How to Get Your Priorities Right for the New Year

Getting ready to go to the next year

For some readers I'm sure you'll be wondering why I'm talking about the New Year mid-December. For many people this will be too soon to think about next year (after all there's all the Christmas events to get done!) but for a few others, this will already be too late. Some may even wonder why they should bother planning their year at all. The truth is, if you don't set a goal then you have no way to know how you are doing. You have no direction to go in (except whatever way the wind takes you ... Continue Reading

How To Be A Google Power User [Infographic]

Google Power User Top

I love using Google because of how effective it is to search for documents on the Interwebs. So when I initially found out about using quotation marks to search for a specific phrase several years back, I was hooked. Now that I look at the infographic below, I realize how poorly of a power user I really was. Sure, I have some of the comparators and insight browsing, but there is so much more to it than this. ... Continue Reading

Science Fiction & Biblical Reality: The Moon is an Egg

scifi-kill the moon

Before we get started, let me say that I have truly enjoyed this season of Doctor Who. Peter Capaldi did a great job, and I’m actually enjoying Jenna Coleman’s character a lot more. I feel like the two have a much better chemistry than Jenna had with Matt Smith, which isn’t intended to be a dig at Matt Smith. But enough fan boy blathering, time to get down to it. ... Continue Reading

Copyright, the Internet, and You [Infographic]

copywrite the internet top

While the Internet and digital media has spawned a boom in creativity of many different genres and mediums, it has also arguably become the 'largest single threat copyright law has faced.' Copyright law can be a double edged sword and the arguments surrounding it have been going on about it for a long time—spurring copyright lengths further and further out. If you're trying to make heads or tails of it, good luck. It's not only really confusing to read-up on, but most peoples general knowledge ... Continue Reading

Millennials and Technology [Infographics]

The evolution of iron man - tin man etc

There is simply no denying the power of technology in our lives and as a former youth pastor and social media specialist in ministry, I have seen the benefits of what comes from a great ministry that is tied in digitally. I also know many of the concerns, both rational and opinion-based. As someone that wants to see technology practically implemented into spreading and strengthening the Gospel to every person, I have to understand the facts and not let my own individual bias get in the way of ... Continue Reading

Video Game City Map [Images]

A City Map Built From More Than 500 Video Games 1

While entirely fictitious—and loosely based on an area in Tokyo—this video game city map is entirely awesome. It includes over 500 video game titles and many gaming references from the history of video gaming. “The map features districts dedicated to survival horror (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Sweet Home), beat ‘em ups (Street fighter, Streets of Rage, Double Dragon) and Nintendo classics (Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Land, Luigi’s Mansion) as well as many geeky ‘in’ references to entertain ... Continue Reading