Can You Figure Out This Card Trick? [Video]


If you have never heard of Richard Wiseman, you’re missing out.

He’s a British psychologist and author, known for his research into ‘quirky’ human behavior. His book Quirkology is one of the most entertaining books on human behavior you’ll ever read. It discusses, amongst others, the world funniest joke, if people can spot a lie, and how deception works.

This video (found on his must-follow blog which has amazing examples of illusions) is an example of the last category. It’s a card trick and you know you’re being deceived, but can you spot how it’s done?

And, did you figure it out?


Rachel Blom

Rachel is a youth ministry veteran with a passion for Jesus, the church, and for teens especially. She's the author of 'Storify: Speaking to Teenagers in a Post-Christian World' (The Youth Cartel) and multiple ebooks. She equips and resources youth leaders to better serve in youth ministry at Youth Leaders Academy>. Other than that, she devours books, loves hiking, and is a walking encyclopedia of completely random facts. Seriously, just ask her.

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