Totally Awesome (and Free!) Motion Worship Backgrounds

Alright, I know what you are thinking.

This stuff is going to lame with a capital “L”.

And usually, I agree with the old adage that says, “you get what you pay for” but not this time.

I have done Google searches for free motion worship backgrounds and I either gotten a sample from a company that sells them at $20 a pop or something that looks like the 90s wouldn’t even show it some love. So check this out:

I present to you,

I don’t know this guy personally, but I have followed his work online.

He is one of those guys that lets his work do the talking for him. Case and point: His Twitter Bio says,

I like turtles.

He currently works at New Life Church in Conway, AR (yeah, Kris Allen’s church) and is one of the most generous artists out there.

With over 100 free motion worship backgrounds that are 720 HD and already optimized for ProPresenter, this guy is going to make you look real good!

Plus, the variety is absolutely stunning.

From gradients to fractals to particles, this guy has got some serious chops.

Just look at what he is offering on page fourteen (my favorite page).

Yeah, all fourteen pages are full of eye-candy. And all of it is free.

This is my favorite motion worship background that he made that we have used before:

If you like what you see, drop a comment and then send some Twitter love Zach’s way.


Blane Young

Blane is a former Communications Pastor who now works with college students as a Campus Missionary with Chi Alpha at American University. He considers himself to be the second funniest person alive, fairly humble and an incredible chef because he once owned a recipe book for Ramen Noodles. He is happily married and is enjoying adjusting to life in Washington, DC.

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  1. says

    Hey there – I work at New Life Church and we also offer all of our weekend series packages for free. If you’re looking for video, graphics, sermon intros – it’s all free.

    It’s at You can also find Zach’s worship backgrounds there if you’d like.

    • says

      Hey! Thanks for passing that link, I didn’t know y’all offered your stuff for free-it looks great.

      Is there anything we need to know in regards to “Terms of Use”.

      Can we create derivative works? Edit? Post to social networks and podcasts?

      • says

        Absolutely – use it, edit it, no holds barred. It’s all up for grabs like a piñata party gone right. (whatever that means)

        Our twitter feed is @NLCcreative. We are big fans of this blog, too. Keep up the great work!

        • says

          Dude, that is sweetness on a bun!

          We are going to use that stuff for sure!

          Thanks for being generous and letting people use stuff as they please – that is a combination for greatest reach!

          Just followed y’all!


  2. Mitchell Mcginnis says

    Thanks for the motion loops! They’re being used tonight in a worship service at Mississippi College’s campus!

  3. RAYMOND BOYD says

    I feel like I’m in the twilight zone. I downloaded and installed ProPresenter5 and was looking for some free sample files to use to become familiar with the software. This site boasts “free, free, free” all day long but I have been unable to figure out how to ge the files. Thanks so much for making it so difficult.
    Raymond Boyd

  4. George says

    Hi can you please pass me a few of the motion backgrounds that you have as I can’t get it from the link you gave.
    Thank you


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