Easter Church Tech Tips with Chip Dizárd [Podcast]

churchmag podcast s2e1

Not only has ChurchMag landed a new logo and design, but we've revamped our podcast! One does not simply redesign a website and get a new logo without changing their podcast. In this first episode of our second series, we are one man short in our usual trio. Myself, Eric Dye, and Phil Schneider needed someone to fill-in for Jeremy Smith for this episode, we brought in the big guns... ... Continue Reading

What About Women in Church Tech? [Podcast]

women in church tech

Much of the technology world is a “boys club” with a minimal number of females in the field and the Church tech community is no exception. It's dominated by men, but like the rest of the technology world, it could benefit a great deal with the inclusion of women. How should the Church tech community approach this? That's this episode's topic along with Five Questions with Church techie Mike Sessler. ... Continue Reading

What About Using Instagram During Worship Service? [Podcast]

podcast instagram

While mobile devices are being used in church services more and more, using Instagram — as well as other photo sharing social mediums – during worship services has been on the rise. Should ‘Instagraming’ be an acceptable practice during Sunday morning worship services? That's the question that's raised on this episode of the ChurchMag podcast. We ask John Dyer Five Questions and the ChurchMag podcast crew talks about a cool photo sharing app that everyone should consider using. ... Continue Reading

Why Christmas? [Podcast]

why christmas churchmag podcast

On this very special Christmas ChurchMag Podcast, James Cooper — ChurchMag author and creator of WhyChristmas.com — joins the ChurchMag podcast crew — Phil Schneider, Jeremy Smith and myself, Eric Dye — in a fun and Christmas crafted podcast. Why Christmas?!? Because Christmas is awesome. May your days be merry and bright — and this podcast be just as fun for you as it was for us. ... Continue Reading

What’s Jon Acuff’s Church Communication Pet Peeve? [Podcast]

Jon Acuff ChurchMag Podcast

Jon Acuff is a New York Times Bestselling author and creator of Stuff Christians Like. While he spent 15 years working with the biggest brands in the world (did we mention he was a New York Times Bestselling author?), he took some time to talk with us—not a real powerful career move, but we're grateful. In this special ChurchMag podcast, we talk with Jon Acuff, about Jon Acuff and ask Five Questions of Jon Acuff. ... Continue Reading

How Should Church Tech Prepare for the Holidays? [Podcast]

ChurchMag Podcast keven kendricks church marketing sucks church tech

The holidays are a crazy time of year for everyone, but it can be especially stressful for church tech sound booth volunteers, video operators, worship leaders and more. On this episode, we talk about some things you can do to help relieve some of that stress, making the holiday season more enjoyable for everyone! We also have Five Questions with Church Marketing Sucks editor Kevin Hendricks and the ChurchMag crew talks about the process of blogging. ... Continue Reading

Who Owns Your Church Website? [Podcast]

ChurchMag Podcast - Who Owns Your Church Website?

Whether you've had your website built by a web design company, freelancer or volunteer, the question we raise on this episode is: Who owns your church website? Considering some of the intellectual property laws that swirl around today, this is certainly something every church should be considering and understanding when designing their website. ... Continue Reading

What Should Be on Your Church Blog? [Podcast]

ChurchMag Podcast

Having a church blog is a pretty good idea. There are many different benefits for having one, but knowing your church website should have a blog and actually using it are two different things. Does your church have a blog? The real question, however, isn't if you should have a blog, but what should you be posting about? Maybe we can help. ... Continue Reading

How Do You Communicate with Your Tech Team? [Podcast]

Podcast - Church Tech Communication

Communicating with your church tech team goes beyond the technology your using to communicate with your tech team, and has a lot more to do with the culture that's been cultivated. How do you communicate with your church tech team? We are also excited to announce that the ChurchMag podcast has a new podcasting host! Check it out: ... Continue Reading