Using to Manage Brand, Online Presence is a social search platform that can be leveraged by individuals and organizations interested in managing their online brand and presence better. One of the things that they are really looking into is what they call "viral analytics," which essentially helps show what's happening in real-time about current trending topics: You can visualize charts depicting mentions count, sentiment and identify influencers in real-time. Pretty neat. It's free, for right now, and I'd love to see how ... Continue Reading

Behind the Scenes of Stuff Christians Like with Church Analytics


ChurchAnalytics is a fantastic stats monitoring package for your church website that we're super excited to share with you! In case you missed our initial announcement, we thought it would be cool to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of what you can expect. And what site better to hang out at than  (Which is hilarious, btw) Jon Acuff was awesome enough to hand us the keys to his site so we could peek at SCL's stats with ChurchAnalytics for a bit. So, join us for an ... Continue Reading

Google Releases In-Page Analytics

This is pretty darn sweet! Google has released In-Page Analytics showing you visually how people are crawling your site. For those that are visually stimulated better than just looking at numbers you honestly couldn't ask for more! Yikes! This is definitely cool. Check out this video about how it works: ... Continue Reading

Church Analytics Leaves BETA, Ready for Sign Ups!


We've finally released our long-awaited real-time analytics and reporting system, Church Analytics! It's going to be a busy week, as we mentioned in our announce post, as we'll be using it on Catalyst Backstage's website (and you'll be able to view the stats real-time!). It should be a great showcase of what you can do, especially with a live event! ... Continue Reading

Clover Releases Basic Analytics, Metrics


Cloversites, which provides websites for churches, has announced the release of a basic analytics and metrics application that runs through their system. This is a nice addition considering that there wasn't much reporting previously. You will now be able to view your websites traffic for the past 3 months (and variations) as well as media player usage within the site. Check out their announce video after the jump: ... Continue Reading