Keyboards Are Dirty


This USB vacuum really sucks!

This is a situation where context is really important. Let’s try this again:

This USB vacuum really works good!

See? Not nearly as catchy.

Truth of the matter is, keyboards can be nasty. Check this out:

Truth of the matter is, most keyboards are nasty, even if they aren’t full of nasty.

Of 33 randomly sampled computer keyboards tested by a British consumer group this year, four were dirty enough to be considered a health hazard, and one harbored hundreds of times more bacteria than your average toilet seat.

Do you wash your hands after going the bathroom?

Whenever I was asked to help fix someone’s computer problem in the office, I would always wash my hands after using their keyboard.

Thankfully, not every’s keyboard looks as nasty as the one pictured above:

… contributing factors include not washing your hands after using the bathroom, picking your nose, and eating at your computer (especially at work), as the crumbs left behind tend to become little bacteria factories. Experts recommend regularly swabbing your keyboard with lightly-dampened alcohol wipes on a regular basis — and be sure to shake those cookie crumbs out, too.

Please, wash your hands after using the bathroom. I like you, not your pee.

Love your neighbor as yourself, and keep your keys clean.

[via Mental Floss | HT: Fail Blog WIN! | Image via Obvious Winner]


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    Okay that keyboard is seriously disgusting! I love Mac keyboards because they’re super easy to wipe down with a disinfectant cloth :)

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