Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse Screencap

Yesterday Instagram announced a new mobile app! While it's currently only available for iOS, I imagine it will hit the other devices shortly. It's called Hyperlapse and it's designed to create awesome time lapse videos quickly and easily. Just open the app and start recording. You don't even need an Instagram account! Here's a closer look: ... Continue Reading

A Year Without Video Backgrounds


With the advent of cheaper projection systems and the "digital age," we have moved from hymnals to stage screens. Screens are more cost efficient and easier for everyone in the church body. Hymnals are hard to revise and as Christian worship music continues to increase in diversity and hit our culture at a much quicker pace, so we are able to be more dynamic. However, that doesn't mean we should throw the kitchen sink at it. ... Continue Reading

8-Bit Matrix Overdub [Video]

The Matrix - Stop

This video hits on so many levels of nostalgia, I was ready to enter the Konami code straight into YouTube to get myself an extra 30 lives. YouTube user Phillip Raupach uploaded his 2013 Best Sound Design winning video, whereby he's taken an edited scene from the Matrix and overdubbed iconic 8-bit sound effects and music. The result is pure magic: ... Continue Reading

The First Steps Toward Church Video

This is how it feels...

Whether you're a part of a more traditional church, a smaller church that that just hasn't had the budget, or you just haven't done video before, taking the first steps toward using video in your church can seem daunting. There are some things you can do once you join a team or get the tap on the shoulder to "pray about starting a video ministry." ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Confessionals [Video]

Church Tech Confessions Top

The following video was made by Grace Church and there is not much more details to go with it, but this video encapsulates so much that I see in church tech. Of course, the video is made tongue and cheek for the humor factor, but there is an element of truth behind every one of the statements made. I wonder how many churches have departments that do not play well together, are not polite to their church techies, and look down on the volunteers and staff. ... Continue Reading

How to Look Great on a Webcam [Video]

Screenshot 2014-08-10 08.41.52

Sooner or later you will need to be on a webcam for a Skype, Google Hangout or training video. Most people don't take the time to make sure their webcam videos look professional. I have created a brief tutorial to help you get started. ... Continue Reading

Dear Church Tech: Check Your Video Thumbnail

Choose your thumbnail wisely

Dear Church Tech, Whenever you have successfully uploaded a video to YouTube or Vimeo, make sure you check your video thumbnail. If you don't know what the “video thumbnail” is, count your lucky stars that you haven't received an email asking about “the weird picture of me on the Youtubes.” Before I fully explain what a video thumbnail is and bore the more advanced segment of Church tech, let me first present you with an example of why checking the default video thumbnail is important. ... Continue Reading

Hyperlapse Fixes GoPro Footage [Video]

hyperlapse technology gopro google glass microsoft

Microsoft engineers have developed Hperlapse, a new way to transform shaky video footage from a GoPro or Google Glass into amazing video footage. Normally videos taken from a GoPro camera or Google Glass are shaky enough to make you sick, but with this newly developed Hyperlapse technology, the video is smoothed out. The results are amazing: ... Continue Reading