Compfight Makes Citing Creative Commons Images Easier Than Ever!

compfight screenshot

My favorite place to grab images for blogging is Compfight (Creative Commons only). Compfight searches Flickr and displays all the photos that match your search term. They do put some paid images at the top, but you can scroll through all kinds of Flickr images below the paid images box at the top, which is really awesome (be sure you have selected 'Creative commons' on the left-hand sidebar). Recently, Compfight has made using their service even easier! ... Continue Reading

What’s the Point of Blogging?

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There are many reasons to blog. Some like a way to share Internet fun and maybe even preserve their web treasures. Others are trying to "build a platform" and "monetize" their space while some just simply love to write. There are so many reasons to blog, but what I would like to know is: Why do you blog? I remember how I felt over two years ago when I first submitted a post to be published on ChurchMag. As I look back on the road I've traveled, I've learn that the reasons you blog often ... Continue Reading

Focused Blogging: 5 Rules for Attractive Writing


For your blog to be attractive to potential readers, there are three things that matter in equal measure: Attractive layout Attractive content Attractive writing Of these three, the last one often gets the least attention. I can certainly understand that, after all most of us are happy to leave any and all rules on writing and grammar behind us once we’re done with school and college. ... Continue Reading

Focused Blogging: Serving your Readers


Blogging is all about serving. Serving is a word that you often hear in Christian circles, but that’s still not very popular. Leading, now that’s a concept most of us can get behind. But serving, that’s a whole different ball game. Yet if you want to grow you blog, it’s all about serving and not so much about leading. ... Continue Reading

On to WordPress!


There a million reasons people move on from Blogger to Wordpress, but for certified Google-holics like me, staying with Blogger became a geeky way to proclaim independence (yes, I do see the irony here, but work with me). I started using Blogger way back when, because it became an easy way to get my blog going for free. As I became more immersed in Google's ecosystem, it just made more sense to stay with Blogger... except for the fact that for some reason, Android's Blogger port seemed to be ... Continue Reading