Stuff Church Techies Say: We Need Social Media

Stuff Church Techies Say - We Need Social Media

Stuff Church Techies Say - We Need Social Media

I find many different church technology staff and volunteers that love the illusion of social media. It’s a new way to connect with people across the world that you may never have run into on the street. For some people, it is the best way to get the consensus up at church without having to put in much effort. For others, its this disillusioned idea that every person that follows you actually listens to everything you say. So when “dream big” moments come by in the church, the first suggestion is: We need social media!

I say I want social media, but really I want all of the success without any of the fame.

Unfortunately, people do not necessarily put the time or effort into setting up their social media accounts like they should. Posting on your own Facebook or Twitter accounts is not the same as if you were sharing from a church account. Personally, you are representing yourself, but with your ministry’s account you are representing an entire congregation of people that are united under a common faith that may have a different set of goals thank your individual account.

So how do you approach your church’s social media account differently?

Stuff Church Techies Say Quote - social media and success

A social media strategy will take time, collaboration between several people, and, if necessary, a whole team of volunteers and staff that will be creating content and managing comments. A well constructed strategy will make the months of posting, retweeting, and +1’ing go so much easier.

What is your view on social media strategies?


Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is a Christian first, husband and father next, and then a blogger at, writer, and social media realist. He is currently working at Youth for Christ/USA as the Social Media Specialist and attending Denver Seminary for his Master's of Counseling in Mental Health. His bachelor’s degree is in Computer Engineering and Master's in Family Ministry. For those that are looking to create a successful Social Media and Blogging Strategy for their church, ministry, or blog, he would love help you make the most of your work through the Social Media and Blogging Consultation.

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