Buzzsprout Review


A few months ago, I was browsing the Church Tech community in search of some good podcasting advice. Missio Dei (MD) has had a YouTube account that was our primary source of content outsourcing, but I had recently realized the glaring problem with this: it's not very portable. Sure, you can rip the audio from the video and throw it on your phone, but we wanted our content to be more accessible on the go. I found a thread in the community and was browsing the comments and Buzzsprout came up. I ... Continue Reading

Online Analytics: Dec 2013


First and foremost, to you the reader, thank you for being a part of this process. We love that you have joined us for this adventure. It is because of you that we are doing so amazing and so we say thank you. We believe in having great goals and analytics. Our 2013 year is finished now and so we wanted to show off what has happened with the website this last month and the end of the year. To make this strategy review a little better, we have decided to not just give you text but put a ... Continue Reading

Social Media Statistics | December 2013

I am a lover of social media statistics and in my new role of social media specialist for Youth for Christ, I have a job that let me go out and find statistics. So I wanted to share the love every month with a couple of social media statistics that may help you with your ministry, blog, or business. There are no details, strategies, or practices to go with these stats, so you need to do the legwork to take these ingredients and make something delicious! ... Continue Reading

The Christian Blogger Prayer


As a family man involved in church, I pray fairly often. Mostly for my family. “Dear God, please help the baby fall asleep.” “Heavenly Father, please clear traffic so I can get to work on time.” “Jesus, please save our children from my mistakes.” It’s interesting that the more we need, the more we pray for. And we pray for all kinds of stuff. Big and small. ... Continue Reading

Stuff Church Techies Say: Those Guys Know Nothing

Stuff Church Techies Say Those Guys Know Nothing

When I come to the ChurchMag blog, I am looking for something nerdy and geeky, maybe entertaining, and definitely something based on the church. As a Church Techie, I do not have those same expectations and actually hold ChurchMag in much higher regard with Church Tech then anything that Mashable, Tech Crunch, or The Verge could ever write on because they have built an authority that has established a strong influence as a blog with this topic. At the same time, I would never go to ChurchMag for ... Continue Reading

When Blog Posts Go Viral

WP Stats ChurchMag

So, this happened last week. ChurchMag's traffic had a huge spike. To put things into perspective, the short bars on the left side (pictured above) are the usual 5,000 we get every day. On the right side, we peaked at 80,000+ in one day! It is every bloggers dream, right? Here's what happens when blog posts go viral... ... Continue Reading

My Blogging Habits

The ability to write 60-100 blog articles a month has required that I come with a very specific blogging process. Not only should my blogging habits allow me to be effective with my time on that one post, but also continue to turn out great content repeatedly. No tips in this episode, but several announcements that you need to check out. ... Continue Reading

2 New eBooks For You


This may be the worst secret I have ever kept, but I will say that I am excited about it. If you have been reading my blog for the past couple of months, you have seen a custom-made infographic for blogging as well as one for social media use by churches. These were in preparation for the release of two eBooks that I have created for churches to do more with their social media and blogging accounts. This week, the eBook are going live at for you to purchase. ... Continue Reading

Tales of Mobile Calamity: I Am A Broken Man [Part 1]

sad phone

I am broken. Defeated. Completely worn down. What happened? Everything. Yes, me and mine are healthy. I am still blessed beyond measure, and I am grateful to be here today. Well, mostly. I've lost something, and there is a huge void without it. My HTC EVO 4G LTE is sick. Seriously ill. Hold on a second. This isn't you're usual tech-addicted nerd whining about broken electronics. Not all of it, at least. This is a tech-addicted nerd whining about broken electronics AND broken ... Continue Reading