A New Mix of WordPress Snippets on WP-Mix

wordpress snippets code wp-mix

It’s easy for WordPress code snippet websites to become redundant. It’s not like WordPress is some kind of secret or someone will stumble on some new thing without the dudes at Automattic knowing about it. Plus, these sites can become stale fairly quickly, as they require a lot of maintenance to be a really good resource. Every time WordPress releases an update, things can become depreciated. That’s why I always double check with Codex before using a snippet. I’m always on the look-out for cool new resources and I’ve found a new one.

Check it out:


wordpress snippets code wp-mix

As of now, they have just under 100 code snippets and tutorials. As I browsed through, a few cool bits caught my eye. You’ll definitely want to give it a look and maybe even subscribe to their RSS feed to keep a look-out for some nifty WordPress code snippets.

Take a look at WP-Mix and let me know what you think!


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