RSS and the Overwhelming Barrage of Info


Right around the time Reeder died out on the Mac, so he could re-tweak and design for Mavericks, I decided no more RSS feeds for me. I went through a phase where I deleted all of my browser bookmarks, tried Pocket, Readability, and even tried to use Twitter as a "feed" of sorts. That didn't suit my needs, or workflows, and now, I want my feeds back. But I have been digging, scouring the Internet for tools, services, and more to obtain, what I want and how I want it. Deciding where I stand and ... Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Kiss RSS Goodbye


It might sound strange for a blogger, but I’m giving up on RSS. With over 75 blogs in a Feedly queue that publish new content regularly there is just too much to keep track of. This is part of a larger effort to streamline workflows and create some margin in my life. As a family man with two jobs and many side projects, I could use a little margin. How about you? Here’s the reasoning for dropping RSS in favor of Twitter: ... Continue Reading

The History and Future of the Feed [Infographic]


The history of The Feed is an interesting one. As the Internet first began, it quickly became difficult for users to curate their own experience. The web, as a sum, is scattered into millions — if not more — of pieces. That has been the catalyst for ever advancement of The Feed. Starting with search engines, evolving into curated feeds like Reddit, personal feeds like RSS, and then eventually where we are today, social networks. Here's the intriguing history of The Feed, including the ... Continue Reading

Important Feedly Update!

Feedly Check Extension

If you've logged into Feedly, recently, you've probably seen this message: “[IMPORTANT] Prepare for the final step of the migration from Google Reader to the feedly cloud.” Huh? Wha? A Feedly update to complete migration? I thought I was already migrated? If you're like me (have tons of feeds), you may have had a slight moment of panic as the thought of losing all your feeds swept over you. Here's what the Feedly message means: ... Continue Reading

What the Church Can Learn from Google

Google Free Lunch

So, in case you're been under a rock or just got back from partying outside the Vatican, Google has announced its plans to euthanize Google Reader in July. The fury has begun to die down on social media, but rest assured, those who were hard core users of Reader won't forget this anytime soon. One Tweet that I saw—sorry that I don't remember who wrote it, though I'm sure several thought along the same lines—threw Google's unofficial motto back in its face: What happened to "Don't be evil"? ... Continue Reading

How to Export Google Reader

google reader

We should have known this was coming when Google pulled the API for Feedburner. This is another stream being cutoff by Google as they've also ended the free version of Google Apps. I always wondered when the loads of outstanding free services was going to end. The most frustrating part for me, is the fact that they've bought-up and beat so many online services in the marketplace, and then turn around and end them--much like Twitter did with TweetDeck and Posterous. So now what? ... Continue Reading

Spring Clean My RSS Feed

spring clean my RSS feed

I have a confession to make to you. I love Google Reader and all of the articles that come across my feed. I would love to say that I know how to use the web app well, but that would be a lie. In fact, just recently, I did a little spring cleaning of all of the RSS articles that I starred to "read later." After 30 minutes and 768 unstarred posts, I have done my Spring cleaning. ... Continue Reading

Give Your Google Reader a Haircut


Give your Google Reader a haircut with the 3 Column Reader! The 3 Column Reader will transform your Google Reader in your Safari or Google Chrome browser into something very easy on the eyes. Check it out: ... Continue Reading

NetNewsWire: Free Mac RSS Reader


I just recently jumped on the RSS bandwagon. I tried Google Reader and Apple Mail but both left me unimpressed with how the content looked in each respective app. Right about now you're thinking that "how the content looks" is probably not the most important feature for most people, but I'm a designer so you'll get no apologies from me. In fact, maybe you ought to up your standards a little. Ever think of that? Thankfully, I came across NetNewsWire and immediately fell in love with the blog ... Continue Reading