How to Measure Instagram Traffic [Infographic]

Measure Instagram - Image

Instagram officially became the biggest social media platform behind Facebook and YouTube. If you are not on it for your church or not actively using it, you are leaving traffic/visitors/people off your platform. Normally, I don't promote adding another social media to your list you have to post to, Instagram is different, get on it now. Below are my three favorite tips for your Instagram account to consider how you use the platform. ... Continue Reading

A Short Guide to Calculating Landing Page ROI [Infographic]


ROI stands for Return On Investment. So whether you pay for a company to create the best church website or use free WordPress plugins, you are spending a lot to make sure your website gets tons of traffic. Whether that spending is financial or time and energy, we need to be good stewards of our resources and therefore need to be effective with the ROI, especially from the traffic that Google can give us. In fact, Google is powerful for us at ChurchMag as well. The day that I write this, I ... Continue Reading

How to Preserve Your SEO When Rebranding

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Perhaps you are aware that rebranding is not an easy task. Apart from all the legal, creative and repositioning headaches you will no doubt have to deal with, you must also ensure Google is OK with all of this. A lot of what marketers do is connected with building online visibility and brand recognition, and if this is not done the right way, a transition to a new domain and name may put all of this at risk. If you wish to change the name and logo of your company as well as your website, keep ... Continue Reading

Likely Online Church Recommendations [Infographic]

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Having taken numerous business and marketing classes, it is fairly well known that the hardest and most expensive part of an organization is the initial marketing of someone for your service or product. It takes a lot to get in front of the eyes of someone and even more for them to try out what you have to offer. The second and lesser known is what happens after that—the follow up with that person. What comes of this is the recommendation index. How do people talk about your church once they ... Continue Reading

By the Numbers: Datapoints

By The Numbers - Datapoints

The past month, I have put in about 50 hours worth of time to not only construct a research project, but also to gather data and find some sweet nuggets of content to share with people. I am going to get into what this project looks like, but before that, I wanted to share how we got to that moment. The beginning of 2015 seems to be the perfect meeting point for me in my blogging career. I have let go being an editor, moved to full time with ChurchMag, and begun blogging as a Staff Writer on ... Continue Reading

Do You Want to Go Viral?

Go Viral

Every blogger loves to be read. Let's be honest about it. What's the point of writing something, making it public, and then having hardly anyone read it? Sure, you learn to write better and there are other benefits, even if your 'community' is just a few readers—it can be very powerful. Ultimately, however, every blogger wants to go big. They want to go viral. ... Continue Reading

How to Increase YouTube Engagement [Infographic]


Yes I have told you that YouTube is the largest video site, second largest search engine, and third most visited site on the Internet. Hopefully your church has at least considered the idea of utilizing it within a digital ministry. For those of you who are contemplating this possibility or have already pulled the trigger and begun to develop a video profile online, I have a couple of tips for you in the infographic below. These truly are just tips, you need to create a whole strategy around ... Continue Reading

‘The Unofficial Book on Hootsuite’ by Mike Allton [Book Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Hootesuite Book

Social media is an easy concept to grasp as an individual that wants to engage online. Create an account, follow or friend a few people, add a group, circle a page, and subscribe to a channel. All of a sudden you can find yourself spending hours online. But as a professional for a ministry or church, the ability to engage online can quickly become chaotic. Mike Allton of highlights one of the best tools out there for churches to use, Hootsuite, in his new eBook The ... Continue Reading

Tracking Content Marketing ROI [Infographic]

what are you valuing online

Having done digital content marketing with social media, blogging, and advertising on Google Adwords, tracking content marketing ROI is NOT an easy thing and could take as much or more of your time than creating the actual ads themselves. For those that do not understand ROI, it stands for "Return On Investment." Let me be clear, no one has been able to nail down the perfect ROI and with walled web platforms like Facebook and Google SSH search results, it is getting harder to do. That being ... Continue Reading

How About Online Marketing for Your Church? [Infographic]


I have a crazy idea for you, have you thought about online marketing for your church? This very idea for some pastors and ministry leaders is plain heresy. I have had numerous conversations with people of this mindset, they are negative and most will not move on their stance even when given a rational argument. Nearly all end with the other end yelling and arguing instead of dialoguing. For those that may buy into this, my initial challenge to them is to create great content. Yet, the #1 thing ... Continue Reading