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Most iPad music apps are just a rehashing of iTunes, but this app is different.

It. Is. EPIC.

Perhaps it’s the audiophile in me. Maybe it’s because I miss my 1960’s record player I had when I lived in the United States. Or maybe it’s the love for the classic crackle and pop that comes with that warm analog sound.

Or maybe this app really is that EPIC.


turnplay ipad record player vinyl app

It’s called TurnPlay, and although some of you will wish it were available for the smaller iOS devices, it must be enjoyed in all of its beauty on the more spacious iPad (as pictured above).

But it’s more than just eye candy. Although there is plenty of that:

turnplay ipad record player vinyl app

turnplay ipad record player vinyl app

TurnPlay is fully functional.

Features include:

  • Record control (yes, you can scratch those records)
  • Switch playback speeds
  • Turn your favorite music into virtual vinyl records
  • More!

You can get TurnPlay from iTunes for an easy $1.99.

Enjoy. :)


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