The State of Content Marketing in 2015 [Infographic]

The State of Content Marketing in 2015 Image

Content marketing is the intentional decision to create content that reaches readers in order to drive them back to your platform so you can engage them. That means for businesses, you write amazing articles to get people to then buy stuff from you. As churches, this is also available to you, but for the Gospel. Content marketing can come from blogs, social media, newsletters, podcasts, and more, but it focuses on making yourself the expert and creating an established audience. Here are the ... Continue Reading

How Often Do you Post Online? [Infographic]

Post Feq Top

I'm going to write this article about the infographic because it is a good discussion starter, but I want you to know one thing. I hate when people ask how frequently you should post, but the person you are asking has never seen your account, doesn't know your social media strategy, and has no idea what you want to do with your platform. So I'm going to communicate some facts after the infographic, but I DO NOT endorse mimicking this infographic word for word. Instead, be intentional. Nothing ... Continue Reading

Social Media Crisis Management [Infographic]

Social Media Crisis Management

Social media can be great to get your name out there. But what do you do when: Your social media manager posts an inappropriate post on your business account. You are critical of people and it is received negatively. Someone has a bad experience with your pastor or church, so they create a video showing their frustration and you don't respond. This is social media crisis management time. Do you know what you would do in these situations? You need to. ... Continue Reading

Can You Tell Your Faith Story In A Tweet?

Can You Tell Your Faith Story In A Tweet

A couple of months ago we published an article that talked about my concerns about tweeting Scripture and wondering if it was a waste of time. Between that post and reposting of it, I've had some good feedback on the discussion. (In case you wonder, I don't think it's a waste of time) That discussion and dialoguing with feedback brought out another concern I have with churches using Twitter. I used the social media platform to ask this question I was concerned ... Continue Reading

‘Everyone’s a Critic’ by Bill Tancer [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Everyone Is a Critic

Online reviews have changed the game for restaurants, hotels, retail and other businesses. Not only are customer making decisions based on the reviews of others, but bad reviews can have stinging effects. Everyone's a Critic discusses this review-driven world and shows how businesses can use reviews. I learned some interesting facts from this book that have changed the way I view reviews: ... Continue Reading

Nonprofit Communications Trends Report [Infographic]


The release of the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trend Report has brought some new light to what nonprofits are trying to do. As churches, we can take some ideas from this project and should look to being open to shift our own strategies if need be. The report staff came up with an easy to digest infographic to go with it, but I'd recommend jumping into the full report if you are at all involved with your church's communication department at any capacity. Here are my favorite parts of the ... Continue Reading

How NOT to Jump on a Facebook Trend


The infamous Facebook algorithm that decides what shows up on people’s timeline makes it tough to get visibility for your page or your profile on Facebook. One way to try and get new visitors (and likes or followers) is to jump on a Facebook trend. Facebook keeps track of what’s trending. On the desktop version, this is visible in the right column (it will show the first few trends—click ‘see more’ to get the entire list and click on each trend to get the links Facebook deems relevant). ... Continue Reading

10 Musts of Using Instagram [Infographic]


Instagram for churches? Yes please! Something that drives me to a ministry more than anything is the ministry's ability to show faces of congregation members and their families enjoying a service or how a ministry is impacting and serving in the community. Can you imagine the impact a great photo could have? It would tell the relief a family has because your church gave selflessly at a Fall Feed the Homeless drive. It could show that moment of joy after a baptism. And it should reveal what ... Continue Reading

Instagram Instaguru [Infographic]


Instagram is one of those social media platforms that I tell churches to just use. I don't care if you are doing it because you want to increase engagement or focus on promotion, this network needs to be considered for your top 3. The visuals that make this network work, the vast user base that goes with it, and the ability to tell a whole story in a single, simple post is amazing. But don't take my word for it. ... Continue Reading

Getting Facebook Post Into News Feeds

ChurchMag on Facebook Screenshoot

It used to be so easy. You'd write a funny post, or post an hilarious picture, and you'd get hundreds of likes and shares on Facebook. Oh, those good old days. Nowadays, it's a lot tougher to get noticed on Facebook, and even harder to get liked and shared. A major reason for that is the infamous/notorious algorithm Facebook uses to decide what shows up in people's news feeds. Because in case you missed it: not every update you do, shows up on your friends' or followers' news feeds. For pages ... Continue Reading