Career Savvy Social Media Tips [Infographic]


This infographic is a little creepy to me. Let me give you a glimpse into my own world. I am personally finishing up my Masters in Mental Health Counseling this May and looking to make a big switch in careers this summer from youth ministry and social media through Youth for Christ/USA into some kind of counseling career. I know where I want to work, but have no idea where to start with the application process. Everything I have known to this point has been through contacts in the ministry I ... Continue Reading

Twitter Turns 8 and May Be Changing [Infographic]

birthday candles

I just had a conversation today about what Twitter is doing. They turned 8 this year, went public with shareholders, and now have to live by different rules, which means making a profit and getting more people on the platform. I love Twitter because of it's niche approach to social media, but is it possible that Twitter could be changing? Over the next couple of weeks and months, bloggers and ministry leaders that run your ministry's social media need to keep an eye on what shifts start to ... Continue Reading

Corporate Digital Marketing: Hitting the True Goal

Corporate Digital Marketing - Hitting the True Goal

Some would say that the goal of digital marketing is website traffic, social media likes, reshares and engagement, or just a general improvement of brand. While these are all good things and stuff that should be sought by any digital marketer regardless of your company's dealings, for churches and ministries, this is not the ultimate goal. The focus up to this point has been how to do digital marketing corporately, as opposed to individually and noting the differences that come with it. What we ... Continue Reading

Why Women Are The Real Power Behind Social Media [Infographic]


When I think of technology and which gender is more invested, I instantly think of men. (We even talk about this topic for Church tech in a Feb 2014 episode of the Churchmag Podcast.) But social media goes against the grain with women actually using social media more than men. You know how I tell you to know your audience when doing social media and blogging? This is one of those big moments to pay attention! Here are the top three stats we love from the infographic below: ... Continue Reading

SumAll: Analytics All The Things!


Every March, our church holds its annual business meeting. It's usually a fairly straightforward (i.e. boring) affair. Last year, our new lead pastor kept the meeting the same as it has always been, but this year, he wants to jazz it up a bit. Knowing that he wanted to do more than present some dull balance sheets, I shared a fairly cool idea I'd seen online: what if we presented a picture of our "digital presence"? My pastor liked the idea and offered a tool to make it happened. ... Continue Reading

Church Social Media: Focus on Engagement [Infographic]


The best part about being a social media specialist for my ministry is the ability to not only regularly engage staff, volunteers, and those that might be interested in the ministry, but the ability to respond to comments, questions, and content that others post on social media with our hashtags or directly onto our account. I find more value in responding to people's comments than receiving 10 likes on a post. One creates a dialogue, the other is some vague understanding that maybe people have ... Continue Reading

Stop High-Quality Spam – AKA Email Newsletters and Updates

lost of spam

Over the past few months, I have received a ridiculous amount of "high-quality spam." It's bulk mail that I have invited into my inbox, but it's coming far too frequently for my tastes. Even more frustrating is that some of this is coming from individuals and organizations are supposed experts in communication! I know that I'm a grumpy old man (get-off my lawn!), but if you let me explain, I think you'll agree. ... Continue Reading

Church Diocese Issues Twitter Guidelines

caged twitter

I bet if Roger Goodell could have one wish right now, I bet it would be to have Twitter disappear. And there several CEOs that I think would willingly give up teeth to the Tooth Fairy to see it happen as well. Twitter is the double-edged sword that keeps on giving. Hilarity and cringe-worthy expressions in one fell swoop, delivered in a 140 characters or less... unless you use something like TwitLonger to really get your message out unfettered. Organizations are becoming more proactive with ... Continue Reading

A Guidebook for an Effective Sermon Series [E-Book]

Developing a Series E-book

There is a lot of time, energy, and effort that goes into developing a sermon series, but is it reaching its maximum potential? It is not enough to create an insightful, robust sermon series and then fail to communicate or even fail to maximize its reach. If the congregation is not being effectively reached, then what is the point of preaching and teaching? Solution?  ... Continue Reading

Why Facebook’s Strategy Will Fail

fail on facebook

Facebook has a problem and it's a big one. It has to make money, and loads of it, and this requires an ever more aggressive monetizing strategy. But if you ask me, it's this very strategy that is setting them up to fail. This video below does a great job of explaining Facebook's problem. It all boils down to this: in order to make money, Facebook is pushing back on organic traffic more and more and is increasingly relying on paid traffic. In stark comparison to YouTube where creators are ... Continue Reading