Can Tablets Take the Place of Teachers?


This is was an amazing expreiment with some pretty phenominal results The One Laptop Per Child organization delivered Xoom tablets, fully loaded, to two different villages in Eithiopia to see what would happen. I could hardly believe what I was reading! This has got a lot more to do with how people learn and the power of technology than education and teachers. Amazing: ... Continue Reading

Tablet vs. Laptop


Tablets have become popular as all leading mobile manufacturers are following Apple in the mobile computing race. Most of you know that a tablet is nothing but a small-sized computer that has almost all key features of a laptop. Is a tablet better than a laptop? The answer depends on what you intend to do with it. ... Continue Reading

Strong’s Concordance Goes Mobile


StrongsSearch was put together by iBibleApps. Their StrongsSearch app really got my attention. You can search the entire Strong's Concordance with a few clicks or taps! It's entirely web-based as of now, so you can also use StrongsSearch in your desktop browser. Although it would be nice to have the app siting on a mobile device's internal memory, it could take a bit of memory. Take a look at StrongsSearch: ... Continue Reading