Choosing Technology Over Family?

Survey says!

Survey says!

A recent survey by Kelton Research shows revels that most people would rather spend more time with technology than their family.

Even if you’re not guilty, it’s good to be aware of such a pitfall.

Survey says:

  • About three in five Americans would not give up a week of using their gadgets in order to spend the holiday season with family.
  • Singles and Non-Parents love their tech and wouldn’t trade it in for seven days to increase spending more time with relatives over those who are married or parents.
  • Two in three Americans ( aged 18 to 44) would rather give up their favorite food than be without their fav tablet, laptop, etc.. for 12 months.
  • Over 27 million Americans have hidden their gadgets so that they would only be used by themselves while about 21 million have said their device was broken, just so that it couldn’t be used.

Yikes! I had no idea!

[via ChipChick]


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  1. says

    Sad but true. I have to catch myself. I’m just starting out in graphic design so I put some hours…and I mean some hours into designing. Neglecting family and friends in the process. It’s a tension that I wrestle with because I enjoy it so…ya know.

    I gotta get better though.

    Not sure if this answers or does anything but just speaking truth

  2. says

    Interesting survey results. I recently spent time in Europe on a missions trip & I left my Blackberry at home, but took my laptop & iPad with me. It is often hard to pull away from the technology, but it was certainly nice not to have to answer phone calls or emails while I was gone.


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