Black Friday Edition – 2015 [Podcast #82]

Black Fridy Edition - 2015 Podcast

We had so much fun during last year's Black Friday Edition—we decided to do it, again! I'm not sure how repetitive we were compared to last year's topic choice, but I can assure you that Phil provides an all new Black Friday story to the microphone in this episode. Enjoy: ... Continue Reading

What Are You Thankful For?

LEGO Thanksgiving - IMAGE

Here I am nested away in Italy for another Thanksgiving. It's just like any other day, here. There's not hustle and bustle days before, there's no giant cooler full of turkeys on sale, nor is there Stove Top Stuffing stacked high on the grocery store end-cap. ... Continue Reading

Bruce Wayne & Me: Creativity without the Rope

I have a city to save - batman image

I've been reading a lot about writing and creativity lately. Currently, I'm going through Show Your Work by Austin Kleon, and I found this quote that immediately sparked something in my mind: “We're all terrified of being revealed as amateurs, but in fact, today it is the amateur...who often has the advantage over the professional. Because they have little to lose, amateurs are willing to take risks and share the results. They take chances, experiment, and follow their whims...‘In the ... Continue Reading

Hermeneutics, Steve Jobs and Styli

Steve Jobs Stylus Quote - Image

Since the announcement of the new iPad Pro and the fact You can buy a stylus/pencil to go with it, there has been a Steve jobs quote flying around that would make anyone believe Steve must be rolling in his grave: If you see a stylus, they blew it. At first glance you can't come to any other conclusion than Steve jobs hated styli completely and thought they were a waste of space. How on earth could be want such a thing on his beloved iPad. That's certainly the impression many tech journalists, ... Continue Reading

Being Different In A Digital Age

Being Different in a Digital Age - Image

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9 This is one of the most beautiful and challenging verses in the Bible. It’s beautiful and uplifting to think of how God has chosen us, set us apart to serve as priests in His name, and yet, it’s staggering to think of the weight of the meaning of the phrases “holy nation, God’s special possession.” ... Continue Reading

Science Fiction & Biblical Reality: The Church vs. the TARDIS

church v tardis - image

My affinity for all things science fiction is well-documented, especially regarding the show Doctor Who. For the uninitiated, Doctor Who is the best sci-fi show in history, and there are a lot of reasons for it. One of them is a big, blue box called the “TARDIS." The TARDIS, short for Time and Relative Dimension in Space, is the transport and home for the rogue Time Lord known as “The Doctor.” Now, the TARDIS is far more than just a big, blue box. It has the ability to travel through time and ... Continue Reading

Are You A Digital Hoarder?


Every day, we process tons of information. We read magazines, newspapers, blog posts. We listen to podcasts and webinars, watch videos. We browse social media, see tweets and pins and updates. And we take it all in to make our lives better. Or do we? ... Continue Reading

Science Fiction & Biblical Reality: Superman and the Need for Hell


Comic books aren’t just for kids. You probably know that, but sometimes, a guy just needs to defend his reading list. As part of my attempt to have a balanced Summer, I’ve been reading some books on discipleship, prayer, theology, technology, and comic books. To that end, I just finished Brian Azzarello’s 2004-05 Superman run For Tomorrow, and I thought that it makes a really great point about the nature of salvation and the universe’s need for hell. ... Continue Reading

Sonic, Tails, and Discipleship

Sonic and Tails Rockin

People who have been around me long enough know that I am a big Sonic the Hedgehog fan. When I as a kid, I played the games, I watched the cartoons, and I read the comics. And throughout the series I always noticed a certain connection between Sonic and his friend partner in heroic deeds, Tails. If you carefully observe the series, you’ll find out that Sonic spent time with Tails building up a friendship and brotherhood. He taught Tails everything he needed to know and in turn Tails took his ... Continue Reading