Worship Books & Websites – What Do You Use?


The title of the post says it all really!

With the vast numbers of resources that contain hymns and worship songs – both old and new – I think it would be really interesting to take a snap pole of what books/sites/other resources are used by ChurchMag readers and their churches!

I’m in the UK and my Church (Minehead Baptist Church) and many others I know over here mainly use the ‘Songs of Fellowshipmusic books from the UK based Christian publisher and music label Kingsway.

We primarily project the songs, but print some large copies out for people as well. For new songs, not in the books, we often use┬ámusic books produced by Spring Harvest – the biggest annual UK Christian conference/holiday – which also happens to take place in my town :)

I’ve always wondered what other around the world use!

So what worship books/sites/resources do you and/or your Church use?


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    We actually stopped using hymn books a couple of years ago. We mainly have contemporary music, so they were rarely used on the handful of classics per month. We now use CCLI’s SongSelect integration with ProPresenter, and that’s how we do all the songs in our services.

    In addition to projection in-service, CCLI allows our worship leaders to have access to charts anywhere, so it’s makes planning a whole lot easier.

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    Yeah, the Songs of Fellowship books are awesome. They don’t only contain stuff from Kingsway though, which is what’s really awesome… they have stuff from Vineyard and Hillsongs and a few others.

    Of course in our church we use OpenLP[0] for projecting the songs.

    One of the sites I really love is Worship Archive[1] because it has tons and tons of songs with chords, and by just clicking the chord at the top of the screen you can transpose the song to an easier key.

    [0] http://openlp.org/
    [1] http://www.worshiparchive.com/

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