The Power of the Power Nap [Infographic]


Tired? Need a nap? I hate that feeling, especially when I am busy and need to get  a lot done, but instead of fighting off the Zzz's with more coffee and louder music, perhaps it would be wiser to hit the pillow for a few and have a power nap? Take a look at this infographic and tell me what you think: ... Continue Reading

Feeding the Digital Sheep: Consistent Church Blog Content

i am blogging this - church blog

One of my favorite parts of my day is checking my RSS feed. When GoogleReader died, I wept. I seriously enjoy reading my RSS feed, and I really enjoy sharing good content with my friends and family. Thus, when I began to create a new website for my church, I also decided that we need a new approach to blogging. Personally, I've decided to limit my writing to ChurchMag and my church blog, but I only work part-time at my church. Cranking out two or three blog posts a month is about all I can ... Continue Reading

Jetpack 2.8 Brings Easy-to-Use Markdown to WordPress

Jetpack Thumb

Jetpack is one of those apps that WordPress users either love or hate. Those on the Love side focus on the collection of easy to use features that most users want such as sharing buttons, contact forms, Stats and a built in responsive template as an easy solution for non techsavey self hosted bloggers and cove raging a number of bases with one plug in. On the anti side the arguments usual go that Jetpack is bulking, isn’t always compatible with other plugins, doesn’t offer as great service in ... Continue Reading

Creating an Online Marketing Strategy That Wows


Online marketing is just boring nowadays. What isn't boring is honestly obscene or stupid. Why is it we cannot get online marketing content that wows people? Why do we have to either be boring, a copycat of someone else, or outlandish in what we do? I have some thoughts on how you can figure it out, but realize that me giving you cookie cutter details will only perpetuate the issue. You need to do the work, I just want to point a way. ... Continue Reading

Pastoral Blogging: Your Church is Your Platform

from the pulpit

I've touched on this theme a lot lately, but I think I want to hammer it home with one more post. There's been a lot written in the past year or two aimed at helping pastors build a "platform," a place of prominence, respect, and/or visibility from which they can address the world at large. There's nothing inherently wrong with this: the Church needs more of its leaders to be firmly planted in local bodies. As a public school teacher, nothing makes me more frustrated than hearing the opinions ... Continue Reading

When Blogging Less Is More

less blogging thumb

Last week I read a post titled, The Web Needs You To… STOP BLOGGING! I had already been wrestling with the idea of quality over quantity in blogging for more than a few months. And as I read the article, Mike Schinkel’s take on the matter reaffirmed some of my own conclusions. It really served to sharpen my perspective and added just the right amount of motivation for me to get serious about some of the changes I have been a bit hesitant to implement. ... Continue Reading

Monthly Free Stock Photos – January 2014


I push constantly for people to use images with whatever they do, whether it is to match a great blog, improve a good presentation, or make a tweet or Google+ status update pop. Yet, if I preach to use good photo habits, I should help you find them. So here is another installment of our monthly set of free stock photos for you to use however you want. If you do use these, please cite back to this post that you found them here so others can find them too as well as the original author that took ... Continue Reading

How Many Articles Are Posted On the Web? [Infographic]

A Day in the Life of Web Content Infographic

Is your church on the Internet, yet? It might seem to be a silly question to ask on a church tech focused website, but many churches do not have a good online presence yet. If you follow the wisdom of Michael Hyatt from his book Platform, you need to make your first and strongest online presence your home website. And when you have a fully running website that shows off your staff, ministries, volunteers, and an active and consistent blog, then you can say you have a strong online ... Continue Reading

Buzzsprout Review


A few months ago, I was browsing the Church Tech community in search of some good podcasting advice. Missio Dei (MD) has had a YouTube account that was our primary source of content outsourcing, but I had recently realized the glaring problem with this: it's not very portable. Sure, you can rip the audio from the video and throw it on your phone, but we wanted our content to be more accessible on the go. I found a thread in the community and was browsing the comments and Buzzsprout came up. I ... Continue Reading

Online Analytics: Dec 2013


First and foremost, to you the reader, thank you for being a part of this process. We love that you have joined us for this adventure. It is because of you that we are doing so amazing and so we say thank you. We believe in having great goals and analytics. Our 2013 year is finished now and so we wanted to show off what has happened with the website this last month and the end of the year. To make this strategy review a little better, we have decided to not just give you text but put a ... Continue Reading