Points: The Coolest Street Signs EVER


Amazing Sign

Street signs that interactively display events, the weather, menus from restaurants, tweets and much more.

This is one of those things that seems to come straight out of a science fiction movie…until you realize they’re already built.

Aren’t these the coolest street signs ever and more important: Can I order me some where I live?

Watch the video below for all the possibilities:

For more info on the concept and the technology behind it, check out the Points website.

Is that awesome, or what?


Rachel Blom

Rachel is a youth ministry veteran with a passion for Jesus, the church, and for teens especially. She's the author of 'Storify: Speaking to Teenagers in a Post-Christian World' (The Youth Cartel) and multiple ebooks. She equips and resources youth leaders to better serve in youth ministry at Youth Leaders Academy>. Other than that, she devours books, loves hiking, and is a walking encyclopedia of completely random facts. Seriously, just ask her.

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