The Day of The Doctor in LEGO! [Video]


Hear on ChurchMag we love a bit of Doctor Who and we also love LEGO. So we really love it when the Doctor and LEGO come together! And now it has again — in wonderful stop motion animation form — as a condensed version of the epic 50th Anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor”. So enjoy this wonderful slice of plastic bricked Who-ness! ... Continue Reading

Padcaster + Media Fusion = Easy Church Streaming

Media Fusion and Padcaster

Right when you thought that church streaming couldn't get any easier, Padcaster meets Media Fusion. Sure, Media Fusion makes church streaming über easy and awesome, but there needed to be an equally simple way to capture the video. Media Fusion takes care of all your streaming, archiving and embedding, but what about capturing the video? Many churches find this to be the bottleneck of video streaming. There are so many cameras and options, it can be a little overwhelming — but it doesn't have ... Continue Reading

Toy Wars [Video]

Toy Wars Screen Cap

Along similar lines of Chalk Wars, this awesome video is packed full of special effects and a little humor that's sure to make you smile. It's amazing to see that a few guys, a camera, and a computer, can put together a video with such great effects. Enjoy: ... Continue Reading

Viral Ad Agency Spoofs Ad Agency’s “Superdesk” Video


Several months ago, the Barbarian Group ad agency released a video tour of their new office in New York city. The new office space features a continuous 4,400-square-foot “Superdesk” with a “surfboard top material” that seats up to 175 people! While it's a pretty impressive works space, you'll love the response video from the viral ad agency Barton F. Graf 9000. But first, to put things into context, let's watch the video that started it all: ... Continue Reading

If You Haven’t Seen Chalk Warfare, Watch It Now [Videos]

Chalk Warfare 3.0 screencap

If you haven't seen any of the Chalk Warfare videos — wait, scratch that — if you haven't seen all the Chalk Warfare videos, you need to watch them right now! Considering the millions of views these three Chalk Warfare videos have received over the past couple of years, I am a little embarrassed that I've never posted about them until now. Here's all three videos — and the get better and better with each version: ... Continue Reading

What Do Moms, X-Men, and a Nerd Rapper Have in Common with Frozen?


If you're a parent or related to a kid in anyway you've seen the movie Frozen about 500 times. Am I right? And you've probably caught yourself humming a few bars of the expertly engineered ear-worm tune, Let It Go. Thanks a lot, Disney. Well, despite a few moments of WIN during the movie, there were a number of story elements that didn't make sense to me. Fortunately, I am not alone in this quandary. The geniuses over at How It Should Have Ended have created the perfect alternate adaption ... Continue Reading

The Future of Video [Infographic]

The future of video

I am one of the beneficiaries of the democratization of video. I remember talking to my Uncle who has been in the video production business for over 40 years and he was telling me about how expensive it was to start. Now video is in everyone hands as long as you have a smartphone and a great story. So what does the future hold for video? Here's a snapshot: ... Continue Reading