Louder Is Better Sometimes (Most of the Time)

Louder is Better

The explosive growth of the multi site model for churches in America has created a whole new world for sound engineers. We have moved from acoustically designed, built from the ground up, sanctuaries to pre-existing buildings of many kinds that were never intended for live audio. My home church has two campuses that are both re-purposed warehouse spaces. I am lucky enough to get to speak into how our spaces are outfitted for sound and media, but even in our spaces you cannot eliminate all of the ... Continue Reading

Boom 2 — Make your Mac Sound Amazing!


If you're a Mac user and listen to a lot music (or podcasts) on your Mac, you might have noticed that the audio, from the default speakers, can often be what you might call 'lacking'. They're not only often lacking in quality (especially bass - they're tiny speakers!) but also volume. Some podcasts often seem to have very low volume levels and you need to make very LOUD just to hear it (and then jump out of your seat when when a system sound happens!) But there's an amazing little app that can ... Continue Reading

The Best Kind of Sound Guy (or Gal)

sound guy gal image

Before we talk about anything technical it's important to note your motivations when working with this technology. We are here to support people, i.e. the people on stage and the people in the crowds. So much of that can get lost in what we’re doing. We can get so focused on the fact that we're the sound guys, and forget that it’s about supporting everybody else. It is about the people I try and constantly maintain the attitude of "How can I help?" ... Continue Reading

What We’ve Learned About Podcasting [Podcast #39]

churchmag podcast

Have you thought about starting a podcast for your church, ministry or even yourself? On this episode of the ChurchMag Podcast, we each share a number of things that we have learned and mistakes that we've made publishing a podcast. For those of you that are already publishing a podcast, be sure to add your tips in the comment section at the end of the post. Now, without further delay—and a short hiatus—the ChurchMag Podcast is back: ... Continue Reading

Sunday Soundboard: Adjust It or Leave It Alone

blurry sound mixer image

There are some audio techs out there that just don't know when to leave the controls alone; they hear phantom sounds and frequencies that don't really exist.  I'm not sure what causes this but a good tech will know when the mix sounds great and will leave it alone until something changes and needs to be adjusted.  It's a subtle skill to master and not one that's easy to teach because it's all about your ears. ... Continue Reading

The Importance of Sound in Film & Video [Video]

soundboard with cool blur

Never underestimate the power of sound. One of the first days of taking video production class back in college, we learned about the importance of sound. It seemed silly as a naive college student learning the ropes of mass media. Why are we learning about sound in a video production class? Here's probably the most #EPIC example: ... Continue Reading

Amazing Audio Illusion [Video]

hanging headphones - image

I've always thought that optical illusions were cool, but I had no idea there was such a thing called an 'audio illusion!' Seriously. After watching this video, your mind will be blown... ... Continue Reading

8-Bit Matrix Overdub [Video]

The Matrix - Stop

This video hits on so many levels of nostalgia, I was ready to enter the Konami code straight into YouTube to get myself an extra 30 lives. YouTube user Phillip Raupach uploaded his 2013 Best Sound Design winning video, whereby he's taken an edited scene from the Matrix and overdubbed iconic 8-bit sound effects and music. The result is pure magic: ... Continue Reading

Clean Vinyl Records with Wood Glue? [Video]

vinyl record player needle - zoomed

I am such a sucker for vinyl records and I romantically and most pathetically miss my vinyl record collection and 1960's record player that I left behind in the United States (thankfully it's in excellent hands). So I was a little shocked to learn that you can clean your vinyl records with wood glue!?! While I have mixed feelings about less pops and crackles, I did have some records that could have used less even for my taste. Check this out: ... Continue Reading