Symbolset: Semantic Symbol Fonts for the Web

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Adding symbols and icons to your web pages has never been this lightweight, quick, easy and awesome.

By using semantic symbol font, and users accessing your webpage with modern browsers that support OpenType features, you can use Symbolset on your next web project.

Check this junk out, it’s awesome:



Basically what this does, is turns commons terms into symbols. So, then, screen readers and search engines see words, while users see symbols. This is great for things like:

  • Home
  • Chat
  • User
  • Settings
  • Cart
  • Options

Of course there are a lot more, but you get the idea.

By using just one HTTP request, you can access en entire set of icons that are really just font files that are small, but scalable glyphs. Whether you’re using this for the desktop or mobile web, Symbolset is one slick solution.

As you browse through Symbolset you’ll see that you can purchase different sets. Although this isn’t a free solution, it’s certainly worth consideration, especially when you consider time saved in graphic work and the advantages to using fully scaleable and fast loading glyphs.

Learn more on the Symbolset website.


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