Teen Online Video Consumption [Infographic]


Research amongst 800 teens between 12 and 17 revealed some interesting patterns when it comes to online video consumption.

Girls engage more in video chatting than boys for example, but with regards to offering streaming video and uploading videos there’s no difference based on gender.

Social media use by teens also affects online video consumption, as does age, whereas race and community type (rural or suburban for example) play no role at all.

Interestingly, there’s also a correlation between household income and online video consumption. Kids from higher income families for instance engage far less in online video streaming than teens from lower income families.

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What surprised me was the finding that only 80% of internet-using teens use social networks. My feeling is, that that number should be a lot higher.

What do you think of these numbers?

[via OnlineCollege.org]


Rachel Blom

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