Social Media Engagement Matrix: Come See Us

Social Media Engagement Matrix Come See Us

[Editor's Note: This is the first quadrant in the Social Media Engagement Matrix] The Come See Us model may be the most prolific social media strategy on the Internet overall as well as with churches. At it's core, this is a marketing focused model that is looking to increase attendance of events but is very passive in how you share content. More than likely, we see this as a cold model of trying to increase numbers at church functions, but the heart of it is we want to see more people hear the ... Continue Reading

Mind the Social Media Gap: 05 Developing Relational Social Media

5 Developing Relational Social Media

[Find all posts in the Mind the Social Media Gap series here.] I'm going to be honest with you here, most people do not understand social media very well. Of all the parts where you need to mind the social media gap, all the others have big ramification for failure but this is the one that the high majority fail at. And honestly, this stage may have the biggest margin for success for a ministry than the rest. Remember that the social media gap is about not doing church social media like you ... Continue Reading

The Incomparable Insert Image by Wes Molebash [Sneak Peek]


Laughter really is the best medicine. With all the ridiculous stuff Christians do and say, we'd be much better off if we learned to laugh at ourselves. Maybe we'd actually start getting rid of what's broken. Or maybe we'd even reach the people who feel closer to God in the parking lot than inside the walls of a church. I mean no disrespect, but after 2,000 years and a bazillion bible translations you'd think we'd have it figured out by now. Right? Well, we don't have it figured out and ... Continue Reading

Social Media Handbook: Church Edition [Sneak Peek]

social media handbook church edition

Social media has ushered in a new era of connectivity. We can join any conversation happening anywhere on the planet at anytime we want. That is crazy if you stop and think about it. Alexander Graham Bell would lose his marbles if he knew what we've done since he invented the telephone. One look at Skype and his beard would burst into flames. If Samuel Morse could witness in an instant the progression from the telegraph to text messages his face would melt off. Now, stepping back into the ... Continue Reading

It’s Here: ChurchMag Press

the rumors are true

The rumors are true. ChurchMag Press is here. Ladies & Gentlemen. Boys & Girls. Geeks, nerds, coffee addicts, writers, and technology fans of all shapes, sizes, ages and IQs. We are excited, ecstatic, and extremely caffeinated to present to you for the very first time... ChurchMag Press! ... Continue Reading

Social Media Engagement Matrix: Introduction

Social Media Engagement Matrix - Introduction

Churches tend to have a very specific purpose for why they want to post on the Internet. I advocate that before you post a single tweet, pin, or status update that you figure out why you are posting, who you are posting for, and how you are going to engage well. This will quickly develop into a social media strategy. Within that strategy is how you want to engage with your audience. To help you better figure this process out, I have created the social media engagement matrix that has best ... Continue Reading

Mind the Social Media Gap: 04 Measuring Success

4 Measuring Success

[Find all posts in the Mind the Social Media Gap series here.] Most churches I know that do not mind the social media gap may be great at posting content, but they do not know what works. In essence what they are doing is throwing content at a wall and hoping it sticks all the time. Honestly, you could do this and grow a little, but you are by no means being effective with what you are doing. Below are some ideas, but honestly you need to check these measurements based on the goals that you ... Continue Reading

Venture Into Space with LEGO Batman 3


LEGOs are a truly timeless toy. Actually “toy” might be understating their awesomeness, but Toys ‘R’ Us has an entire aisle dedicated to displaying their epic collection so we’ll stick with “toy” for now. Anyway, as a shameless LEGO fan since age 8 (if not sooner) I have amassed a veritable treasure chest of LEGO sets and minifigs. From the Simpsons to Star Wars LEGO never disappoints. When LEGO partnered with Xbox (and others) and started making video games a few years ago I was ecstatic. Our ... Continue Reading

Mind the Social Media Gap: 03 Defining the Content Processes

3 Defining the Content Processes

[Find all posts in the Mind the Social Media Gap series here.] With the initial work figured out, we can begin to assign people with tasks and start to decide who is going to post what. We are at the threshold of posting content, but we cannot yet jump the gun with this. To simply give someone the keys at this point without figuring out the process would show them what needs to be achieved but not telling them how to do it. I will say that at this stage of minding the social media gap, you ... Continue Reading

Creating a Culture Around Your Passion [Infographic]

cool culture sun glasses

This infographic (below) focuses on “creating a culture around your brand.” As I made my way through it, I thought about the strongest brands. I don't mean the biggest brands per se, but the strongest brands. Those that have a dedicated following, not just a popular following. I think there's a difference. It's like the difference between Burger King and Apple computers. They are both big brands, most everyone know what these brands are, but Apple's following is far more dedicated than Burger ... Continue Reading