Will the Tablet Replace the Laptop? [Infographic]


Tablet computing is on the move to overtake mobile computing.

Take a look:

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[via Socialcast | Image via Rego Korosi]


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  1. says

    Very interesting. I’m thinking about getting a tablet of some sort to test mobile type sites on. Wondering whether to get a cheapo Android 10″ one or a 2nd hand iPad 1?!

    The apple boy in me say iPad but my wallet says Android! Does anyone have any recommendations?!

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      I’ve heard a number of Android lovers jump to the iPad, just from a hardware point of view. However, they jumped to an iPad2, so I’m not sure about the first gen.

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    The “how is it used in the office” tells a big part of why Android is catching up. While Apple’s lead in apps is certainly impressive (and they’re great), the most popular apps remain email and web and probably will for a while.

    Android’s mail app is perhaps slightly better than the iPad, though they’re close. However, if you use Gmail or Google Apps, it’s 10x better on Android because it keeps all of the Gmail goodness intact — stars, one-tap archive, conversations, etc.

    The web browser is also superior on Android, though iOS is making it a much better fight with iOS5.

    The other Apple oddity is the lack of widgets. While they’re of arguable usefulness on a phone, they’re awesome on a tablet. I was shocked that they’re not included in the upcoming iOS5. I think that’s quite a blow to the iPad.

    The flip side is that the iPad hardware is excellent, the smart cover is quite slick, and the OS as a whole is more stable and responsive. Honeycomb 3.2 is much closer, but iOS is still more stable overall.

    To answer your question, James, the tl;dr version is this:

    1 — If you use Gmail or Google Apps, get an Android tablet.
    2 — If you use any other mail provider, get an iPad.

    • says

      Thanks Mickey. I’ve got a 1st gen iPhone (jailbroken) so I’m leaning towards Android at the moment. For about £130 the Flytouch 3/Superpad 2 looks decent.

      It’s 10″ single resistive (1024×600), but has android 2.2 and can do flash. All I’d use it for would be testing sites on a small screen, probably a screen reader and I’d put dropbox and youversion on (and of course angry birds!). So I think it would do me!

      Any other thoughts?! (really value them!)

      • says

        The Flytouch certainly can’t compare to the better Android tablets out there, but I think you’ve got a solid plan. For what you need, and for that price, it certainly seems like it’s the way to go.

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          Thanks! Agreed that the Flytouch is no Galaxy, but if I paid for a Galaxy I might as well get an iPad 😉

          Also getting onto Android will help diversify what I can test on…


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