Science Fiction vs. Biblical Reality: The Doctor and the Doctrine of Heaven

The Doctor and the Doctrine of Heaven - Image

Season 8 is in the books, and I think most people have finally accepted Peter Capaldi as “The Doctor.” Now, I’m not saying that I loved how this season ended, but it was definitely a well-written episode with a lot of twists and turns to take in, and certainly tons of theology to with which to concern ourselves. But first, a gentle spoiler warning: if you haven’t finished the eighth season of Doctor Who, I’d stop here. ... Continue Reading

Is It Christmas Today?

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If you're a regular ChurchMag reader, you might will know that I LOVE Christmas! In fact I run one of the biggest Christmas information sites on the web. I also run several other Christmas themed sites, including the #1 Google Rank Christmas Karaoke site, and sites where you can watch it snow any time of the year or watch an animation of the Christmas Story! For this year, I've created a new site which answers one simple festive question: It Is Christmas Today? ... Continue Reading

Finding Faith Inside the Big Blue Box: A Whovian’s 30 Day Devotional


I have loved science fiction for as long as I can remember. It’s always been my genre of choice. Whether it was the Back to the Future trilogy, Quantum Leap, of the My Teacher is an Alien books by Bruce Coville—I have been deep into the world of mystery and wonder of science fiction for a long time. But in all of my reading and watching, I was never taken as deep into another world as I was when I found Doctor Who. Unlike so many shows, Doctor Who takes the audience far beyond what might be ... Continue Reading

Safe Travels…to Mordor!

Air New Zealand Safety Video

Technology has allowed humanity to do many amazing things, but one of the great might just be the the ability to take boring things and make them much more amazing. For proof of this, you need go no further than the following air safety video from Air New Zealand. ... Continue Reading

Jim Yurchenco Shares Innovation Wisdom [Video]

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Jim Yurchenco, engineer of the original Apple mouse, says that one of the most important things a good designer does, is: “Exercise a large amount of self criticism.” But it doesn't stop there. You also need to be willing to do this over and over again. He has a lot of other inspiring things to say, too: ... Continue Reading

Our Hearts as Church Techs

RVB de base

I've heard a lot of talk recently about issues relating to our hearts and wanted to address this head-on. We are born into a war zone, pure and simple. This is the ancient and ongoing war of the ages that has been raging for centuries in the unseen world of the spiritual realm. It began, as we all know, by Lucifer and his angels and has enveloped everything we know, including us. And the prize is our hearts. The entire temptation in Eden, and even the converting of a 1/3 of the angels in ... Continue Reading

It Began with a Promise of a Pencil [Book Review & GIVEAWAY!]

Pencils of Promise

Adam Braun was on the fast-track to success. He had comfortable life and while at Brown University he decided to spend a semester at sea. That semester while he was only 21 changed his life forever.  In Adam's book, "The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person can create Extraordinary Change," he chronicles this trip and more. On one of the last stops of the trip he went to India, and met a young boy begging on the street. When Adam asked the boy what he most wanted in the world, he simply ... Continue Reading

Are You Intimidated by Discipleship?


Discipleship has become extremely confusing. Where do we start? Who do we disciple? How do we disciple? Is there a formula? Do we really even need discipleship? Discipleship has become an intimidating word in Christian circles. I believe discipleship has become far too confusing and intimidating. ... Continue Reading