on your head, grab some nunchucks, and just scream, "Man I love my job!" ... Continue Reading

Google AuthorRank and Authorship [Infographic]


Google is the search engine that has dominated the web since it has risen to power. The reality is, that if Google does not see your blog, church website, or any other online presence, you have a slim chance of dramatically increasing your traffic. Before the impact of social media and therefore Google's own network in Google+, the only authority that mattered was PageRank that is a statistical representation of how important your website is to the person making the search. With the ... Continue Reading

How the Digital Age Has Shaped Communication Management [Infographic]


The digital age, i.e. the invention of computers, the Internet, email, smartphones, and tablets, has completely reshaped how nearly every business does business. If you want to get in contact with a company because a refrigerator went bad, you could try to call customer support or send an email, but you have to do a ton of hunting for the right person to contact. The alternative is that you could go on their Facebook page and tell them you are upset and most likely you will be received with a ... Continue Reading

25 Awesome Social Media Tools [Infographic]


If you are an administrator for any social media business account and you are only interacting with the social networks on the network's native pages, you are seriously missing out on some cool and efficient social media tools. We have an infographic of the top 25 that you need to consider looking into, both free and paid web applications. While I personally have not used everyone on this network, below is a list of ones that I have tried and will vouch for: ... Continue Reading

Immersion: Visualize and Analyze Your Gmail

Immersion_ a people-centric view of your email life-1

MIT has developed a tool that helps you visualize your Gmail called Immersion. It analyzes your emails and not only shows you whom you have frequently interacted with, but also how the people you email with are interconnected. Anyone you have had contact with more than three times is termed a collaborator and you can see at once who your biggest collaborators are. The bigger the circle, the more interaction. Very insightful, very interesting. Here's an example (labels removed): ... Continue Reading