The Bible Out Loud: Your Voice Needed


Reading the Bible out loud from memory can be an ambitious challenge; that is if it’s just you.

But, what happens when you have thousands of people contributing to the same goal?

The Bible Outloud

This is the challenge that The Bible Outloud people are looking to undertake; and they want your voice. All you have to do is get all suited up with the FAQs, record your video via whatever, and then simply submit a YouTube clip to their site. Doesn’t matter the denomination, race, background status, demographic, or technology.

As of this post they have over 300+ verses read by over 100+ people.

So whether it’s 1 verse or up to 5 verses, you should definitely let your voice be heard.

I’m doing Malachi 1:1-5.

Which one are you planning on doing?


Marcus Williamson

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