‘Twitter is Not a Strategy’ by Tom Doctoroff [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Twitter is not a strategy

Don't let the title and the blue Twitter bird on the cover of this book deceive you (as it did me) into thinking this book is about social media, or brand marketing through social media. It's not. That doesn't mean it's not interesting, but the title did make me expect something else. Twitter is Not a Strategy is about brand marketing: positioning your product, service, or company in the market as to successfully distinguish yourself from your competitors. It's certainly a much discussed ... Continue Reading

Becoming a Better Writer Series: Stop Using a Double Space After a Period

Stop Using a Double Space After a Period

[This is part of an ongoing ChurchMag series, A Dutch-Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer.] I recently edited a couple of articles for a blog and it struck me again how many people use a double space after a period. It’s not something you encounter occasionally, it’s something I see a lot. When you Google on whether to use single or double spacing after a period (or any kind of punctuation mark really), you’ll find opposing views. Some claim the double spacing is fine, but the majority ... Continue Reading

Buffer App for Nonprofits

bufferapp nonprofit pricing

Good news! Buffer App is offering a nonprofit discount! Churches, ministries and nonprofit organizations who are interested in upping their social media game, should definetly consider jumping on this new nonprofit discount from Buffer. Here's the lowdown: ... Continue Reading

The Often Unused Facebook Feature You’ll Love

Saved 2

It hasn't been a Facebook feature for long, but it's one of the improvements I've quickly come to love. I'm talking about the option of saving a post. If you aren't using this, you either have boring friends who never post anything interesting, too much time to watch everything right away, or you miss out on good stuff. When something interesting shows up on your timeline that you don't have to time to look at right away, you have the option to save the link. It can be a video, a link to a blog ... Continue Reading

Outraged by a Christian Blogger’s Evangelism

buzzfeed banner

It's true, I am very upset at a couple of Christian bloggers and their articles on evangelism, but not for reasons that you might think. Honestly, the articles themselves were theologically inline with my worldview and I saw no errors there. But as this article has demonstrated in the headline, it is utilizing Buzzfeed's "get your attention" manipulation. You know the headlines: This child fell in a dumpster and you'll never guess what happened next. This child asks for only one gift ... Continue Reading

Facebook Ads: Do They Even Work? [Infographic]

Facebook Ads: Do They Even Work?

Advertising online for churches is not something I want to sell you on right now, so this entire article assumes that you are onboard with the concept. Instead, I would rather have the conversation of which area of advertising online is better for churches, Facebook or Google? Yes, there are others but these two are the big impacters who are getting it right the most. In some ways, it is comparing apples to oranges, but in the more generalized sense of online advertisers, we can define which is ... Continue Reading

Does Social Media Make Us Less Social?


It's joked about — like the comic below — that 'social media' being 'anti-social,' but is it really? Hasn't technology like suburban living, two car garages, and shopping centers done more to alienate people than social media? Sure, there are extremes, but I would actually contend that social media has contributed to more social connections than without. ... Continue Reading

How Does Google Adwords Auction Work [Infographic]

How-Does-Google-Adwords-Auction-Work-Infographic Top

I am currently working on an eBook for ChurchmagPress.com to set your church up with success for creating a digital ministry and one of the bigger aspects that simply gets missed on church tech websites is advertisements. The process is actually quite easy to start and yet complex enough you could spend many hours there to get the most for your buck. Here are great facts from the infographic below to help your church consider if using Google Adwords is for you. ... Continue Reading