SEO Matters: Start a Blog

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If you're a blogger, chances are you know a little something about SEO. Creating and curating great content should be your number one goal, but SEO does matter. But do nonprofits, churches and ministries take SEO serious enough? Here are a few stats to put this question into perspective: ... Continue Reading

Facebook Fraud: Click Farms and How to Avoid Theme [Infographic]


It's very timely that I am writing this article because in my Facebook, RSS feed, and Google+ accounts, I have seen at least one post about how to increase your Facebook following, all by different people. Yet, I read them all and they definitely fall within the arena of scams or failures. Why? Because you are not getting fans, you are getting bots. Just because you have a 1,000 does not mean 1,000 people. In fact, having more might actually hurt you. Here's why. ... Continue Reading

How an Unheard Superhero Hit 1.3M Followers

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If you already know who Agent M is, you're already ahead of the class, today. For those that don't know, Agent M is the Twitter alias for Ryan Penagos. Ryan is the executive editorial director for Marvel Entertainment's Digital Media Group and has successfully built a Twitter following of 1.32 million! How has he done it? You might think: “What's to marvel? It's Marvel!” But even if you're carrying the banner of a well-known and favorite brand like Marvel, you still need a plan for social ... Continue Reading

The Incomparable Insert Image Endures Forever


They say "laughter is the best medicine." Well, I don't know who "they" are, but I love to laugh and it always leaves the heart full. Although your cheeks might hurt a little. Some of the best laughter is when we laugh at ourselves. Wes Molebash, a cartoonist, pastor and family man, has written a hilarious web comic for over 2 years. Through Insert Image, he highlights some of the more ridiculous stuff Christians are known for while challenging a few norms long overdue for the ... Continue Reading

How to Develop a Solid Blog Outreach Strategy [Infographic]

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If you are a blogger for yourself or your church, you might have started for a couple of reasons. You decided you want to do it because everyone else has and some of them have even found some serious success. Others are simply using it as a marketing tool to increase number of eyes on your church or yourself. And then theere is the person or group that simply wants to share their story, what they are doing for their community, and how God is impacting lives. Here is the kicker: None of those ... Continue Reading

Social Media Handbook: Church Edition

Social Media Handbook - Church Edition - Gumroad

Hey, did you know ChurchMag was a publisher? It's true. We are excited to announce the first collaborative self-published ebook under the sparkling new digital publishing platform, ChurchMag Press. Today you can get your digital fingers on the Social Media Handbook: Church Edition. Written specifically for those involved in ministry who "get" social media, this handbook is designed to be your guide to the next level. ... Continue Reading

Facebook: For Friends or Strangers? [Video]

video screencap about social media privacy settings

What are your Facebook privacy settings set to? How about your other social media accounts? More importantly, how about your kids? These are things that far too many people do not keep in mind with social media. I am often shocked to see how open and public some of my friend's and family's accounts can be. This is usually one of two reasons (sometimes both): ... Continue Reading

Book Review: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

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I hate hype, especially when it comes in the form of a recommendation. My friends told me, begged me even, to watch the show CHUCK. I ignored them, waiting until after it had been off the air for over a year before I started. Why am I so stubborn? It's just how I am. Sadly, I was just as stubborn with the book Ready Player One. Every time I turned around, the book was being reviewed and heartily endorsed. I gave in, got a copy, and never got around to reading it...until now! So, one year later, ... Continue Reading