Focused Blogging: Why Are You Offering a Partial RSS Feed?

I’m a big RSS fan. It’s the only way I can follow the 100+ sites that I do, getting email notifications of all of these would drive me nuts and send my email inbox into overload. What bugs me, however, is that some sites only offer a partial RSS feed, meaning they show the first paragraph or so and then you have to click through to the actual site to read the rest (I don’t get that). [Editor's Note: This is why the ChurchMag RSS feed isn't truncated.] ... Continue Reading

Focused Blogging: Stop Obsessing Over Blog Comments


There are a few statistics bloggers seem to be obsessed about: page views, new visitors, views per visit, time on site and the number of comments. Now even though the obsession with the first four can border on unhealthy at times, they are legit indicators of how your blog is doing. But personally, I don’t get the obsession with the number of comments. ... Continue Reading

Nate Hayer, The Atlantic, And Why ChurchMag Pays Its Authors

Nate Thayer Blog Thumb

If you haven't read Nate Thayer's blog post, A Day in the Life of a Freelance Journalist—2013, you should. For those who don't know (as myself prior to reading this), Nate Thayer “is an award winning freelance investigative journalist and correspondent with 25 years of foreign reporting experience, with a focus on Asia, and a specialization in modern Cambodian political history, a noted expertize on the Khmer Rouge, and a current focus on North Korea.” Nate was approached about a piece he ... Continue Reading

To Post or Not to Post?

When to PostThumb

How do you decide what you should be posting on your blog and when you should be posting? I'm always struggling with this when it comes to ChurchMag. I hope this infographic/flowchart that covers blog posts, social media and email newsletters helps: ... Continue Reading

Spam Wars – How to Fight the Imperial Spambot Scum

spam wars

For last couple of weeks, the ChurchMag server has been rebooted due to CPU overload. The reason? Spam. For years, now, ChurchMag snagged between 150 to 300 spam messages ... per day. You can imagine the strain it puts on a server. Since acquiring ChurchMag, things like server maintenance automatically fell into my lap. It reminds me of when my wife and I bought our first house and one of the appliances stopped working. My wife, Anne, looked at me and said, "Time to call the Land ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag Hangouts #04: Churches and Blogging

Churchmag Hangouts - 04 Churches and Blogging

I love the idea of several Christian-oriented nerds discussing in a very informal setting tech of some sort that may be beneficial for churches, bloggers, missionaries, and any other kind of ministry out there. You can find the link dump and details about the next hangout following our latest hangout video: ... Continue Reading

Compfight Makes Citing Creative Commons Images Easier Than Ever!

compfight screenshot

My favorite place to grab images for blogging is Compfight (Creative Commons only). Compfight searches Flickr and displays all the photos that match your search term. They do put some paid images at the top, but you can scroll through all kinds of Flickr images below the paid images box at the top, which is really awesome (be sure you have selected 'Creative commons' on the left-hand sidebar). Recently, Compfight has made using their service even easier! ... Continue Reading

What’s the Point of Blogging?

Hear me now image

There are many reasons to blog. Some like a way to share Internet fun and maybe even preserve their web treasures. Others are trying to "build a platform" and "monetize" their space while some just simply love to write. There are so many reasons to blog, but what I would like to know is: Why do you blog? I remember how I felt over two years ago when I first submitted a post to be published on ChurchMag. As I look back on the road I've traveled, I've learn that the reasons you blog often ... Continue Reading