YouVersion Pushes Out Major Update to iOS App


YouVersion just released version 3.3 of their iOS app yesterday, and this one includes some great improvements!

  • It’s now possible to select multiple verses and interact with them, instead of just being able to select one.
  • It also offers full screen reading mode, so you can double tap and make the toolbars disappear.
  • Highlighting is also available in several different, colors, so you can always find that verse you read, and even color code it based on your own system.

As usual, many bugs with previous versions have been fixed, and I must say, this is probably my favorite version of the app so far.

You can read more about the update, or go download it now!


Chase Livingston

Chase is a student at Clemson University, studying Audio Engineering. He is passionate about using technology in the church effectively, and loves talking and ideating about how to do that. Feel free to reach out!

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