How-To Get Google Real-Time Analytics


When I first heard that Google Analytics would be providing data in real-time, I was pretty psyched. On a high traffic site, this can be really exciting. As social media tightens it grip on Internet usage, real time impact has become more crucial than every before. You can see here how short of a life span link is. These things are measured by hours, not days. Naturally, it was the next step to take with an already robust analytics tool. Here's some more info on Google's new Real-Time ... Continue Reading

Ego: On-the-Go Analytics


Ego is all about your online ego, but it's actually a great, on-the-go, dashboard analytics app for your iPhone or iPad. If you really have an online ego problem, this may be more up your ally. The Ego app supports: ... Continue Reading

For Sale: Church Analytics


For only $5/month, users can analyze, interpret and quickly respond to website visitors with Church Analytics. Church Analytics is the easiest way to use and understand your Church or organization's website traffic, plus, stats are provided in real time and even comes in an iPhone/mobile version! Church Analytics is also for sale. ... Continue Reading

SEO Spider Test & Crawl Tool for Your Website


If you've ever wondered what a Search Engine sees when it comes to your parking space on the World Wide Web, wonder no more! TentBlogger (aka: John Saddington) has released a simple tool that you can easily use - straight from your browser. It might seem like a bit of gibberish but this information is what the Search Engines see when they see your blog and website! Sure, there are some other elements that particular search engines review as well that are related to their particular algorithm ... Continue Reading

JavaScript Library for HTML5 Canvas Based Heatmaps


I've seen a number of heatmap web tools, before, but this one really got my attention. This may simply be the result of HTML5 coming on the scene, since it's so much more powerful and really aids in bringing good looking junk onto the screen. None the less, I think you're going to want to get your hands on this JavaScript library! ... Continue Reading

Using to Manage Brand, Online Presence is a social search platform that can be leveraged by individuals and organizations interested in managing their online brand and presence better. One of the things that they are really looking into is what they call "viral analytics," which essentially helps show what's happening in real-time about current trending topics: You can visualize charts depicting mentions count, sentiment and identify influencers in real-time. Pretty neat. It's free, for right now, and I'd love to see how ... Continue Reading

Behind the Scenes of Stuff Christians Like with Church Analytics


ChurchAnalytics is a fantastic stats monitoring package for your church website that we're super excited to share with you! In case you missed our initial announcement, we thought it would be cool to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of what you can expect. And what site better to hang out at than  (Which is hilarious, btw) Jon Acuff was awesome enough to hand us the keys to his site so we could peek at SCL's stats with ChurchAnalytics for a bit. So, join us for an ... Continue Reading