Useful & Free Greek Study Apps

Greek Apps

I recently began my third semester of graduate studies at Freed-Hardeman University where I am enrolled in the Master of Arts in New Testament program which requires at least four semesters of Greek. Being the self-proclaimed technology nerd and Greek geek that I am, I went on a mad search for whatever apps I could find to help. You must understand one thing about me though, not only am I a technology nerd, I am a cheap technology nerd. I don’t like paying for stuff if at all possible. I was ... Continue Reading

Tech Tools to Supercharge Your Bible Study

Supercharged Bible Study - Image

When people think about apps for Bible studies, they are almost always limited to just Bible apps. It’s understandable that when it comes to Bible studies, our minds instantly go to Bible apps, but this usually neglects other applications which can cover different aspects that are important for Bible studies. Well today we’re going to look at apps which can enhance your Bible study that are not Bible apps. Let's take a look: ... Continue Reading

5 Uses of YouVersion​ at Our Church


My church has been using YouVersion as our primary digital bulletin on Sunday mornings. Some churches only use their website or have a dedicated app specifically for their church, but we went with the Bible App. It's not just a Bible on your phone. No, if you use the Live feature, it can become your link to online giving, Life group questions, announcements, introduction of the speaker, and Bible verses with the bonus of social media sharing within the congregation. We love the app. Below is ... Continue Reading

Verses: An iOS Bible Memory Verses App [App Review]

Verses App Logo

Verses is an iOS app with a noble mission: To help us memorize Scripture. I'll be honest that I'm not nearly as focussed on memorizing Scripture as I was when I was a kid. Part of that is a natural pendulum swing from being pushed to memorize, but not necessarily understand Scripture, but that's a post for another time. When you open the app up, you're greeted by a list of verses ("My Verses"), a button that takes you to your "Collections," and then every single book of the Bible! Clearly, ... Continue Reading

The Man Behind the App: Neubible [Podcast #53]


I'll be honest with you, just as I was with Kory Westerhold, one of the developers behind the slick new Bible app, Neubible. When I heard that someone had published another Bible app, I rolled my eyes a little. Do we really need another Bible app? Upon further review, I personally found Neubible to be a refreshing experience and it has since become my favorite Bible app. ... Continue Reading

New Bible App Reads Itself


There are so many different Bible apps out there and many have a key feature or two to help set them apart from the competition. Well this new Bible app from Insanely Cool Apps promises that you’ll never face the guilt of falling behind in your Bible plan again, as it will READ the Bible for you, saving hours of time over the course of a year. ... Continue Reading

NueBible: A Design Centric iOS Bible App

NeuBible Top

We’ve covered a lot of Bible apps here at ChurchMag and too often we focus heavily on the functionality built into these tools. Features like Bible reading plans, the ability to add notes, export notes, commentaries, sharing verses and so on. These are all great and we’ve seen some huge steps forward there, but sometimes I wonder if this has lead to a neglect of the design of these tools. Well NeuBible is a new (pun not intended) Bible app from a small indie development team that takes a ... Continue Reading

Do You Share Your Completed YouVersion Reading Plans?

Share your completed devos on YouVersion

I've used YouVersion for a long time, but nothing for regular Bible reading plans, studying or one of the many daily devotional plans they have to offer. Having recently finished up another paperback daily devotional and since I hadn't landed a new one yet, I thought I would give some YouVersion devotionals a spin. So far, so good. I've really enjoyed the diversity of devotions that are offered. After having finished my first devotional, my YouVersion app asked if I wanted to share the news ... Continue Reading

My Bible Marking Plan


About a month ago, I wrote a post about the fun way I mark my Bible - using Crayola Twistable Crayons! I seriously didn't think it would get as many comments, shares, or even off-site discussion as it did - so much so that people still comment on how much I like to use crayons (some of us really never do grow up). In all the discussion I had around the post, there was a single question that kept popping up: What system do you use for your Bible marking? It's one thing to tote the awesomeness ... Continue Reading