VaultPress Includes Security Scanning


VaultPress, the ultimate backup solution for self-hosted WordPress blogs, has announced the release of an update to their software that’ll scan for changes in core files for security purposes.

VaultPress knows which version of WordPress your site is running.

For each particular version of WordPress, we know what the MD5 checksum for each of the core files should be (an MD5 checksum is a kind of digital fingerprint for a file, that can be used to validate the integrity of that file).

Love it.

As you can see here from this blog post, we’re using it on all of our properties and wouldn’t trust ourselves with anything else.

What are you using? Does your backup solution include this type of security measures?


John Saddington

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  1. says

    Just talked my Church and one of my work clients into using Vaultpress. Loving it thus far, so easy and well worth it for a business level platform.

    Peace of mind is a must!

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