25 of the Worst Passwords from 2011

password screen

As I look through this list of last year's worst passwords I keep wondering: What where these people thinking!?! They were thinking, "Easy." If you haven't figured out a system for solid passwords that are easy to remember, be sure to invest in a password management program. Now, here are the 25 worst passwords from last year: ... Continue Reading

How Do You Feel About Gmail’s Prying Eyes?


Have you ever wondered how your Gmail ads seem to relate to your email content? The video below breaks down into simple (and humorous) terms the way Google skims your email for keywords and renders ads based on these metrics. The video is actually Microsoft's jab at Gmail as it promotes their own online email solution through Office 365, but it is certainly ... funny? ... Continue Reading

GuideGuide: Easily Design with Grids in Photoshop


Ever since I started building my WordPress sites on 8BIT's Standard Theme, I've used the provided layered PSD file for website design and mockups. It makes developing much, much easier, as I know where the elements naturally lie within the theme. With this same concept in mind, I can use this handy Photoshop plugin to design any WordPress theme on just about any grid-based CSS template of my choosing. Traditionally, I've found transitioning from a Photoshop mockup design to HTML and CSS ... Continue Reading

Can You Sell Your “Used” mp3s?


Finally, there is something you can do with all those mp3s you have overplayed and now hate. Or, that singer you once liked that got hooked on drugs and a bad-boy husband, and is consequently not a role model anymore. Now you can legally sell those mp3s. For now. ... Continue Reading

A Closer Look at Cyberbullying [Infographic]


Cyberbullying. I hates it. Considering so many of my friends and followers throughout social media are decent adults, I'm fairly insulated from seeing any kind of cyberbullying. I do, however, have some sort of an inkling as to just how ugly cyberbullying must be, by simply trolling through a few YouTube videos and reading the comments. Cyberbullying is ugly. Cyberbullying is real. Learn more and spread the word: ... Continue Reading

3 Steps to a Godly Church Tech Attitude

TMNT Attitude

Last week, I had a great post just pop in my head. I quickly wrote it out and sent it off to a few friends who serve as my personal editorial board. They came back with some suggestions, but overall, the feedback was positive. Then, I read the post myself. I had accurately, concisely, and—if I may be so immodest— humorously described the Church's problem with "quality control," doing church with excellence. Yet, there was one serious problem: I hadn't actually offered a solution. ... Continue Reading

Coda Clip Collection


If you use Coda and the Clips feature, you're going to love Coda Clips. Even if you don't use Coda, you still may find Coda Clips to be a nice resource for grabbing commonly used snippets of code, but if you are a Coda user, you're going to find Coda Clips a very awesome resource. Check it out: ... Continue Reading

Should Christians Support Anonymous?


We did a post for Churchm.ag asking if we should support the hacker group, Anonymous. Below is the content of the post, but here is the article at Churchm.ag that has the video we reference. If you are plugged into online news, you know about the hacker group Anonymous. They have claimed being a part of many different online breakings, everything from simply defacing websites to stealing credit card and personal information. But they say that they do it all in the name of equality and being ... Continue Reading