5 Things to Check Before You Press Publish [Infographic]

mac keyboartd - ready to hit publish

You may have just created the best blog article your church has ever seen. It's going to bring so many people into your church and ultimately souls will be won for Christ right? Even better, they will probably see on your website the youth camp, a marriage conference, or small groups and sign up for them too. Must be time to hit publish, right? Not yet. Below is a quick infographic checklist you should go over before hitting send on that article for the whole world to see. Why? Maximize the ... Continue Reading

My Best Blogging Setup Yet!

upside down desk

When I first started blogging, I had no predispositions about my blogging setup at all. I was more worried about sounding boring, having terrible graphics, or not getting enough content out to my viewers. Fast forward to today, over six years later, and I certainly have an opinion. For those of you working on a 13-inch laptop sitting on your lap while at Starbucks or someone else working on a Surface Pro that has to sit on a flat surface, or even someone that is using their home computer, let me ... Continue Reading

Top Church Tech Blogs [2014]

ChurchMag 2014 Top Church Tech Blogs

We asked for submissions so that we could put together a new list of ChurchMag's 30 Top Church Tech Blogs and you guys did not disappoint. With over 40 submissions, this is the most diverse and strongest list we have had yet (the 2012 list). The stats have been compiled and the results are in. My tip to you: network with these people, add them to your RSS list, subscribe to the curated Twitter list (via @ChurchMag), and engage with them on their content. ... Continue Reading

SEO Matters: Start a Blog

blogging lego dude

If you're a blogger, chances are you know a little something about SEO. Creating and curating great content should be your number one goal, but SEO does matter. But do nonprofits, churches and ministries take SEO serious enough? Here are a few stats to put this question into perspective: ... Continue Reading

How to Develop a Solid Blog Outreach Strategy [Infographic]

howtodevelopasolidblogoutreachstrategy header

If you are a blogger for yourself or your church, you might have started for a couple of reasons. You decided you want to do it because everyone else has and some of them have even found some serious success. Others are simply using it as a marketing tool to increase number of eyes on your church or yourself. And then theere is the person or group that simply wants to share their story, what they are doing for their community, and how God is impacting lives. Here is the kicker: None of those ... Continue Reading

Content Conundrum [Infographic]


You might have been reading my content on best tips for blogging and social media for some time now, mostly through the lens of a blogger, church leader, or ministry/church. Go comb through it and see what I say is the top two most important pieces to winning on these platforms. Seriously, I'll wait. Assuming you are not cheating, here they are: content and strategy. Anything less is throwing tweets, blog articles, and content against the wall and hoping it sticks. It's a waste of your time, ... Continue Reading

Online Blogging Platforms: 5. Draft


This is the fifth article in the series Online Blogging Platforms series. Draft is our final installment in the Online Blogging Platforms series. I just want to say thanks for those who dropped a comment or suggestion during the course of this little project! Thanks for reading!! Draft, like Gingko, is just a little bit different than some of the other platforms I've reviewed. Draft's focus is also on good content, but in a different way. It provides a suite of both free and paid editing ... Continue Reading

How To Get Your Blog Posts Shared [Infographic]

How To Get Your Blog Post Shared 1000 Times Infographic thumb

Creating great content is always the most important aspect of blogging. Any tips that are shared below are meaningless without high quality. Assuming we have that all set up, sharing on social media is important, but you are probably doing it wrong. Below is an infographic that goes beyond a simple read. These tips are ones you need to make part of your daily routine! Here's how to get your blog posts shared: ... Continue Reading

Submissions for this Year’s Top Church Tech Blogs

Laptop setup

We are officially doing the third annual ChurchMag Top 30 Church Tech Blogs list. Want to see our list from 2013? Check it out here. We wanted to put together a top 30 list formula that was as objective as possible and added little to no subjectivity to the project. The formula finds the most popular blogs on the Internet through a series of calculations. While we rework the algorithm to update it from 12 months ago, we would love to hear your recommendations. We will cease ... Continue Reading

Overcoming Discouragement in Blogging

If I am being honest with you guys right now, blogging is not all unicorns and rainbows. It's amazing when you can write an article that goes viral, put something out there that is very personal which connects personally with your audience, and you get ahead of the ballgame with lots of extra articles. I'm not speaking from a philosophical understanding, but someone that is in the midst of life happening, priorities shifting, and frustration with creativity and productivity on this blog. So ... Continue Reading