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I read an excellent piece, today, on Michael Hyatt’s blog. This isn’t much of a surprise, since his posts are excellent, anyway. What set this post apart from most of what you read on his blog is, it wasn’t written by him.

It was a guest post.

Jeff Goins wrote, “Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest Post.” He not only laid-out some great steps, but also some really good points about community.

This is what he had to say:

I’ve stumbled upon a secret: Blogging is communal, and those who participate in the community win.

My blog readership and influence has grown more in the past six months than it has in the past six years. Why? Because I’ve been guest-posting more in the past six months than I have in the past six years.

I have read a lot of the ChurchMag community’s comments, and you guys have a lot to offer. Many of you are real experts in your field, and we all want to hear what you have to say. Maybe this can help get you off on the right foot:

Jeff Goins’ Seven Steps to Writing a Successful Guest Post – on ChurchMag

  1. Check the guidelines.
    We have guidelines that we ask you to follow to submit a guest post. Before you begin, please, read and follow the guidelines.
  2. Study the blog.
    Look through the main categories and sub-categories. Read though some posts that are in the genre you are considering writing under. Get a feel for the voice. If you have been following ChurchMag for a while, this may be really easy for you! Also, do a few searches and make sure some of the topics you are thinking about posting haven’t already been covered.
  3. Contact ChurchMag.
    Once you go through the guidelines, you’ll end up contacting us. Use the email address that is provided, and just be yourself. Get right to the point, pitch the idea, or send the whole article. No need to flatter us or cut yourself down. We’re all people, here.
  4. Write the best post you can.
    Don’t hold back. It’s tempting to hold back your “A” content, but that’s a bad idea. You want to bring your “A” game, since this is the best marketing move you’ll make and maybe even the largest audience to ever read your stuff. Spell check.
  5. Engage and promote.
    Tweet it, Facebook it, share it, email it – you get the idea. Post an excerpt on your own blog, linking it back to the full post. Also, be sure to respond to the comments! Don’t just post and run.
  6. Repeat.
    If we reject it, don’t stop. Try again. Sometimes a topic is just a little off, or it’s just not a good fit for us. If you are posted, don’t stop! Try to stay fairly consistent, so readers don’t forget who you are.

I highly recommend giving Jeff’s post a read on Michael Hyatt’s website, and while you’re at it, visit his blog. These are the basic steps he laid out, but of course, I’ve changed the descriptions to apply only to ChurchMag. Be sure to show him some comment love, too!

Are you ready to write for us?

[via Michael Hyatt | Image via Various Brennemans]


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