Wunderlist Pro – Coming Soon!

Wunderlist Pro

Wunderlist Pro

I love Wunderlist (now Wunderlist 2), so I was really excited when the news of Wunderlist Pro dropped in my email inbox last night.

Here’s a sneak peak!

Wunderlist Pro – It’s Coming Soon

Well it’s about time they capitalized on Wunderlist’s popularity and monetized it!

Yes, that’s right, unlink Wunderlist, Wunderlist Pro is going to cost you:

  • $4.99 per month
  • Or $44.99 per year

Considering this will add-up over the course of a few years, they’re going to need some hot features. It would appear as though the biggest draw for Wunderlist Pro may not be workflow and management tools, but team collaboration and integration, leveraging the cloud like they’ve done with Wunderlist.

Many comments on the 6Wunderkinder blog brought up the point of the cost, asking about team pricing, etc … something I think they’ll want to consider. Like I said, in the course of a few years, this becomes a very expensive to-do/GTD app.

However, 6Wunderkinder interjected:

“…we want to continue to add major features to both the free and Pro versions of Wunderlist. By earning a little money, we’ll be better positioned to give you new and improved feature more promptly :)”

I appreciate that outlook and understand the frustration that online app companies face as anything past free is kicked to the curb by users.

What do you think about the prospects of Wunderlist Pro?

Are you excited or tired of all these monthly subscriptions?

You get what you pay for. 😉


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