The Sound Bottle & Some Music Appreciation

Check out this new invention!

I think it is incredible!  Throw in some fun sounds…anything you can imagine…and the bottle will mix it up in a different pattern every time.  Of course they added the dub-step mix track to it for the video, but it still is a neat concept.

Being a classical trained musician, I always wonder what composers like Stravinsky or John Cage or even Steve Reich would have done with the technology we have today.  These guys were monsters in their own right with the music they created during their time of living…and I’m sure in a way brought us to creating something like the sound bottle!

In case you are not a classical music nerd like me and haven’t heard of these composers…please check out these clips!  Take 3 minutes and give them a listen and learn!

John Cage – Sonata II for prepared piano (make sure to see all those screws and rubber pieces in the piano!)

Steve Reich – Clapping Music

Finally if you have never heard Stravinksy’s Rite of Spring!  Find 23 minutes and put it on (Spotify Link) while you’re doing something else.  Music like this will change your view of what you think classical music is!


Seth Rowoldt

Just a guy who enjoys life and tries to learn more and more each day. Currently serving as the Lower School Music Teacher for a really cool Greek Orthodox school in downtown Houston, TX. Has an awesome wife and is father of 4 amazing kiddos. Has 2 music degrees including a Master's of Music from the prestigious Rice University. Enjoys listening to music from the old dead composers as well as new music that has just been created. Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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    “Of course they added the dub-step mix track to it for the video, but it still is a neat concept.” – That would suggest you think there might be something wrong with dubstep? 😉


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