Saturday Sunday Share #77



This picture has me lusting over the Starbucks Christmas blend.

I wonder if Starbucks will open in my little town here in Italy …

… me thinks not. ūüėČ

Here’s a look at what all of you awesome peeps shared last week:

I’ll be blunt with you all.

I ponder the future of Saturday Sunday Share every week, wondering when it might die, and each and every week I enjoy seeing what you all are doing.

Now, add some ‘share sugar’ to my espresso, please!

[Image via Piero Fissore]


Eric Dye

I am a blogger, business owner and lover of coffee. I spend most of my time as Programs Director for Open Church, but you'll also find me as a writer and editor for ChurchMag, as well as working on Live Theme and ChurchMag Press. All while enjoying my family and sipping espresso in Italy.

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  1. says

    Political Warning!

    Now Eric!

    You may not be aware but for us here in the UK Starbucks is a bit of a bad egg. They have been practicing some rather distasteful tax avoidance practices and have been in the news lots lately as a result.

    There are quite a few people in the UK boycotting them until they sort out their UK tax bill.

    While I know you love your coffee this is my slap on the wrists to you for promoting them!

    *steps off soapbox expecting a slap from Mr Dye – lol

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    I’ve been meaning to post here for at least a month; but Saturday mornings keep getting busier. I recently migrated my site, Church Tech Arts ( to the new Squarespace version 6. It’s a whole new theme and design, which I really like. There are still a few bugs on the back end, but they seem to be fixing things almost weekly.

    This past week, I posted the last two installments of my 4-part “Optimized Stage” series. We’ve taken great pains at my current church to make our weekly stage set up go as quickly and painlessly as possible, and I detail four components to that process. I also wrote a post on considering the total cost of ownership of our equipment. Sometimes (oftentimes?) the least expensive product initially is not the least expensive overall.

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    Well, now that OpenLP 2.0 has been released, I’m taking things a little easier (or at least I’m supposed to be).

    We had a couple of issues with the new web site which I’ve been fixing this week. In addition to that, I’ve been writing some unit tests[0] so that we can run automated tests using Jenkins[1] and hopefully pick up any regressions[2][3] (bugs that have been created through trying to fix other stuff or add new code).

    I’m quite amped about the tests, to be honest. I know our code quality is pretty good right now, thanks to our peer-review process, but often we don’t have time to test *everything* for each change coming in and we so we miss unintended consequences in other places. Running these automated tests (when they test most of our code) will help pick up issues we would have otherwise missed.


  4. says

    Glad I remembered to check before I went to bed. Thought I’d written this already.

    I got the Proof for “The Serving Church” and it’s fine, but I might still tweak a couple of minor things (font size is like a point too big).

    It looks like I’ll also be writing for; I’m happy about that.

    My list is growing well, so maybe that explains that I’m selling a book a day, not bad considering most authors sell less than 100 total.

    I’ll take prayers on some financial stuff, but I think I’m starting to feel a tipping point coming where my efforts at promotion might just pay off.



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