Introducing: ChurchMag Staff Writers


Towards the end of 2014 the idea began to brew about establishing Staff Writers for ChurchMag. These would be regular contributors who have a passion and unique strengths surrounding Church tech and creativity. Like the newspaper days of old, each Staff Writer would be given a “beat” to cover and would write at least one post per week with a commitment of one year. Since the beginning of the year, this team of Staff Writers have been following through with all kinds of awesome. So as I ... Continue Reading

The 5 Types of Blog Posts that Always Work


I sure hope you appreciate a little irony, because that’s exactly what the title of this blog post is. Ironic. You see, many how-to books and posts on blogging make promises like the one above, that if you just do this-and-this, you’ll attract hundreds, thousands of readers. You wanna know why? Because posts like that work. Here’s the common wisdom on what types of posts work: ... Continue Reading

Are Open Letter Blog Articles to the Church Okay?


Before you go and answer this question in the title, go read the full article by Whitney Capps here. Jesse Gruber shared this with me a couple of weeks back and I posted my thoughts on my Google+ page which received a lot of conversation. As I read through it, I found myself feeling several different things, of which I wanted to address them here. Also have included a couple of great responses from some of my friends who agreed and disagreed with my own interpretation. ... Continue Reading

Church Blogging: Open Letters [Podcast #40]

Open Letter Podcast

ChurchMag Staff Writer Jeremy Smith brought up this week's podcast topic in our backchannel, as he was writing a blog post about Whitney Capps' article about blogging open letters to the Church. Here's an excerpt from Jeremy's post as he asks the question: Are Open Letter Blog Articles To The Church Okay? ... Continue Reading

Do You Want to Go Viral?

Go Viral

Every blogger loves to be read. Let's be honest about it. What's the point of writing something, making it public, and then having hardly anyone read it? Sure, you learn to write better and there are other benefits, even if your 'community' is just a few readers—it can be very powerful. Ultimately, however, every blogger wants to go big. They want to go viral. ... Continue Reading

Becoming a Better Writer Series: Finding the Right Tone


When it comes to writing, there are tips and tricks that are relatively easy to teach, like correct grammar or using paragraphs. But there are also important aspects that are harder to explain. Rhythm for instance, which you can try and learn by applying rules, but which is also a matter of instinct. And there’s tone. ... Continue Reading

The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist

The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist

I don’t like wasting time, but the other day I found myself doing just that. I was busy updating some old posts: setting a featured image, rewriting language, checking to make sure the formatting was okay in my new theme. The problem was that I kept forgetting stuff: to backdate the post for instance, to assign key words, choose a nice short URL, etc. After I wasted about an hour or so going back on posts I’d already done to make sure I had forgotten nothing, I came up with the solution: A ... Continue Reading

How to Lose Your Readers’ Trust


As a blogger, the implicit trust of your readers is a precious commodity. That’s especially the case for your loyal readers, the people who follow your blog via email, RSS or other ways on a regular basis. Holding on to that trust that, honoring it even, is essential if you want to continue growing your blog. At the end of the day, it’s your long-term loyal readers who will spontaneously promote your blog after all, simply because you add value to their lives. But it’s easy to lose the trust ... Continue Reading

Should You Rewrite Old Blog Posts?


Blogging has been around for a while now and some of us have got quite a few years of experience to brag about. That experience also translates in tons of old blog posts, sometimes even distributed amongst various (dormant) blogs. I’m in the process of revamping a dormant blog to see if I can bring it back to life. Since I changed the theme, I have to go through all blog posts to make sure they in the intended style and format. In doing so, I’ve reread many of my older posts and I’ve noticed ... Continue Reading