Why I Moved My Blog


I started Youth Leaders Academy over two years ago. We had just moved from The Netherlands to Germany because my husband got a job there. As it turned out, it wasn’t possible for me to get a job. So I decided to use my many years of experience in youth ministry to start a blog. Thus Youth Leaders Academy was born. My primary goal wasn’t to make money. Believe me, I would have chosen a different niche because there isn’t much money to make off poorly paid youth pastors :) I just wanted to ... Continue Reading

Pastoral Blogging: E-pisteling to Your Church

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I love writing. I've loved it since my eight-grade language arts teacher, Mrs. Ochs, introduced my class to a unit on poetry. (Incidentally, I'm now teaching at my old junior high, and Mrs. Ochs is still here. It's really very cool.) I've been writing continuously, some years more than others, ever since. I've been trying to write two or three books in that time, but I just can't seem to get it all to click. I'm not discouraged. I just keep trying different methods. For a while, I was trying ... Continue Reading

What Should Be on Your Church Blog? [Podcast]

ChurchMag Podcast

Having a church blog is a pretty good idea. There are many different benefits for having one, but knowing your church website should have a blog and actually using it are two different things. Does your church have a blog? The real question, however, isn't if you should have a blog, but what should you be posting about? Maybe we can help. ... Continue Reading

Stuff Church Techies Say: Let’s All Blog

Stuff Church Techies Say Quote - blog like the epistles

I have had way too many discussions with churches, pastors, and short-term enthusiast that are looking for a quick and simple way to send their message, product, or service. They see lots of success with many different bloggers that are currently only having to blog three times a week or fewer and that really is not too hard, right? The problem is that the process is not quick or simple. The reality is that the unspoken conversation actually goes like this: "We need to get our church ... Continue Reading

Why Bloggers You Should Be Using Pressgram

Hi Im Pressgram

Pressgram is on the scene and if you do not know what it is or why your church should use it, play catch up first. Now, a lot has been said about what Pressgram can do, but as a blogger, I still was not sold with it. I can think of five reasons I do not want to use it. I do not want to spam my viewers with posts on my homepage that they do not care about. It does not fit my blogging strategy and so I do not want it in my RSS feed. I'm already doing this on my social media ... Continue Reading

Brain Lubricants to Generate Creative Blog Post Ideas

Brain Lube Thumb

Are you having one of those days where you have a hard time generating blog post ideas? I usually have more ideas than I have time to write them, but I still have those days! I'll stare at my list of blog post ideas and I just can't quite get my head wrapped around them enough to begin typing. What I need is a new, fresh idea to get my brain up and running, and get my keyboard clickity–clacking! Here are 25 brain lubricants go generate some creative blog post ideas: ... Continue Reading

Pressgram Is Now Available!


It's here! The wildly awesome Pressgram is available for download from the Apple App Store! This past March, Pressgram landed on Kickstarter and now it has reached its destination. ChurchMag is a proud backer of Pressgram, as it is an awesome new resource for the Church: Churches need Pressgram! Here are the links to download and a little info for those of you who are scratching your head wondering what this is all about: ... Continue Reading

What Is A Christian Blogger?

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I've seen this term plenty times before, but I hadn't ever thought about it much. After all, we have Christian music, Christian books, Christian videos, etc... So, the idea of Christian blogger falls right in line with everything else we've labeled as, Christian. So what is a Christian blogger, anyway? As it relates to music and books, the label of “Christian” tends to be applied to the genre of the artform, the focus or topic. So, then, are Christian bloggers only those who write about ... Continue Reading