4 Reasons to Kiss RSS Goodbye


It might sound strange for a blogger, but I’m giving up on RSS. With over 75 blogs in a Feedly queue that publish new content regularly there is just too much to keep track of. This is part of a larger effort to streamline workflows and create some margin in my life. As a family man with two jobs and many side projects, I could use a little margin. How about you? Here’s the reasoning for dropping RSS in favor of Twitter: ... Continue Reading

Church Diocese Issues Twitter Guidelines

caged twitter

I bet if Roger Goodell could have one wish right now, I bet it would be to have Twitter disappear. And there several CEOs that I think would willingly give up teeth to the Tooth Fairy to see it happen as well. Twitter is the double-edged sword that keeps on giving. Hilarity and cringe-worthy expressions in one fell swoop, delivered in a 140 characters or less... unless you use something like TwitLonger to really get your message out unfettered. Organizations are becoming more proactive with ... Continue Reading

Google Maps vs OpenStreetMaps

google maps vs openstreetmap

It always feels like something is cool before it goes big, doesn't it? Google used to seem so cool and hip, like a punk band before they sign a record deal. Google was the underdog. It was everything Microsoft or Apple wasn't, but then it grew into the monster that is, today. Now Google is plotting the road to world data domination with Google Maps. I know it sounds crazy, take a look: ... Continue Reading

A Guidebook for an Effective Sermon Series [E-Book]

Developing a Series E-book

There is a lot of time, energy, and effort that goes into developing a sermon series, but is it reaching its maximum potential? It is not enough to create an insightful, robust sermon series and then fail to communicate or even fail to maximize its reach. If the congregation is not being effectively reached, then what is the point of preaching and teaching? Solution?  ... Continue Reading

Draw More Attention to Your Online Inventory in Five Quick Steps

It doesn’t matter what you are selling through your eCommerce website; your target objective needs to be to get as many people as possible exposed to it in order to increase conversion and sales as a result of that exposure. This is much easier said than done, but you can draw more attention to your inventory by following several quick and simple steps. ... Continue Reading

Why Facebook’s Strategy Will Fail

fail on facebook

Facebook has a problem and it's a big one. It has to make money, and loads of it, and this requires an ever more aggressive monetizing strategy. But if you ask me, it's this very strategy that is setting them up to fail. This video below does a great job of explaining Facebook's problem. It all boils down to this: in order to make money, Facebook is pushing back on organic traffic more and more and is increasingly relying on paid traffic. In stark comparison to YouTube where creators are ... Continue Reading

A Closer Look at Selfies


Selfies. I don't think there's a word that symbolizes our culture more at the moment. And I'm not alone in my opinion: the word 'selfie' became the Oxford Dictionary Word of 2013. We've all seen them in our Twitter feed, in our Facebook timeline and especially on Instagram. Taking of making a selfie is almost required now if you want to look cool and culturally relevant. And it's exactly that, the cultural aspect that has been studied and analyzed, by analyzing selfies. ... Continue Reading

The Power of the Power Nap [Infographic]


Tired? Need a nap? I hate that feeling, especially when I am busy and need to get  a lot done, but instead of fighting off the Zzz's with more coffee and louder music, perhaps it would be wiser to hit the pillow for a few and have a power nap? Take a look at this infographic and tell me what you think: ... Continue Reading