The Ultimate Arcade Cabinet


This is the ultimate arcade cabinet.

With a massive Samsung 55-inch LED/LCD Smart TV, it includes controls for four players and light guns for multiple systems.

How many games can you play on this bad boy?


That’s why “it’s got every controller you can dream of, including RGB LED ball top joysticks, RGB LED buttons, an RGB LED trackball (perfect for Marble Madness, Missile Command and Golden Tee), a true 4-way stick for certain games like Q*bert, and dual spinner controls for games like Tempest and Arkanoid, which can be swapped with tiny metal steering wheels for racing games. It’s also pre-loaded with the awesome Hyperspin UI, so it’s easy to flip between games on just about any system you can imagine.”

If you don’t feel like using the emulators installed on the built-in Dell Alienware Aurora that’s fully loaded, you can use the PS3, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 that’s also installed on this giant gaming center.

Pretty amazing, right?

I guess that explains the $19,995 price tag.

Care to “buy it now“?

[via technabob]


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