Online Church: Where to Begin

Online Church Leaders Screen

What do you think of when you hear the term, ‘online church?’ For most, online church is a fancy way to say, ‘video streaming’ or ‘church streaming.’ In other words, live video feeds made available to watch online, in realtime. That is where online church started. That’s the roots behind it, but that is not ‘online church.’ Online church is actually what it sounds like: Church that is online. You have worship time, preaching, teaching and sometimes even communion! But more important than these ... Continue Reading

DJ Chuang: All About the New .church Domain [Video]

dj knows dot church

When DJ Chuang emailed me about the upcoming .church domain extension, I knew I wanted him to share his knowledge with you. All the legal information and multiple dates and stipulations can get really hairy. Thankfully DJ is a really smart guy who is passionate about helping churches get their .church domain name! While some churches may not think they need to consider purchasing a .church domain, you may even want to consider investing in it for a few good reasons: ... Continue Reading

Why WWDC (and That Sort of Thing) Is Like Church


I'm an Apple fan boy; and like all good Apple fan boys and girls, on the 2nd of June 2014, I sat down to watch the WWDC (that's the Worldwide Developers Conference which Apple has every year) and see and hear the latest wonders to be announced from Cupertino! As usual, there were lots of cool and funky announcements and OSX Yosemite and iOS 8 looks all nice and shiny... However whilst watching it, and thinking about it all afterwards, was just how much like it was to a 'modern' church service! ... Continue Reading

Branding the Gospel

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This is a difficult post for me to write. Mainly because I'm a huge fan of branding and identity within businesses. I love the task and craft of developing an image for someone that is easily memorable, and so this post shouldn't be received as an issue with branding as a practice, but rather as branding in the context of church, the Gospel, and Christianity in western culture. ... Continue Reading

10 Reasons You Might Be A Church Technology Junky


As technology increases, it can be hard to find any sort of daily experience that doesn't include your lucky iPhone. It seems that society is trying to jam technology into every facet of our lives, and where once you felt safe in the car, we now see the integration of iPhone software within our touch screen dashboards. Even the Body of Christ, it can be argued, has begun putting emphasis on their technological expertise as a form of modern communication. No doubt this has helped us spread our ... Continue Reading

Hello Bar for Church Websites

Hello Bar, website announcements

What’s the single most important thing you want visitors to see on your church website? Often, there might be a specific announcement you’d like to draw attention to. For instance, if there’s a major fundraising event, or perhaps a concert coming up, you want visitors to be instantly aware of it when they land on your site. Of course, you could change the front page, but you also want new visitors to see whatever main content you have their. Also, changing the front page every time something ... Continue Reading

Copyright Challenges of Using YouTube to Host Video

copyright symbol

In July of 2005 I started my first podcast. I'd already been doing Church tech for a few years by that time, so when I went to look for theme music I wanted to honor the artists by following copyright law. I searched for what was called "podsafe music," music that wasn't published by the major labels, so permission could be granted by the original artists. After a couple of hours, I came across a band that was really good. They were a Christian group, so even their lyrics worked for me. The ... Continue Reading

The Social Church: A Theology of Digital Communication [GIVEAWAY]


Stories are timeless. Whether passed along to the next generation by an oral tradition or the written word, stories permeate millennia. The stories we care about most are part of our story. Family background, origins of faith, cultural milestones, who was where at major moments in history. Stories matter because people matter. We long for a sense of connectedness and community. We are social creatures. Across oceans and across time, stories tie us together. With the advancement of ... Continue Reading

3 Questions to Ask When Building a Church Website

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I just recently finished switching out my church's website from Joomla to WordPress. (For more on how we came to this decision, check this post.) We built out site using's Resurrect theme, which has been specifically designed for churches, and it is awesome. Anyway, in this process, I've been forced to ask some fairly heavy philosophical questions that really cut to the heart of what I was a doing. Yes, I was just building a website, but a website for a church should be a ... Continue Reading

What About Online Christmas Services?

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While the United Methodist Church has declared a moratorium on online church service communion, Liquid Church is embracing online church to the fullest this holiday season, While the Christmas holiday can bring big numbers to local churches, the same can be said for online attendance. Just as local churches are preparing for an increase in attendance and special services, the same is being done for online church. This is one reason why Liquid Church will be hosting a communion service ... Continue Reading