Skimr – RSS Made Simple

skimr rss feed reader

It’s simple.

It’s mobile.

It’s free.

Skimr has a lot going for it, but is it good enough replace Google Reader or your favorite RSS feed reader app?


skimr rss feed reader

Skimr is a free online RSS feed reader. You can quickly and easily setup your account and start making Skimr all your own.

Adding your own feeds is easy:

skimr rss feed reader

Like I said, Skimr is online, so you can use it in your web browser, but it’s been designed to rock on a mobile device browser really well. The design is clean and simple and feels really nice.

Click on your favorite RSS feed and start reading:

skimr rss feed reader

Not for Power Users

As you can see, Skimr truncates feeds automatically. Unlike other RSS feed readers, you’ll open a new tab and do your reading on the feed’s website. This is nice from a web traffic perspective and can make watching embedded videos and leaving comments naturally easier, but if you like to stay in your reader and never leave, you’re not going to find that with Skimr. Remember, it’s name is Skimr, not “read it all.”

If you don’t want to miss a post of your favorite blog, you’ll find Skimr fails on this front as well. Skimr feeds you the most recent posts–whether you’ve read it or not. Can you go back? Sure. But it’s nothing like the classic “mark as read” / “mark as unread” email inbox styled RSS readers.

Who’s It For?

Some might see this as a great way for those new to RSS to get started. It’s the bare basics and less overwhelming than a Google Reader. I would, however, consider this a solid tool for those that love more advanced RSS feeds. We all have blogs and websites we like to read–skim–but not read read. Every. Single. Post. No, Skimr is awesome for skimming the web.

Drop in your favorite news sites and I think you’ll find Skimr an awesome find.

Sign up and learn more on the Skimr website.

(And sign-up for the ChurchMag RSS!)


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