Google and Open Source in 2010 Above is a video sharing some of the Open Source accomplishments and work done by Google last year. It's a fascinating (and sometimes slow) interview but perhaps worth a look. There are 5 parts. Here are some highlights: 1. GoogleCL, Android, Chromium, Chrome OS, and WebM and Linux. 2. Make Open Easy, License Defragmentation, What Makes Open Source Projects Succeed 3. Google Summer of Code 4. Silicon Valley Linux Users ... Continue Reading

Fruml: Free PHP CMS


Fruml is a free PHP CMS that's been used by designers, developers, and everyone in between. It's build on industry standards using PHP, MySQL and jQuery. Additional features include: Media Management Flexible Page Structure WYSIWYG Editor Dictionary Caching Plugins And more Check out these screens: ... Continue Reading

Never Download ‘Free’ WordPress Themes via Google


It's vitally important that you trust and believe me when I say that you should never download any "free" WordPress Themes via a search return for those keywords in Google. You'll get stuck with a corrupt and perhaps malicious piece of software, despite how "cool" the Theme really looks! Please read this great article diving deep into the reasons why for more info. ... Continue Reading

Drupal 7.0 is Here: Excited?


Drupal 7.0 has been released and it's got the normal marketing copy that you see when a new release is set free into the wild: More Power More Awesome More Scalable More Flexible More Sweetness More Hawtness More Free Except for the last one, of course. ... Continue Reading

Zotonic – Open Source CMS

Zotonic is a fast, open source, and easy to use CMS. It was built witih "rich internet apps" in mind. Released under Apache2 license you have the ability to do really anything you want with it. Check out this overview vid after the jump: ... Continue Reading

Google Removes Support For H.264


Yesterday, Google published a statement that they are dropping support for the H.264 codec in the Chrome web browser and replacing it for their WebM codec. This is highly significant because one of the largest proponents of H.264 is Apple. The codec is specifically used within iOS for most of the video functionality. ... Continue Reading

Locomotive: Open Source CMS on Rails


Locomotive, a free open source CMS build on Rails, is actively in BETA right now but apparently is pretty stable. It'll integrate with Heroku or even AmazonS3. Ruby has been an ever-increasing interest for me as well as my team and we've even begun developing apps in it. ... Continue Reading