Stuff Church Techies Say: “I’ve Got This”


Four months ago I had made a big change to my own blog where I went from a single blogger writing every day to an editor of five contributors. While I thought that I was finally taking the leap of faith to empower others to talk about technology from their experience and building up the church, the reality is that God was looking ahead. See how my mentality as a blogger of "I've got this" could have actually ended my blog if it was not for God's divine intervention? This has been the most ... Continue Reading

Online Blogging Platforms: 1. Writer


This is the first article in the series Online Blogging Platforms series. As I started writing for 78P, I started becoming dissatisfied with the layout of the Wordpress text editor. As a total noob, I kept finding myself distracted by all the poorly drawn icons and lack of portability. It ended up taking me way more time to write than I actually had to write! This doesn't mean that Wordpress is an ineffective text editor (it has actually improved a lot since I first started), it simply means ... Continue Reading

Decimate Writer’s Block: Never Run Out of Blogger Fuel


You are sitting at your desk staring at a blank screen. A deadline is looming and your to-do list is growing like a hoarder's collection of newspapers. You put your hands on the keyboard and lightly tap your fingers in hopes that somehow words will appear on the page in coherent sentences. Nothing happens. Nothing. There are no words. There are NO WORDS!! What do you do? You're a writer/author/blogger and words are your currency. You can't live without words. And yet there are no ... Continue Reading

Repurposing Content [Free Images]


Blogging can be a very difficult thing to do after a couple of months of writing. You first jump into blogging with a ton of ideas and can easily create 5, 10, or 50 blog articles, but eventually you hit a creative wall. While we always suggest that new, high quality content is the best option, sometimes you need to repurpose your content. One of the best ways to do this is taking old blog articles, updating the content, and putting it into new mediums. Below is a demonstration of such a case. ... Continue Reading

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post [Infographic]


The joys of blogging can also be some of the biggest pains. My first month of writing posts I found myself feverishly writing down everything I could put on the web. By month three, I was slowing down. But month six, I was wondering why I was not getting traffic and if maybe it was me. (Hint: it was) Many bloggers have a passion that pursued them to blog. Even us at ChurchMag are under the banner of Christian nerds and geeks. But passion alone will not make a blog a success. This is not another ... Continue Reading

Online Blogging Platforms: A Series Intro

This is the intro to a four part series on web-based writing applications. I've been tinkering with a few lately (including some you've suggested), so this series will serve as a tear-down of these services. Who knows? Maybe you'll find your new home! But first a few tips before we get started. Everyone has their go-to blogging platform, be it a fully featured client like Wordpress, a social experience like Tumblr or a minimal setup like Svbtl. If you're like me, you don't always like the ... Continue Reading

5 Ways To Get More Guest Posts On Your Blog

guest cat blogger

There is no doubt that guest posting is one of the best ways to get great content for your blog with minimal effort. In fact, many times, the quality can rival your own. I have been on both sides of guest blogging, writing for others and receiving guest posts on my own blog. In fact, when I first wanted to write for ChurchMag, I had asked if I could get post on here for free. This article is not to debate if guest posting is helpful for you (it is), what you should expect from guest posting ... Continue Reading

Corporate Digital Marketing: Hitting the True Goal

Corporate Digital Marketing - Hitting the True Goal

Some would say that the goal of digital marketing is website traffic, social media likes, reshares and engagement, or just a general improvement of brand. While these are all good things and stuff that should be sought by any digital marketer regardless of your company's dealings, for churches and ministries, this is not the ultimate goal. The focus up to this point has been how to do digital marketing corporately, as opposed to individually and noting the differences that come with it. What we ... Continue Reading

3 Easy Blog Tips That Will Improve Your Content

monitor grill

If you are running a blog for yourself, your ministry, or your church, you are probably always looking for aways to improve the content and get more eyes on it too. For some bloggers, that means improving SEO. While SEO is good to an extent, there is a ceiling on it before it becomes too gimmicky and manipulative. I want to give you three easy blog tips that will improve your blog's content and get more readers to your site. These 3 tips are so easy you can implement them today and will ... Continue Reading

The Genius of the Flying Spider


According to a post on a tech blog in the UK, rather scary looking flying spiders are due to invade the UK this year! As I live in the UK, this doesn't sound like a good thing. However, this post, like so many on the web (ha ha), wasn't all it was claiming to be and it's all a bit of genius! ... Continue Reading