New Bible App Reads Itself


There are so many different Bible apps out there and many have a key feature or two to help set them apart from the competition. Well this new Bible app from Insanely Cool Apps promises that you’ll never face the guilt of falling behind in your Bible plan again, as it will READ the Bible for you, saving hours of time over the course of a year. ... Continue Reading

NueBible: A Design Centric iOS Bible App

NeuBible Top

We’ve covered a lot of Bible apps here at ChurchMag and too often we focus heavily on the functionality built into these tools. Features like Bible reading plans, the ability to add notes, export notes, commentaries, sharing verses and so on. These are all great and we’ve seen some huge steps forward there, but sometimes I wonder if this has lead to a neglect of the design of these tools. Well NeuBible is a new (pun not intended) Bible app from a small indie development team that takes a ... Continue Reading

Do You Share Your Completed YouVersion Reading Plans?

Share your completed devos on YouVersion

I've used YouVersion for a long time, but nothing for regular Bible reading plans, studying or one of the many daily devotional plans they have to offer. Having recently finished up another paperback daily devotional and since I hadn't landed a new one yet, I thought I would give some YouVersion devotionals a spin. So far, so good. I've really enjoyed the diversity of devotions that are offered. After having finished my first devotional, my YouVersion app asked if I wanted to share the news ... Continue Reading

My Bible Marking Plan


About a month ago, I wrote a post about the fun way I mark my Bible - using Crayola Twistable Crayons! I seriously didn't think it would get as many comments, shares, or even off-site discussion as it did - so much so that people still comment on how much I like to use crayons (some of us really never do grow up). In all the discussion I had around the post, there was a single question that kept popping up: What system do you use for your Bible marking? It's one thing to tote the awesomeness ... Continue Reading

A Fun Way to Mark Your Bible


I love marking up my Bible when I study. I'm not sure if it's the graphic designer in me (I like pretty colors) or the former English major coming out (sentence diagrams!!), but I just enjoy dissecting the text and finding the deeper—and much more personal—meaning. A quick flip through my Bible will prove my case. Highlights, underlines, arrows pointing to notes I wrote in the margins, boxes, color coded markings—it's like a playground for my studious brain. But there's one problem in this ... Continue Reading

The Least Popular Books of the Bible [Infographic]

thumbs down yo

What's your least favorite book in the Bible? Yes, I know, that's probably not the most popular question to ask on a Sunday and by answering the question you may have guaranteed to never make the Sunday School student of the month, but the truth of the matter is, we all have preferences. In the infographic below, the cool people at the Overview Bible Project presents The Least Popular Books of the Bible (according to ... Continue Reading

YouVersion Announces Bible App 5 Update


When it comes to intersecting scripture and technology, no one does it better than YouVersion. As the creators of the Bible app for nearly every mobile and web platform available, they are literally reaching the world with the Word of God. Oh, and contrary to our cheeky April Fools Day post, it is FREE. That's right $0.00 with no money down. Well, after 5 years YouVersion is releasing their biggest update to the Bible App. ... Continue Reading

YouVersion No Longer Free, “Pay Up!” says April Nabal


[Editor's Note: This post was part of our April Fool's 2014 lineup. Have fun, enjoy!] Today Life Church, the organization behind the incredibly popular YouVersion suit of Bible apps announced a dramatic shake up to their app. Up to now they have given away their app for free, including theKJV and built in social services. However, in a dramatic change of direction, YouVersion has decided to start charging for their app. The woman in charge of the app, April Nabal, explained the move. ... Continue Reading

How Long is the Bible? [Infographic]

how long is the Bible Thumb

This has got to be the most #EPIC infographic on the length of the Bible. Put together by the Overview Bible Project, aka Jeffrey Kranz and Laura Converse, the Bible is compared to other books to put its length into perspective and broken down into different parts to better understand the Bible by the numbers. Check it out: ... Continue Reading