Best Blogging Writer App?


iA Writer for Mac and iPad is everything you want in a writing app and less. iA Writer isn't about options and features, it's about providing the few tools you need and implementing them well. They've recently dropped the price, so take advantage of arguably the best writing app you can get for the Mac and iPad. Here's a closer look: ... Continue Reading

FREE eBible from – One Week ONLY!


For those of you who have been using e-Sword for years, you may or may not know just how deep of a resource you have on your computer! e-Sword offers a wellspring of Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries and bestsellers at is a great place to find awesome resources to expand and deepen your e-Sword experience. Go ahead, give it a try! In fact, for the next week, we have an Exclusive Offer for Churchmag subscribers -- a FREE copy of the New Living ... Continue Reading

Internet Browser Usage History [Infographic]


Remember Netscape? It was not only one of the more historically remembered browsers, but it was also a standby alternative to the younger Internet Explorer. Those were the days .... Looking at this infographic on the history of browser usage, I was really surprised to learn just how old Opera has been around. ... Continue Reading

Chrome vs. Firefox – Pinned-Tab Memory Management


It seems impossible to go about our daily business of general web-surfing/business without ending up with a browser that's hosting anywhere from 10-30 open tabs. After a while this gets really annoying, but what's even more annoying is that it can likely slow down your browser (for instance, Firefox was guzzling 1 Gig of RAM a few days ago). So the question now becomes: which application manages those tabs most efficiently? Chrome or Firefox? ... Continue Reading

Pinning Tabs in Google Chrome


This past week, we talked about how wonderful Wunderlist is. In the comments section, I mentioned how I wish Wunderlist would auto-start on boot-up. Brian Alexander recommended that I: Make it a pinned tab in Chrome. Have your tabs load from previous session when you close Chrome. Done! What? A "pinned tab"? What the heck is that? ... Continue Reading

ePic Photo Slide Show Desktop Mac App [Giveway]


ePic is a new way to view your photos. ePic is a slide show application with realistic physics, as well as some other nice features. ePic is a compact and easy-to-use program that has a simple user-friendly interface allowing you to start watching your photos with no additional software. Easy and fast navigation in your photo collection, through innovative 3D view mode. View your photos in a slideshow with your favorite music, by using the capabilities of 3D graphics cards you can also ... Continue Reading

Firefox 5 Beta & 6 Alpha Release At The Same Time


The Firefox folks recently announced that Aurora is here and has been updated to Firefox 6 Alpha 2. They also recently released Firefox 5 into the wild as a beta. Firefox have recently claimed to have three builds in the production stream at any given team which could be in response to the crazyness that is the release schedule of Chrome. So what does this all mean for Firefox users? ... Continue Reading

Control Your Android Phone From Your Web Browser

LazyDroid Screenshot

One of my frustrations with mobile phones for a long time has been the lack of integration with my computer. I still think that cell phone carriers are missing a treat not providing calls and texts via WiFi when a signal isn't available, but that is another story. The main thing that has frustrated me in a work setting for a long time has been the fact that I can't run my phone directly on my computer. It's so frustrating having to huddle over your teeny mobile phone, switching between ... Continue Reading