The Dangers of Selfie Sticks [Video]

The Dangers of Selfie Sticks PSA - SCREEN

Pizza Hut decided to put on a great little promotional about how selfie-sticks are getting in the way of us being able to focus solely on you in the selfie. The video is below and is a fun little jab at the whole concept of a selfie stick. But then this happened. I continued cruising through YouTube videos and found a group of 4 people reenacting a car singalong utilizing previously said selfie-stick which ends badly. The selfie-stick may not have directly caused the accident, but the humor ... Continue Reading

Van Gogh in 3D [Video]


Being Dutch, I'm partial to famous painter Vincent van Gogh. His use of brush strokes and color is amazing and I could study his paintings for hours. But now, I can do even more than that. Animator Mackenzie Cauley has created a 3D video of Van Gogh's painting 'The Night Café' and it is stunning. ... Continue Reading

LEGO Star Destroyer Shattered at 1000 FPS [Video]

imperial star wars legos - image

I love Star Wars and I love LEGOS. So the fact that I have LEGO Star Wars sitting on my night stand at home is no surprise. That being said, for those that have the same love, what you are about to see may disturb you. I joke, but only in part. Here are the stats shared in the video: The LEGO Super Star Destroyer cost $800 It took 3 people 16 hours to construct The footage is filmed at 100 frames per second to maximize destruction. Now for the destruction (and tears). ... Continue Reading

Everything Is Awesome Is Real [Video]


You may think you being Will Ferrell's character in the LEGO Movie is just a dream and you may be envious of KC Proctor as he posts a new LEGO photo on social media nearly every single day. But the truth is, there is a real person out there with a basement full of organized LEGOS and I am excited about it! ... Continue Reading

Behind the Scenes of a Video Edit [Video]


I must admit I'm a video editing nerd. I love seeing raw footage shot coming together into a finished polished project. In this video I share what tools I used to create a video for my Pastor and the process I use for editing. For this project I used Final Cut Pro X, but the editing  principles apply to any non-linear editing system. ... Continue Reading

Amazing Video without the Amazing Price Tag

video camera lens - image

It’s not hard to spend millions of dollars on equipment. In fact, there’s a whole convention dedicated to video equipment and its usage. It’s called NAB and it happens every spring in Las Vegas. I’ve never been, but I think it’s just a matter of time. I’m afraid that I better only go once I have a permanent studio set up and tons of paying clients. I bet I could spend $100,000 in the first 5 minutes. What most people don’t know is that you don’t need millions, hundreds of thousands, or even ... Continue Reading

Video Announcement Missteps in Mockery


I recently wrote what I thought was a silly, light-hearted post about a Tumblr that collects bad church announcement videos. It was meant to be a funny post, but the intent certainly wasn't to mock the individuals or churches involved. It seems that I made a misstep. Here's an expert from a comment ChurchMag received on a Facebook sharing of the post: ... Continue Reading

Stop Recording Church Video Announcements? [Videos]


Video is one of the most unforgiving and unpredictable technologies. I can remember the first year or two after my church gained the ability to play clips of movies in service. Our pastor was forever trying to find a clip to punctuate his sermons...until he accidentally included that a clip that swore. Oops! Showing videos can be tricky enough in churches, but what happens when churches create those videos? ... Continue Reading