The Church and New Media

The Church and New Media

The Church and New Media

The Church and New Media is an interesting exploration of new media and the Church.

Brandon Vogt brings together a robust line-up of contributors as the talk about, “blogging converts, online activists, and bishops who tweet.”

The Church and New Media

We’re in the middle of the biggest communication shift since the advent of the printing press. Facebook has over 750 million users. Three billion YouTube videos are watched every day. And last year alone, Americans sent 1.8 trillion text messages. What does this all mean for the Church? How can Christians harness these new tools to reach out, to teach, to build community, and to change the world?

The Church and New Media is written from a Catholic perspective, but the principles explored are still applicable as technology and religion intersect.

As you journey through this book, you will cover four main parts as you progress through the chapters:

Part 1 – Put Out Into the Deep: New Media and Evangelization

  • The Virtual Areopagus: Digital Dialogue with the Unchurched
  • Into the Light: Sharing the Spiritual Journey
  • Speaking Their Language: Connecting with Young Adults

Part 2 – That the World May Know: New Media and Formation

  • Modern Epistles: Blogging the Faith
  • New Wineskins: Fresh Presentations of Ancient Tradition
  • Digital Discourse: The New Apologetics

Part 3 – Fostering the Flock: New Media and Community

  • Innovative Shepherding: New Media in the Diocese
  • High-Tech Community: New Media in the Parish
  • That They May Be One: Cultivating Online Community

Part 4 – To the Ends of the Earth: New Media and the Common Good

  • Changing the World: New Media Activism
  • Moving Mountains: Building a Digital Movement

I really appreciated the fact that this book wasn’t from a fanboi perspective of technology. You’ll find criticism of new media and the potentially negative effects. The answer you’ll find isn’t retreat or rejection of today’s technology, either, but how to use them as an effective tool to communicate your message.

Again, The Church and New Media is written from a Catholic perspective, but the principles remain the same.

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on how the Church should use new media, this is it.

You can learn more and how to purchase this book on The Church and New Media website.


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  1. says

    Sounds interesting, especially when it is being written through eyes of the Catholic church. The church with the highest and longest standing tradition, now deciding it’s time to catch-up with the rest of the world, interesting. I will look forward to whether they have anything new to say, or are just repeating what so many others have said in the past few years.

  2. Aimee says

    I’m writing a paper for a media and technology course and this book seems like it would be an excellent source.

  3. Matt says

    I really dont believe that there should be any intersection between the church and media…

    But maybe if I read this book *(wink, wink) I would change my mind!

  4. says

    I was talking with our Social Media manager this morning about some of the same topics listed in the book. This will be a definite read.

  5. Susan K says

    Mainstream Christianity has much to learn to speak up with strong, relevant voices in new media. I’m excited about this book!

  6. says

    I recently left the corporate world. As an interim exercise I am beginning a process with my pastor and his staff to determine the overall information needs and current pain points. There is a ton of duplication across the different efforts within our ministries. We have a web page, a FB page and several other special interest pages but nothing is coordinated, branded or easily uses some of the same content. Social is not really being uses since the conversation is really only one sided. This book along with some of your other posts is going to be used to bring them along.

    Thanks and God Bless !!

  7. says

    Brandon, heard you talk about this at the Catholic Writers Conference in Philadelphia last Aug. I took notes but would like to get more details in the book. I now edit a new website

  8. Nancy Ward says

    I now edit this new website. I met you at the Catholic Writers Conference in King of Prussia, PA in Aug and enjoyed your talk so much. With the current political dangers all around us, we need more saavy in communicating our faith!

  9. says

    Whoa! Great! I find it easier to connect to the Church teaching from the social media : the priests’ Facebook, apologist’ Twitter, blogs, and websites. If most non-Catholics use the media to share their faith, then Catholics should express the truth and their faith much more, especially young people.

    “I invite young people above all to make good use of their presence in the digital world. I repeat my invitation to them for the next World Youth Day in Madrid, where the new technologies are contributing greatly to the preparations. Through the intercession of their patron Saint Francis de Sales, I pray that God may grant communications workers the capacity always to carry out their work conscientiously and professionally. To all, I willingly impart my Apostolic Blessing.”

    From the Vatican, 24 January 2011, Feast of Saint Francis de Sales


  10. r neubold says

    Almost done with the process of moving our church website over to a Word Press platform. Our web team of three would appreciate this resource.

  11. says

    Good stuff! The seminary I work for is just starting a concentration in Religion & Media, so this is the kind of stuff I want to get my hands on.

  12. Stuart says

    Looks like a fascinating read. And I am definitely interested in learning how to use social media to reach people of mine and the coming generation.

  13. Meg Fielding says

    Looks very interesting. If we are to connect with our members and prospective members, we need to meet them where they are and that is in Social Media.

  14. says

    We actually need more books of this nature. It was a book like this one, on blogging, that helped launch me into blogging 5 years ago. I’ll be buying it and blogging about it.

  15. says

    Would love to read this. Thanks to John Finkelde for the tweet. Couple of things. Brandon’s email address on fails as “no such user” and the Kindle edition isn’t available for the Asia Pacific. Can someone help the heathen ‘down under’ and advise how we can get hold of Brandon or a Kindle edition? Many thanks :-)

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