How Would You Use this Cool Web Page Element Zoom?


Zoomooz.js is a really cool jQuery plugin that adds a zoom element to any webpage.

Here’s how it looks demonstrated on an iPad:


It looks a little choppy on this iPad demo video, but when you’re using it in a regular browser, it runs really smooth.

The example video shows how Zoomooz.js can be implemented in conjunction with a Flickr image stack. The demo site, however, shows how Zoomooz.js can be implemented on other forms of media, as well as basic website elements.

Zoomooz.js is supported on all the major browser platforms and some of the future feature ideas could really take this jQuery plugin to a whole new level (specifically kinetic scrolling).

Many web technologies are built to meet a specific need or purpose. Zoomooz.js feels like it was developed backwards. They had a cool idea and created an awesome jQuery plugin. Now, what to do with it?

Give it a demo, learn how to set it up, and maybe you’ll be inspired to do something incredible with Zoomooz.js!


Eric Dye

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