That Church Conference

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I've seen a lot of conferences out there for people that do digital ministry, but I have not yet seen one that does it specifically for these staff and volunteers. Sure, you have the Catalyst conference which is amazing, but that is more focused on Christianity as a whole faith and religion. Then you have others like The Social Church, but that looks at very niche aspects of social ministry within the church. There are blogger conferences and digital marketing, but I had not found one that was ... Continue Reading

The Power of the Influential Church Goer [Infographic]

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An influential customer is a little different for a church than it is for a business. Yes, congregation members and visitors tithe, but we do so out of our heart and command by God. So what if we looked at this as a congregation member influencing their friends on Facebook or YouTube? What if in your church service you asked everyone for 2 minutes to tweet or Instagram invite people to come to church next week? ... Continue Reading

Responsive Website Design [Infographic]

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There is a lot of news about your website needing to be mobile responsive. If it's not, Google is going to ignore you. I know ChurchMag has nearly 1/5 of its traffic on an average day from Google, so that is huge! And your church is more than likely about the same. I love the definition this infographic gives for what a responsive website is: “Allow for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.” Below is our favorite facts on responsive website design ... Continue Reading

16 Great Examples of Church Facebook Posts


My eBook By The Numbers has been out for more than two months now and I wanted to start to show off more of the creative outcome that comes with this study. I've looked at nearly 10,000 church Facebook posts and have seen a lot of great ideas and designs for churches. Below is a sample and brief description of what I saw in each of these Facebook posts from four different churches: ... Continue Reading

How to Write Better Emails [Infographic]


Emailing is an art to me. I hold to the rule that I email only when face-to-face is not quicker and more effective, which is a lot of the time. That being said, I typically have bad art form because I am trying to write a novel in one sitting, same as with the voicemails that I leave. I think that details need to be communicated, otherwise the ball is still in your court. If you need to communicate ministry details to volunteers, say all of it, and if they don't follow through, that's on them. ... Continue Reading

The Anatomy of an Optimized Web Page [Infographic]


Not all blog articles are treated equally by Google or read equally by readers. Understanding the logic of Google as well as the psychology of people is important when you create your blog articles to have maximum impact. Don't miss read this. The most important thing is to have high quality content first. These things listed below are only to enhance and highlight your work for many to see—to ensure you have an optimized web page. Here are the top three points from this infographic that I ... Continue Reading

Why Your Social Media Should Be “Mobile First” [Infographic]


Mobile is quickly becoming the norm instead of the exception which means smaller screens and different ways of interacting with people as well as data caps and bandwidth limitations. So social media managers need to understand that your 1 hour of effort into a video may not get noticed the first time you post about it and you need to reiterate these videos. Also, images are a magical thing on social media as people love to view them on their phones and will randomly pull them up to show others. ... Continue Reading

UnProgrammed: 04 What You Need To Stop Looking At Pornography

What You Need To Stop Looking At Pornography

Pornography is a terrible thing as an addiction. It impacts marriages, health, and our spiritual connection with God. For many, we give the advice of an app that can keep us accountable or a firewall to prevent access. The problem is that as church techies, it is very easy to overcome these barriers. Therefore, we need to find a new path to being successful at not looking at pornography. What do you find yourself needing to do? ... Continue Reading

Twitter Tips to Turn into a Twitter Pro [Infographic]

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Twitter is my daily attempt at silencing the rapid ideas that flow in my head. I get random thoughts out, retweet others, and respond in like to others even when I probably should just go to bed. And with it's unique 140 character limit, yet still sociable platform, an infographic to help us attempt to turn Twitter pro is always enticing. I'm not sure if I agree 100% with these Twitter tips, but I did pull out my top three favorite datapoints. I'd love to hear from you in the comments, any ... Continue Reading