Are We Having Fun, Yet?

Are We Having Fun Yet Galaga

Wow. What a fun week it's been! Other than tomorrows podcast release (subscribers should already have it), it looks like this is the last blog post celebrating our 15,000th blog post. Here's recap of all the blog posts: ... Continue Reading

A Few Words from the Editor


15,000 blog posts. I remember when we published 10,000 blog posts! To think that we've now published 50% more content since then is pretty staggering--if I do say so myself. With a change of editorial direction these past few years, I would like to think that 50% increase isn't just sheer quantity, but also an increase in quality. :) ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag Has Forever Changed My Life


I don't mean for my article's headline to be a hyperbole. I truly mean it. In 2010, I was a youth pastor trying to figure out how to do ministry with an ever more digital generation. In that time, I was, just as you are now, enjoying everything that ChurchMag had to offer as a reader. There was nothing elaborate to what they were creating, yet I found myself having a kinship to their content being all nerdy and what-not. It is because of ChurchMag that I was inspired to take up the craft of ... Continue Reading

It’s an Honor, Really

15K CM Rachel Blom

We're celebrating ChurchMag's 15,000th post this week. Wow, 15,000. That's an epic high score. Of course it made me look at my own statistics. Out of those 15,000, 209 posts were from me. That's just a drop in the sea compared to some other bloggers who contributed much more to that epic number, but still I'm proud. ... Continue Reading

Content Creation vs. Content Sharing [Infographic]

Content Creation vs Sharing - Image

Do you have a social media strategy? Yeah? Good. But what kind of content does your church shoot for? Content creation or sharing? Content creation is posting around what your church has to offer. It's me focused. Content sharing is focusing on others. I don't think it needs to be one or the other. ChurchMag has a strategy right now to push a 50-50 with the two types. And it's working. The infographic below has great data for you to use and it can be simple to apply it to your own content ... Continue Reading

The 2015 Top Church Tech Blogs [Podcast #70]

Church Tech Blog List Podcast - 2015

We've been publishing the top Church tech blog list for a number of years, now, but we've never dedicated an entire podcast to it—until now. :D On this week's episode, we get a behind the scenes look at the list—along with the usual fun—and some social media pet peeves from Kristy and John. Check it: ... Continue Reading

Top Church Tech Blogs [2015]

Top Church Tech Blogs - 2015

We asked for submissions so that we could put together a new list of ChurchMag's 30 Top Church Tech Blogs and you guys did not disappoint. With over 25 new submissions, we have never had a more powerful and accurate list (the 2012, 2013, and 2014 lists). The stats have been compiled and the results are in. My tip to you: network with these people, add them to your RSS list, subscribe to the curated Twitter list (via @ChurchMag), and engage with them regularly. ... Continue Reading

Finding Online Church Content from Your Teaching Series

Identifying Online Content From Teaching Series

Series have become a norm. Whether it is a small group or teaching series, at some point, churches have these. A sermon or teaching series makes for great source for online content. The challenge is identifying online content from these series. So, where can you find some of this content from your series? Here are suggestions: ... Continue Reading