Church Audio Training 101

Church Audio Training - Image

I love the church sound booth. That's where all the excitement is. All those buttons and knobs call to the inner 10-year old inside of me. MUST TOUCH THEM ALL! And yet, it can also be a very stressful place. Nothing exactly takes your breath away like an entire congregation turning around to look at you — as if you know exactly why the minister has feedback in his microphone and as if you did the entire thing on purpose. But I digress. Most churches could use some help in the sound booth. ... Continue Reading

Tech Wreck Tuesday #18: When Does The Bleeding Stop

audio gain

So I became inspired by my buddy Eric Dye with his ChurchMag Podcast and the idea of communicating across a medium that is not only versatile, but actually quite great to consume if done well. I am always up for trying something new with communicating a message to people and working on improving my craft. So I decided to try out my own version of a podcast with my Level Up Podcast. ... Continue Reading

EQ Frequency Chart

Sound Chart via Tim Adams

If you are mixing the Sunday morning worship service and you need to dampen the toms, but turn-up your female backup vocals, what do you do? Do you fade your toms down and your female backup vocals up? Or does your EQ simply need adjusting? The frequency chart below, shared on Google+ by Tim Adams, is a great resource to print out and keep near your church soundboard: ... Continue Reading

Submerged Turntable by Evan Holm Plays Records Underwater [Video]

underwater record player

While I've spent over a decade producing audio with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), my heart swoons when it hears the organic sounds of analog audio. One of the few things I miss from the United States, is my vintage 1960's turntable and the record collection that my wife and I built up over the years from frequenting thrift stores. sigh At least one of my best friends now owns it and uses it regularly. :) Needless to say — even though I am about to say it — my eyes smiled when I watched ... Continue Reading

Natural Reverb Acoustic Drumming Mix [Video]


I remember studying how they recorded music back in the day. An entire floor of an office building was full of rooms of different shapes and sizes with a speaker on one end and a mic on the other. Sound designers on a different floor, could then route the mix to different rooms to get the desired effect. From that, to rack mount, to digital effects on your computer, we've come a long way. That being said, I think the most awesome sound is analog, so when I saw this acoustic drum mix that uses ... Continue Reading

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at FOX Sports NFL Productions [Video]

Fox Sports

This is #EPIC. As an audio/video production geek, I found this to BE SO FLIPPIN' AWESOME!!! The tech, production and teamwork behind every NFL game that airs on FOX Sports puts the game of football to shame. It's far more complicated and involves so many more team players than the game that's actually being aired! I would love to sit in some of these... Take a look: ... Continue Reading

How the Star Wars Lightsaber Sound Was Created [Video]

Star Wars Lightsaber

As a sound designer myself, I've always found the “behind the scenes” look at sound effects to be particularly fascinating—especially when it comes to Sci-Fi. From Jurassic Park's dinosaur sounds or the sounds behind the last Tron movie, I'm a sucker for this stuff. So you can imagine how excited I was for the opportunity to learn how they came about creating the Star Wars Lightsaber sounds. Check. This. Out: ... Continue Reading

Stuff Church Techies Say: Blame The Tools

Stuff Church Techies Say… Blame Your Tools

A great church technology team member needs to know how to use the equipment that they are using in and out. When something goes wrong, what do we do? We blame the tools, right? Not my fault, it's your equipment or software. The reality is that you need to not only know how to use the equipment, you need to be masters of it. How do you fix it when it breaks, what caused it to break in the first place, and how can you prevent it from failing next time? ... Continue Reading