Compare & Contrast: St. Peter’s Square in 2005 and 2013

TodayShow Instagram St Peters Square

Not that much changes in eight years, right?


This Instragram photo shared by the Today Show highlights the contrast of St. Peter’s Square surrounding the new Pope.

It is amazing:

TodayShow Instagram St Peters Square

Look at the sea of screens!

From one person in the crowd with a camera phone, to a sea of people with smartphones–essentially portable computers simultaneously connected to the Internet.

Are you awe inspired or troubled?

What I find interesting, is that everyone is taking a picture of the same thing. Why would we need so many pictures of the same thing? Wouldn’t it be more valuable to capture the entire organic human experience oppose to partially experiencing it because you’re occupied with capturing one dimension of the moment digitally?



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  1. says

    The ability to share the moment instantly with your social circles via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, et al is what drives everyone to take a similar picture from a mobile device. I was there moment. This is an amazing contrast in 8 years.


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