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so want a fresh cup of espresso right now.

Doesn’t this picture look amazing?

Okay, okay … enough about the coffee–let’s share!

First, let’s look at last week:

Nice. 😀

Love this stuff.

What do you have to share this week?

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Eric Dye

I am a blogger, business owner and lover of coffee. I spend most of my time as Programs Director for Open Church, but you'll also find me as a writer and editor for ChurchMag, as well as working on Live Theme and ChurchMag Press. All while enjoying my family and sipping espresso in Italy.

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  1. says

    I’ve been working on videos this week. I added a couple to my “Eternity Changers” series on YouTube ( and began shooting the video portion of my Creative Church Service training and I hope to continue (and maybe finish) those next week.

    I also had a little encouragement as I got a question about my ProPresenter5 series ( and I was happy to answer that (with the last video).

    I think I’ve almost got the lighting right with my white background, but I’m still tweaking.


  2. says

    I am putting the finishing touches on my first e-book – Cradle to the Grave. I finished the blog announcement and it will drop tomorrow.

    I also started Code Academy and am learning some HTML & CSS to help me with my blog.

    And I am jamming on going “paperless” by scanning the heck out of my house! I think that’s it for this week!


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