6 Ways to Use Email for Digital Discipleship


I recently wrote a piece on just how biblical digital discipleship really is, and got a lot of feedback asking for more practical approaches. Well, you asked for it. Over the next few months, I’ll write some thoughts on how to use certain tools and channels for making disciples digitally. Let’s start with email. Digital discipleship is important to me—both in concept and in practice. And that’s not just because I’m working on an app named Disciplr! ... Continue Reading

Finding Online Church Content from Your Teaching Series

Identifying Online Content From Teaching Series

Series have become a norm. Whether it is a small group or teaching series, at some point, churches have these. A sermon or teaching series makes for great source for online content. The challenge is identifying online content from these series. So, where can you find some of this content from your series? Here are suggestions: ... Continue Reading

Rights & Wrongs of Facebook Ads

CM Facebook Ads

For a couple of years I was working as both a teacher and social media manager for my school. Our main form of outreach was Facebook and it was highly effective. Most of our new students came via Facebook, we used it to distribute useful material and keep students in the know of our latest developments. However, during my time there we noticed an almost over night change. When we started out, we just needed to make good quality content that attracted people to share it and with little effort ... Continue Reading

Are You A Digital Hoarder?


Every day, we process tons of information. We read magazines, newspapers, blog posts. We listen to podcasts and webinars, watch videos. We browse social media, see tweets and pins and updates. And we take it all in to make our lives better. Or do we? ... Continue Reading

FACT: Men Are Retweeted More. Why?


Men are retweeted more than women on Twitter. Almost twice as much actually. As a woman, that fact intrigued me. I'm not the type to start screaming discrimination right away and take to the streets with banners demanding equality. Instead, I was curious as to the why. Turns out, there's a reason. ... Continue Reading

How to Increase Volunteer Sign-Ups [Infographic]

blue help image

I don't believe in a lot of life hacks for people because many people are simply using cognitive behavioral tricks that temporarily change their thought patterns which do not generalize into a "it will work for you too" mentality. But the infographic below is not just a life hack, but something that has been scientifically provide which companies like Starbucks and Apple have done to make a fortune. So even the doubter in me is taking note. Churches, apply this to your website and bulletins. ... Continue Reading

‘Likeable Social Media’ by Dave Kerpen [Saturday Morning Review]

Dave Kerpen Book Image

I've read a bunch of books on social media and they all have the same problem: they're outdated faster than you can say Facebook newsfeed. Likeable Social Media is no exception unfortunately, despite the fact that the book was updated from a previous version and was newly released this year. Any book that still mentions Foursquare as a legit social medium is and highlights Facebook's introduction of the 'Like' button, well, outdated. Plus some of the examples are a little 'old' as well, like ... Continue Reading

UnProgrammed: 04 My One Blogging Hack

My One Blogging Hack

I'm not a life hack kind of guy typically, but this blogging hack is my slip of a strategy to not only get great content out to you, but also to keep going when I am super busy in life. So that one hour I did today has already been started when I had the idea half-baked... ... Continue Reading

How to Structure a Perfect SEO Optimized Page [Infographic]

How to Structure a Perfect SEO Optimized Page Header

SEO is a fickle little mistress that if you let it, will dominate how you blog and ultimately operate a digital ministry. Yet, if you say "content is why I blog," but ignore it, you may find yourself writing for an audience of one. And while that one may be God, which is great, it doesn't do much for the Kingdom in an evangelistic and discipleship role. So we must play the game. With that being said, I have isolated three tips which will be easy to implement for your church or personal blog to ... Continue Reading

On-the-Ground Social Media #FAIL

Social Media FAIL - image

Social media is a great tool, but like every tool and technology it comes with risks. Having instant access to the masses can lead us to saying or sharing things in the moment that, with cooler heads, we would filter out. However, that's no the concern of this post. I'd like us to take a few minutes to reflect on the potential troubles that come with using social media to promote a church event. ... Continue Reading