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Who can be a ChurchMag author?

You! We are always interested in original contributions that add value to our community and have not been published anywhere else. ChurchMag is insanely-interested in exploring how the Church, ministries, and non-profits use technology to effectively fulfill their mission to the world. If you have some writing skills, maybe you can help!

Why write for ChurchMag?

You get paid. We pay you up to $15, based on the length of the post and its quality (you must have a valid and working Paypal Account). We do not allow affiliate marking links or obvious self-promotional content; however, you may include a complete bio, with links, in your author profile. Plus, your voice will be heard by a robust ChurchMag community.

What are we looking for?

If you are a part of our community, you probably already know the answer. If not, browse through the categories to get a feel for some of the areas we focus, especially those areas you’re skilled and knowledgeable.

This is what we’re looking for:

  • Expertise – It really helps if you know what you’re talking about! Seriously.
  • Writing for the Web – This isn’t your College Paper, Seminary Thesis, or Moleskine Notebook; writing on the web is an art form and is best when it’s not too verbose, and makes use of lists and headings to break up the text.
  • How-To’s for Popular Apps & Web Services & Products – It’s best if your how-to is for an app and/or web service and/or product that is either reasonably popular or should be reasonably popular. We generally avoid anything which is very niche.
  • Practical Strategy – At the end of the day if we don’t do anything with what we’ve learned and know, we’re pretty much useless.
  • Constructive Commentary with Excellence – This might be the most generic but we know that a number of you have some strong opinions about Web Technology and it’s practice.

If you’re an amazing writer and you’ve got that edge, we’d love to hear from you.

Where do you go from here?

Contact us! We would like to know a little bit about you. We don’t just let anyone write for us.

  • Give us a brief description of yourself, your skills, and your field of interest.
  • Include URLs to some previous articles and examples that exhibit your skills.
  • Tell us 3 solid ideas for topics and posts you are interested in writing about.

How to contact us?

Send me the before mentioned information to eric [at] and we’ll get started!

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