Saturday Sunday Share #85


After 85 Saturday Sunday Shares, I hardly know what we would do without it!

Here’s last week’s shares:

Great stuff as always!

The last few weeks have had some amazing shares. I love it!

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As for the rest of you … let’s see what you have this week … GO! 😀

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    Well, needless to say I’ve been playing more of Ingress, getting involved in the community here in Cape Town. This past week I did a lot of “farming”, which is “hacking” my own faction’s portals in order to pick up items like resonators, shields and portal keys. I’m still only on level 1 in Ingress, trying to work my way up to level 2, but it is proving difficult due to the fact that I live a fair distance from where the majority of portals are, and the other faction wasn’t fighting back much this week.

    Fortunately it looks like there was quite a raid this weekend, and we now have a lot of portals to go and win back.

    Oh, and today I captured my first portal, it was one that appeared last night close by to where I live.

  2. says

    Well last Sunday I posted a really simple graphic on Google+ containing some interesting info. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it an infographic because it is really, really simple.

    However, ended up getting +1’d over 5,000+ times, and shared over 3,000+ times. It was on the “What’s Hot” list all day Sunday (top 1-3 spots throughout the day) and it ended up boosting my blog traffic 400% for a few days.

    Original post can be found here.

    Fun times. Turns out Google+ isn’t a failure after all– I would have never guessed. 😉

  3. says

    With January gone and February in full swing all the work requests placed in the New Year are maturing and so that means I’ll have some stuff to show off in the coming weeks.

    In the mean time have a couple of photos I took y’day only to realise this morning that my phone had defaulted to the lowest resolution when I snapped them.

    Lets just call it “Intentinal Low-Tech Mobileography”

  4. says

    Crazy week. I’m moving, so I’m excited about the new studio space that’s twice the size of my current office. I’m hoping to build a chromakey wall, but this week will be a little off as I work to pack up my house in preparation for the move.



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