Focused Blogging: Life Before Blogging


This whole series is about focusing. It’s about focusing on what really matters in blogging and forgetting about all the fluff and useless stuff that distracts us from what we really want to do: Building a great blog. And I’m all for that. I’ve spent the last year and a half building a blog out of nothing to what it is now. Focus is the main reason I managed to accomplish what I have in that short time, so focus on building a great blog matters. But there’s a greater picture, namely ... Continue Reading

Networking in Youth Ministry: Getting Connected Online

[This is part two in the Networking in Youth Ministry series--read part one!] Networking face-to-face can take a lot of time. You have to arrange meetings, work around other people's schedules, and find a location that fits everyone's best interests. Online networking is much more simpler and slowly becoming a popular way for youth workers to connect. It should be noted that there are a lot of great voices out there that are talking about great things that simply have not been tapped. We ... Continue Reading

Focused Blogging: Putting Social Media in its Proper Place


There’s a decision that every serious blogger has to make when it comes to social media. Social media like Google+, Facebook and Twitter are great for promoting your blog, for getting ideas for blog posts and for connecting with your targeted audience. But they’re also the biggest time suck known to man and can completely dominate your life as a blogger. I’ve known and seen bloggers who spent more time on Twitter than they ever did on their blog … and it showed. So you have to make a ... Continue Reading

Blogging in the Youth Room


When I was in eighth grade, my language arts took us through a unit on poetry. (Guess what? I'm now working at my old junior high, with my language arts teacher!) I really enjoyed writing, and I kept writing long after the unit. I wrote poetry well on into college, where I also began to write essays. After I got married, I started blogging and loved it! Then, a year ago, I got an awesome chance to write for some Gandalf-loving geeks called ChurchMag. Short story shorter: I love writing and ... Continue Reading

Writing In A Vacuum


Want too hear a joke? Have you heard the one about the blogger who hired a girl to slap him in the face if he gets distracted? You haven't? "Digital nomad," blogger, and entrepreneur, Maneesh Sethi is a very intelligent, very talented guy. However, even he struggles with maintaining productivity. After realizing that nearly 19 hours of potential work time were lost each week to distract, Maneesh decided to rectify this situation, and apparently, he was prepared to go to extreme limits to ... Continue Reading

Blogger Pays To Be Slapped If On Facebook


Do you feel like you just do not get enough done in the day? If you took a step back and looked at your day by the hour or minute, how much of that time is spent on social media as it sucks your efficiency away? San Francisco-based blogger Maneesh Sethi found himself in this very position and decided to put up a Craiglist ad to pay someone $8/hour to watch him and slap him every time he jumped on Facebook or Reddit. Thus she slapped him and the GIF above was born! ... Continue Reading

Focused Blogging: Series on Blogging Effectively


There is a ton of information ‘out there’ for bloggers. Hundreds of blogs inundate you with tips, tricks, strategies and what not to build your blog, grow your audience and even make a buck or two in the process. But amidst that avalanche of info, it can be hard to find what really matters in blogging. There’s so much contradicting advice, so many crazy detailed tips you’re supposed to apply, that it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. ... Continue Reading

Blogging Google Adsense eBook by John Saddington

blogging google adsense tentblogger ebook

The third installment of John Saddington's blogging ebook series is now available! If you're rockin' the Blogging Starter Kit and Making Money Blogging, you're definitely going to want Blogging Google Adsense. Here's what you can look forward to learning from the Tentblogger: ... Continue Reading

Focused Blogging: The Importance of Timeless Posts


There’s a certain benefit to having ‘timely’ posts, or posts related to current events. You can often get a nice bump in your statistics if you manage to work in a hype, an issue that’s in the news or a trend. But who will read that post a year from now? Take Gangnam style. Personally, I don’t get what the fuzz is about, but no one can argue it’s not ‘hot’. So everyone who’s blogging is writing about doing something ‘Gangnam style’. But do you really think that a year from now, anyone ... Continue Reading

Making Money Blogging eBook by John Saddington

making money blogging ebook tentblogger john saddington

If you found John Saddington's first ebook the Blogging Starter Kit helpful, you're going to love the second installment in a series of ebooks aimed at taking your blogging to a whole new level. Making Money Blogging offers over a hundred pages of how many bloggers turn their hobby into profit. Here are some of the topics covered: ... Continue Reading