A New Tricycle to Combat the Evils of the World

tricycle house

Overpopulation.  Homelessness.  Environmental destruction.  Consumerism.

These are  social sins that plague virtually every corner of the planet.  But a new invention promises to address all of these – and from the comfort of nothing less than a Tricycle!

Invented in China, where overcrowding is a serious problem, the Tricycle House gives a place to call home for those that otherwise have no means to own land.  If successful, it could be the perfect mission project for your church.

The Tricycle House

tricycle house

The Tricycle House (and it’s counterpart, the Tricycle Garden), is made out of a new form of plastic, polyproylene, allowing it to be folded without losing its strength.  The beauty of this is that it allows the house to be folded up for storage, and unfolded for use.

Think of an accordion:

Folded house

Electricity comes through the power of the trike, giving it a “green” appeal.  It comes complete with a sink and stove, bathtub, water tank, and combo bed/table/bench/counter-top.  Sounds like the perfect piece of furniture for your dorm room, too!

No word yet on what these will cost, or whether they’ll be available for purchase world-wide.  But if it does catch on, it could be a neat way for a church to reach out in mission.  Whether it’s buying one of these for the community you partner with overseas, or simply gifting one to a homeless person in your own town, the Tricycle House could be the perfect way to help out our neighbors in need.

Is this something your church would go for?

[Images via archdaily.com]


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