Tracking Content Marketing ROI [Infographic]

what are you valuing online

Having done digital content marketing with social media, blogging, and advertising on Google Adwords, tracking content marketing ROI is NOT an easy thing and could take as much or more of your time than creating the actual ads themselves. For those that do not understand ROI, it stands for "Return On Investment." Let me be clear, no one has been able to nail down the perfect ROI and with walled web platforms like Facebook and Google SSH search results, it is getting harder to do. That being ... Continue Reading

How to Use Google+ for Marketing [Infographic]

How to Use Google Plus Top

I hope in the past couple of years on ChurchmMag, I have made my case for using Google+ for marketing with your church. If not, then read this, this, and this before continuing. You should also note that this is but one road to connecting with people online. This should be just one of numerous ideas for you to engage well with people, but it definitely is an avenue that has largely been neglected, yet has so much potential. Want to know how Google+ can work for you? ... Continue Reading

What Makes The Perfect Blog Post? [Infographic]

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Blogging is as much a science (think SEO) as an art form. It means that you need to be creative in your content, but structured in your delivery. What this also means is that everyone has ideas on what it means to post a "perfect" blog post, much as the infographic below shares. I'm going to highlight the infographic below with what I think is valuable for churches, but I want to be clear here. Bloggers who say they have the perfect blog post are probably lying. And if they are not lying, they ... Continue Reading

9 Ways to Compete in a Competitive Online World

Go on the Internet

Thirty percent of the world is online.  That is equivalent to more than two billion people.  That is the population of China — twice.  If you still can’t grasp how big those numbers are, data collected by Go-Gulf shows how much time people spend on the Internet. The result: global time spent online is 35 billion hours every month.  That is almost four million years!  The only reason that’s hard to imagine is because it’s simply incredible. A user spends an average of 16 hours on the internet ... Continue Reading

How to Improve Your Engagement on Google+ [Infographic]


Within all of the social media platforms online, none of the platforms compare to what Google+ has done for me. It was there that I met with Eric Dye over video chat and first chatted with Phil Schneider. It is there that I met everyone of my contributors. It is there that I have created my strongest digital relationships. If you tell me that no one is active on their, I will tell you you are doing it wrong. It is my biggest source of engagement. I may get more traffic from Pinterest and ... Continue Reading

Facebook Fraud: Click Farms and How to Avoid Theme [Infographic]


It's very timely that I am writing this article because in my Facebook, RSS feed, and Google+ accounts, I have seen at least one post about how to increase your Facebook following, all by different people. Yet, I read them all and they definitely fall within the arena of scams or failures. Why? Because you are not getting fans, you are getting bots. Just because you have a 1,000 does not mean 1,000 people. In fact, having more might actually hurt you. Here's why. ... Continue Reading

How to Develop a Solid Blog Outreach Strategy [Infographic]

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If you are a blogger for yourself or your church, you might have started for a couple of reasons. You decided you want to do it because everyone else has and some of them have even found some serious success. Others are simply using it as a marketing tool to increase number of eyes on your church or yourself. And then theere is the person or group that simply wants to share their story, what they are doing for their community, and how God is impacting lives. Here is the kicker: None of those ... Continue Reading

Why WWDC (and That Sort of Thing) Is Like Church


I'm an Apple fan boy; and like all good Apple fan boys and girls, on the 2nd of June 2014, I sat down to watch the WWDC (that's the Worldwide Developers Conference which Apple has every year) and see and hear the latest wonders to be announced from Cupertino! As usual, there were lots of cool and funky announcements and OSX Yosemite and iOS 8 looks all nice and shiny... However whilst watching it, and thinking about it all afterwards, was just how much like it was to a 'modern' church service! ... Continue Reading

Social Media Engagement Matrix: Extroverted

Social Media Engagement Matrix - Extroverted

[Editor's Note: This is the fourth quadrant in the Social Media Engagement Matrix] Of the four different social media engagement matrix quadrants, nearly everyone discusses how to do the other three well, but no one is making attempts at this specific type of engagement. It makes sense because businesses want to do marketing well and the return on investment from relational social media posts is not guaranteed nor quick. Further, it feeds the ego when someone retweets or reshares and comments ... Continue Reading

How To Fuel Your Social Content [Infographic]

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Here is a little secret into why I post so many different infographics. Normally infographics are cool because they share the same content in a different medium. The infographic below breaks that mold in the sense that the content below is not only visually stimulating, but in and of itself a masterful idea for those that do social media for their churches, ministries, or own personal use. Normally you might skim through an infographic, but this infographic on social content is one that you ... Continue Reading