Don’t Talk About Stats, Tell a Story


Compare what announcers say on newscasts, what you read online, what lobbyist say, and more importantly, what your friends would say, and compare it to this chart from Seth Godin’s blog post on the triumph of coal marketing:


The chart seems wrong, doesn’t it?

They played with the numbers!


This. Is. Fact.

Godin concludes that,

“Any time reality doesn’t match your expectations, it means that marketing was involved.”

Whether you want to sell a shoe, support a cause ,or share the Gospel, forget about the statistics and tell a story!

[via Seth Godin]


Eric Dye

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  1. says

    This is an interesting exercise for church communicators. I can immediately see a huge benefit for the president of the board who has to go up there once or so a year to make a ‘State of the Congregation” speech. Use some visuals!

    Yeah, we took in some offerings, but LOOK at who we were able to help. I’d at least sit up in the pew.

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