How Frozen Should Have Ended [Video]


There has been some awesome parodies and funny videos spinning off the Disney film, Frozen. My kids love this film and have been singing songs from it for months (feels like years). But I am wondering ... should it have ended like this? ... Continue Reading

Steller for iPhone

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 4.32.01 PM

I love poking around the app store for new and creative visual story telling applications. That's why I spend so much time in the photo and video sections. Recently an app came up that is so cross category that I had to test it out. It's called Steller, and it's free on the front page of the app store (iPhone only).  Using photo, video, and text overlay, all with turning pages like a book, Steller allows you to tell a visual story in a fresh take on an old medium: the book. ... Continue Reading

The LEGO Movie + The Simpsons Intro = AWESOME Mashup


LEGO bricks are awesome, so much so that I would eat them. They are not edible though; do take my word for it. ;-) Just in time to be somewhat in lock-step with the official LEGO Simpsons set, and right behind the successful The LEGO Movie, this mashup is a unique twist on the iconic Simpsons intro sequence that guest stars characters from the aforementioned movie, via YouTuber MonsieurCaron: ... Continue Reading

4 Things Everyone Should Know About 4K Video

4K tv

1. Let's start at the beginning: What is 4K? In short, it's a video quality upgrade from the current standard, high definition (HD), that, when viewed on a sufficiently large display, is a dramatic improvement. In the next few years, 4K will begin replacing HD as the standard format for home TV and movie viewing. YouTube turned on 4K capability way back in 2010 and relatively cheap 4K filmmaking cameras like the RED have been used by major moviemakers since at least 2008. The term Ultra High ... Continue Reading

Learn to Do CPR with LEGO [Videos]


Two years ago the British Heart Foundation released one of the funniest how to's ever: How to do hands only CPR with famous British soccer player-turned-actor Vinnie Jones (who is known for playing tough bad guys by the way). Set to the music of Staying Alive, it showed how to do CPR in an hilarious, but easy to remember way. ... Continue Reading

The 1st Step Towards Developing A Live Production System

draw your signal flow map

The leadership has asked you to tell them how much it will cost to get a live stream of the service out to the what?!?!? Ok, first off, you'll need to figure out your signal flow. Let's assume that you've got a couple video cameras, some kind of recorder (hard drive-based, flash- or solid-state-based, or DVD), and a switcher. These are the basics of any video ministry system. ... Continue Reading Adds Roku to Unlimited Streaming Plan

churchstreaming tv 180 introduced a new feature that enables you to have your very own Roku channel in the Religion and Spirituality category on the Roku channel store. Viewers can watch your live and archived services right from their television! There is absolutely no setup fee to have your own custom Roku channel. Simply submit your artwork and within 2 weeks your channel is live (this is the time it's taking Roku to approve new public channels). For more information on the custom Roku channel ... Continue Reading

Media Fusion: The Most Affordable Live Streaming EVER.

Meda Fusion Church Media

Media Fusion Broadcast is revolutionary. Media Fusion Broadcast will change live streaming for churches and ministries of all sizes by offering the most affordable live streaming services that has ever been offered without sacrificing quality. Taking advantage of Akamai Technologies CDN of over 187,000 worldwide servers and partnering with Teradek server based encoders, Media Fusion's broadcast live streaming is a game-changer. ... Continue Reading