[GIVEAWAY!] The Media Story by Dustin Comm [Saturday Morning Review]

The Media Story - SMR - Image

Video and photos are this generation's most effective marketing tool and churches have the ability with the Internet to reach the world and technology to reach their local community for the Gospel. But simply having the tools does not mean you will tell your story well. It takes knowing what story you will tell and how to best go about it. Enter Dustin Comm. ... Continue Reading

Gmail Tricks to Keep You On Track [Video]

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Are you a GMail user? Looking to be more effective with your time and clean up your inbox? I use the service daily either in browser or on my phone and know I am not doing the best I can with my process. Buzzfeed actually has a bunch of tips for you to do better with your account. What tips did they miss that you'd like to share? ... Continue Reading

Best Practices in Using Twitter


I've been active on Twitter for 5 years now. That surely doesn't make me an early adapter, but it's fair to say I've long left the newbie stage behind me. Still, even for experienced users, Twitter can be a tough social medium for engagement. It's easy to tweet, certainly, but to get clicks on your tweeted links, favorites or even retweets, that's a whole different ball game. It's one of the reasons why I dig research on best practices in using Twitter. Buffer, the company behind the Buffer ... Continue Reading

A Short Guide to Calculating Landing Page ROI [Infographic]


ROI stands for Return On Investment. So whether you pay for a company to create the best church website or use free WordPress plugins, you are spending a lot to make sure your website gets tons of traffic. Whether that spending is financial or time and energy, we need to be good stewards of our resources and therefore need to be effective with the ROI, especially from the traffic that Google can give us. In fact, Google is powerful for us at ChurchMag as well. The day that I write this, I ... Continue Reading

6 Ways to Use Email for Digital Discipleship


I recently wrote a piece on just how biblical digital discipleship really is, and got a lot of feedback asking for more practical approaches. Well, you asked for it. Over the next few months, I’ll write some thoughts on how to use certain tools and channels for making disciples digitally. Let’s start with email. Digital discipleship is important to me—both in concept and in practice. And that’s not just because I’m working on an app named Disciplr! ... Continue Reading

Finding Online Church Content from Your Teaching Series

Identifying Online Content From Teaching Series

Series have become a norm. Whether it is a small group or teaching series, at some point, churches have these. A sermon or teaching series makes for great source for online content. The challenge is identifying online content from these series. So, where can you find some of this content from your series? Here are suggestions: ... Continue Reading

Rights & Wrongs of Facebook Ads

CM Facebook Ads

For a couple of years I was working as both a teacher and social media manager for my school. Our main form of outreach was Facebook and it was highly effective. Most of our new students came via Facebook, we used it to distribute useful material and keep students in the know of our latest developments. However, during my time there we noticed an almost over night change. When we started out, we just needed to make good quality content that attracted people to share it and with little effort ... Continue Reading

Are You A Digital Hoarder?


Every day, we process tons of information. We read magazines, newspapers, blog posts. We listen to podcasts and webinars, watch videos. We browse social media, see tweets and pins and updates. And we take it all in to make our lives better. Or do we? ... Continue Reading

FACT: Men Are Retweeted More. Why?


Men are retweeted more than women on Twitter. Almost twice as much actually. As a woman, that fact intrigued me. I'm not the type to start screaming discrimination right away and take to the streets with banners demanding equality. Instead, I was curious as to the why. Turns out, there's a reason. ... Continue Reading

How to Increase Volunteer Sign-Ups [Infographic]

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I don't believe in a lot of life hacks for people because many people are simply using cognitive behavioral tricks that temporarily change their thought patterns which do not generalize into a "it will work for you too" mentality. But the infographic below is not just a life hack, but something that has been scientifically provide which companies like Starbucks and Apple have done to make a fortune. So even the doubter in me is taking note. Churches, apply this to your website and bulletins. ... Continue Reading