The Impact of Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm [Infographic]

Google Mobile SEO Change - Top Image

Google is constantly changing its search algorithm for a better experience for everyone. Right now, the big push is for mobile search to improve as they just recently had more mobile search than desktop search for the first time ever. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, expect to have SIGNIFICANTLY less traffic soon. And the traffic you do get, expect your viewers to be mad about the terrible experience. Nothing says don't come to our church like a terrible website you visit before ... Continue Reading

7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions [Infographic]

7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions- Top - Image

The landing page for something you do is important. It is where your viewers go to get more information on a specific part of your blog or ministry. Many people I know have a dedicated social media landing page for when someone clicks through from Twitter to hear more about them. Churches understand this well with specific landing pages for the youth group or service times. If you'd like to give your landing page a critique, I have some flaws that show up regularly in the infographic ... Continue Reading

10 Questions to Ask Your Church’s Social Media Audience

10 Church Social Media Questions - List - Image

Here are 10 questions you can ask your church social media followers to increase engagement rate among your congregation. Without engagement, you're like a seed that fell on rocky places. Do you know what an engagement rate is? No, I'm not talking about how fast all your friends got married in their 20's (although it's true). I'm talking about one of the most important metrics in social media. You can have 10,000 followers, but if none of your followers are engaging with your content, then the ... Continue Reading

You Need A Social Media Calendar (and How to Make One) [Infographic]

Social Media Calendar - Top Image

At this point in the digital era, I naturally assume you are on social media. If you read this blog and like my personal content, then I assume you are on multiple platforms and probably post content regularly. This means that you need to develop a social media calendar. The point of this is to have a thought out short-term strategy to make the most effective and complete coverage of your content for your ministry. Here are three great facts from the infographic below to help you create your ... Continue Reading

Instagram Instead of Facebook? [Infographic]

Brands Instagram - Top Image

The chant for social media for many, many years has been to get on Facebook and own it. Now one of their own properties is becoming their biggest competitor. In fact, it is only second to YouTube as Instagram this quarter has overcome Twitter with active users and is doing amazing. So youth pastors, worship leaders, and communication directors, do we go Facebook or Instagram? I agree with the infographic below. ... Continue Reading

The Twitter Response Guide [Infographic]

Twitter on BW

Do you or your church use Twitter? If you have a personal investment in the social media platform, this infographic may have some ideas to help you use it more effectively. One word of caution, if you are hoping to improve your favorites or retweets, this infographic may not be able to help you. If you are instead, wanting to build up your tribe and play the long game, this will be some great advice. After you read through the infographic below, share in the comments your favorite Twitter tip. ... Continue Reading

[GIVEAWAY!] The Media Story by Dustin Comm [Saturday Morning Review]

The Media Story - SMR - Image

Video and photos are this generation's most effective marketing tool and churches have the ability with the Internet to reach the world and technology to reach their local community for the Gospel. But simply having the tools does not mean you will tell your story well. It takes knowing what story you will tell and how to best go about it. Enter Dustin Comm. ... Continue Reading

Gmail Tricks to Keep You On Track [Video]

buzzfeed video snag - gmail image

Are you a GMail user? Looking to be more effective with your time and clean up your inbox? I use the service daily either in browser or on my phone and know I am not doing the best I can with my process. Buzzfeed actually has a bunch of tips for you to do better with your account. What tips did they miss that you'd like to share? ... Continue Reading

Best Practices in Using Twitter


I've been active on Twitter for 5 years now. That surely doesn't make me an early adapter, but it's fair to say I've long left the newbie stage behind me. Still, even for experienced users, Twitter can be a tough social medium for engagement. It's easy to tweet, certainly, but to get clicks on your tweeted links, favorites or even retweets, that's a whole different ball game. It's one of the reasons why I dig research on best practices in using Twitter. Buffer, the company behind the Buffer ... Continue Reading