Should Churches Use Periscope for Live Streaming?

Periscope Live Streaming

Periscope is the live video streaming app which Twitter launched last year in response to their competitor Meerkat. In just one button click, you are live streaming to your Twitter followers who can tweet questions, comments, and show love to the streamer. Unlike other video platforms like Vine, YouTube, and others, you immediately connect with them. I've seen a couple of people discuss what Periscope is and how it could be utilized in ministry. Dave Shrien and Ryan Bilello talk about the ... Continue Reading

Connecting Your Church Website Offline


This seems like a silly thought to have now that it is 2015, but I will say it so no assumptions have to be made. A digital ministry’s home base and main platform should always be their church website. Social networking platforms are absolutely important for reaching out to congregation members and communities that churches are in, but you should have limited expectations of what can be done on these platforms. ... Continue Reading

4 Giving Statistics Every Church Should Know

CM Giving STats

I’m not sure if it’s an actual law, or simply a generally agreed upon practice, but it seems that any discussion of statistics these days must first include a recitation of the most famous statistics-related quote of all time: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Good. So now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about statistics! As that oft-quoted witticism makes clear, statistics should be taken with a grain of salt. They may not always present the ... Continue Reading

Can Community Be Created with Online Church? [Podcast #45]


There is a fine line between your church streaming the Sunday service and having online church. In this episode, the lines get a little blurred at first, but ultimately we talk more about online church. Can community be cultivated through online church? That's the question we address in this week's episode—and we get a ChurchMag Pro Tip from Jeremy! Let it whip: ... Continue Reading

Church Website Re-Design Inspiration [Images]

website redesign drawing

How's your church website? Do you have the right information on it? Can guests find what they need? Jonathan Malm covers these questions and more in his ebook, Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy. While reading through it, pastor Matthew Carpenter took some very, very creative notes that he shared with us on Twitter: ... Continue Reading

Get Your Church on the ‘Digital Highway’


Pope Francis recently spoke about the “digital highway” when he urged the church to be a welcoming place to our Internet neighbors. Who are they? 97% of people 18-29 in the U.S. are on the Internet 93% of people 30-49 in the U.S. are on the Internet 88% of people 50-64 in the U.S. are on the Internet 57% of people 65 and older in the U.S. are on the Internet Where is our country today? Online. So shouldn’t the church be there? ... Continue Reading

Reaching the Older Church Audience Online


Many churches focus on growing their church by targeting the 20-something crowd. This is a great strategy for congregational growth. Yet if you want to experience growth on the web, the demographic that lags behind is older. How do you engage digitally with the over-50 crowd? This article will explore common barriers that group encounters. In addition, it will showcase a few tools and solutions to these problems. This way all ages in your congregation are informed and connected online. ... Continue Reading

One Too Many Casseroles

casserole with cheese and zucchini in baking dish

Frequently when a family member or close loved one passes away, there is support coming from many directions. Flowers being sent with nice cards, text messages received, and phone calls had with other family members. I've often heard, "We don't need anymore food. We have one too many casseroles as it is now." After attending many funerals and delivering many meals, here is what I've found: ... Continue Reading

Sharing the Hope of Christmas with Live Streaming

Media Fusion Screenshot - Stockings

I was 28-years-old when the holidays felt a little less “merry and bright” than usual. Mimi - my mom’s mom, the female version of Santa, herself, the stocking stuffer, present giver, Christmas pie baker – wasn’t there. For the first time in my life Mimi wasn’t there for Christmas. Her body was degenerating, as well as her mind, so she couldn’t make the drive. ... Continue Reading