The Next Step For David Crowder Band Members

the digital age

If you are a fan of the latest Christian music, then you know about a band called David Crowder *Band. And if you keep up any sort of tabs on DC*B, you know that they are calling it quits with their latest album released. The fun part about this is that the rest of the band members are continuing on in a new band called The Digital Age that is continuing to write music for the Church with a similar style that you would get from DC*B, a contemporary twist of old Christian classics.

The best part about it all, they are posting their rehearsals online for all to see and they are amazing!

Here is an excerpt from their website.

The idea of The Digital Age came from several conversations about the current state of technology and how we as humans can now interact. With the rise of the internet, our neighbors are no longer the people who live next to us. We have relationships with people not only within our communities and in our cities, but across the globe. Ideas and information spread quickly and shape how we choose to connect or disconnect from those around us. For example, the majority of the final DC*B album was recorded in separate locations. Files were uploaded and shared on a private server, and many artistic interactions occurred behind the veil of a computer screen. 1s and 0s turned into sounds, and sounds turned into songs. What started as small files are now songs that can be found floating across the internet. We are all neighbors. We are all connected. Art is everywhere, free to give and take. We live in the digital age.

Here are the two rehearsals they have posted online right now. The first is “How Great Thou Art” and the second, my favorite which I have played like 20 times in the last two days, is “All The Power and Powerless.”

Which one are your favorite?


Jeremy Smith

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