10 Minute Film School


Video is an amazing medium. It has become a huge part of our culture. From a religious standpoint it is being integrated into our church environments, teaching, and homes. There are a few resources out there that do it well in the Christian world, but as it becomes more prevalent we will all begin to feel the need for more personalized content. Especially in light of the fact that the affordability of doing video well continues to increase. This is my attempt to download the things I have ... Continue Reading

The Next Superhero Movies [Infographic]

LEGO Marvel Superheros

As an active member of geekdom and lover of superheroes—on film and in comic books—it's good to see that there will be plenty of movie viewing in the coming years. This infographic from Comics Alliance covers all the 'Supermovies' so all of us super geeks know 'what the next few years of your life looks like.' Which movies are you looking forward to the most? ... Continue Reading

The Importance of Sound in Film & Video [Video]

soundboard with cool blur

Never underestimate the power of sound. One of the first days of taking video production class back in college, we learned about the importance of sound. It seemed silly as a naive college student learning the ropes of mass media. Why are we learning about sound in a video production class? Here's probably the most #EPIC example: ... Continue Reading

Best Star Wars Parody Ever [Video]

Best Star Wars Parody Ever Screencap Cropped

The brilliance of Sesame Street has brought us Homeland and Sherlock parodies that were to die for. But now they have outdone themselves with this laugh-out-loud Star Wars parody titled "Star S'Mores". Featuring Princess Parfaita, Luke Piewalker, Darth Baker, Only One Cannoli, Flan Solo and more, this is the best Star Wars parody ever. ... Continue Reading

Making a Case for Books [Video]

Making a Case for Books Screencap

Making a Case for Books is a beautiful stop motion video short (7min) of four bookcases being made in a workshop (get the play on words?). The video is a sort of double whammy, as the video is a great piece of stop motion and an interesting video of bookshelves being built. Enjoy! ... Continue Reading

Bible Screen: Streaming Bible Screen Art


If your church or ministry uses a projector or big TVs you might well display video loops and things on them as well as using them during services, etc. But those loops can get a bit samey (and can cost). How's about some great free Bible Art animations that area amazingly easy to use and work on just about everything? Well, I've found some! ... Continue Reading

The Power of Story [Video]

The Power of Story - Screenshot

Are you a storyteller? Videographer? Photographer? Writer? Or communicator? I've known church creatives to struggle with finding themselves on the mission field. Having a strong calling to pursue foreign missions with a background, education and passion for creative occupations can leave you feeling inferior to those who are pastors, teachers, and leaders. But hold fast. Telling a story is one of the most powerful things you can do...and that, my creative friends, is exactly what you were ... Continue Reading