How-to Setup Facebook Event Subscriptions


Facebook is the social media platform that I use most frequently throughout the day. Not because I like it, mind you. It's all about going where the people are. I'm not going to make a joke here. I'll just let that hang in the air. But seriously, I use Facebook as a part of my job at my church, where I manage both our Facebook page and group. Now, I've always preferred working on our website, thinking of it as the better investment of my time, especially since we have a theme designed ... Continue Reading

9 Social Media Mistakes Made by Organizations [Infographic]


If you manage your social media accounts for your ministry or church, I am giving you fair warning that this is probably going to be painful for you. Having done consulting and social media for churches and ministries alike, and now doing the By The Numbers research project for ChurchMag Press, these happen over and over. Be prepared to be challenged. ... Continue Reading

That Church Conference

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I've seen a lot of conferences out there for people that do digital ministry, but I have not yet seen one that does it specifically for these staff and volunteers. Sure, you have the Catalyst conference which is amazing, but that is more focused on Christianity as a whole faith and religion. Then you have others like The Social Church, but that looks at very niche aspects of social ministry within the church. There are blogger conferences and digital marketing, but I had not found one that was ... Continue Reading

Staff Writers’ Summer Reading List


Summer is in full swing, people! (At least in the Northern Hemisphere!) Time for some posts on how to get the most of summer. Let's start off with the ubiquitous "Summer Reading List," as selected by a few of the ChurchMag Staff Writers. Now, to be clear, these aren't all books that we're recommending for their content. Many of these are books we will be reading this Summer. No telling if we'd recommend them after we're done. Maybe we'll check back in September? ... Continue Reading

The Power of the Influential Church Goer [Infographic]

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An influential customer is a little different for a church than it is for a business. Yes, congregation members and visitors tithe, but we do so out of our heart and command by God. So what if we looked at this as a congregation member influencing their friends on Facebook or YouTube? What if in your church service you asked everyone for 2 minutes to tweet or Instagram invite people to come to church next week? ... Continue Reading

Responsive Website Design [Infographic]

responsive web design

There is a lot of news about your website needing to be mobile responsive. If it's not, Google is going to ignore you. I know ChurchMag has nearly 1/5 of its traffic on an average day from Google, so that is huge! And your church is more than likely about the same. I love the definition this infographic gives for what a responsive website is: “Allow for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.” Below is our favorite facts on responsive website design ... Continue Reading

10 Facts About the Great Commission [Infographic]


You've probably heard the great commission preached and recited and sung more times that you could ever count. I’ve been a member of missions– and church-planting–minded churches for most of my life, so I’m right there with you. The passage in question? The last two verses of Matthew’s gospel. Jesus has just risen from the dead and is having a pow-wow with his disciples. These are his parting words: ... Continue Reading